Tiffany Rose Maternity Bridal Collection

May 29th, 2015

Tiffany Rose, the UK-based brand, known for their bespoke offerings, has a range of dresses and accessories for the expecting bride-to-be and bridesmaids, all locally made in Britain!

With classic, modern and vintage gowns, in both floor and knee-length, Tiffany Rose provides glamorous and beautifully detailed dresses at every budget.

The 10 Best Wedding Tracks Of 2015

May 27th, 2015

It is customary to have music at a wedding and in particular the wedding reception after the main event. This is a time when you will want the bride and groom plus all guests up on the dance floor enjoying themselves.

Well, there are many tracks to choose from and below is a list of the 10 best wedding tracks of 2015. There is sure to be some music tracks in this list which will be perfect for your wedding day.

Thinking Out Loud, by Ed Sheeran

This track is at the top of the list simply because it is timeless and would compliment any wedding ceremony or reception. It is a tune to get dancing to and lyrics celebrate love that will last a lifetime. The song will appeal to most age groups.

Only One, by Kanye West and McCartney

This is a sentimental ballad and ideal for the mother-son dance! No wedding reception should be without this track. One of the lyrics in this song is:

“Hello my only one. Just like the morning sun. You keep on rising until the sky knows your name”. Hot stuff!

Coming Home, by Leon Bridges

If you want a Rhythm and Blues wedding track then look no further than this song. This song is reminiscent of the Temptations, Sam Cooke or Otis Reading. This song is full of lyrics you’ll love.

I Want You to Know, by Zedd and Selena Gomez

This is a pop song with a distinctly electronic beat. It is the perfect song for younger couples and is sure to set the mood on the morning of your wedding, a must for those deeply into loud pop music.

A Sky Full of Stars, by Coldplay

Another song that is suitable for most weddings and receptions. The temptation to dance to this song is simply irresistible and has some pretty romantic metaphors locked in the lyrics.

Sugar, by Maroon 5

A rock song and is ideal for the wedding reception, and ideal tune to play for that cake cutting moment.

Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson

This for all age groups and is a fun, upbeat song that no one can resist dancing to even if they have heard the song many times before. The sound is similar to hits like ‘Get Up Offa That Thing’ and ‘Kiss.’

Shut Up and Dance, by Walk the Moon

This tune will get everybody on the dance floor and is one of best of the 10 best wedding tracks of 2015. A recommended time to play this tune is straight after the cake cutting to get everybody rocking and reeling.

Run, Run, Run, by Kelly Clarkson

This is a real wedding song and is perfect for any wedding reception.

Lay Me Down, by Sam Smith

You might want this tune in your mix of wedding tracks is a perfect tune suitable for all weddings.


The above is just a taste of the wedding tracks which are most popular in 2015 but it isn’t exhaustive. You might want to hire an expert DJ to handle your wedding reception. A good DJ service like LMM, Live Music Management, will be able to provide just the right mix of music tracks to enhance your wedding reception.

The importance is to get the music right, not just for the bride and groom, but to appeal to a broad age group of the guests that will be at the reception. A wedding is the most important event in most people’s lifetime and it is essential to get the music provided just right to make the day special.


How To Make the Best Wedding Proposal

May 18th, 2015

When you decide it’s time to make that marriage proposal, you should seriously consider doing something amazing to get her to say yes. Just getting on one knee is pretty boring in today’s standards. You need to come up with something great.

Here are a few ideas, and don’t forget that you also want to come up with the perfect ring too. Not all girls want a diamond, so take some time to find out what ring would be perfect for your girl. She might prefer blue sapphire engagement rings, or maybe she’d like a ruby or another gemstone. Get something unique that shows her how special she is.

Remember, the proposal is about your love for one another, but you also want it to look good, which means doing it the right way and having an amazing engagement ring she’ll love to show off.


Where You Propose

Your perfect proposal may be all about where you propose. Whether you want to propose alone or in front of all of your friends and family, location is key. Pick a place that is special to both of you, or at least to her. Maybe the beach or maybe a special restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

Take her back to the place of your first date. Hire a banner plane and write it on the sky. Maybe you want to do something silly and have a singing telegram do your proposal for you. It really depends on the two of you as a couple on what will work best for a memorable marriage proposal.

If she spends a lot of time at work, make a plan with her boss to come in and do your proposal there. It’s a great way to show her that your support her work ethic and her co-workers will likely be thrilled to help out.


How You Propose

You can ask her to marry you with or without the words. You can video tape yourself asking and play the video at a certain time. You can stand on stage and propose. You can have that singing telegram or that airplane do it for you. Maybe you want to hang a giant banner in or on your house for when she returns from a weekend away.

There are endless ways to ask “Will you marry me?” Something that could be really adorable is, if you are dating someone that speaks another language that you don’t know, to take the time to learn how to ask in that language. Such as, your soon to be fiance has German parentage, and although she speaks English, she knows German from growing up. You don’t have to learn the language, but learn that phrase and you’ll make it a special proposal.

If you sit and think for just a little while these ideas will spark some of your own that will work perfect for you and your (hopefully) future bride.

Do something that stands out. You do want to be the same as every other couple because you aren’t the same as every other couple. Plus, proposing in a stellar way will give you great stories to tell your children someday.

3 Great Ways To Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

May 15th, 2015

Color Colors and More Colors

When it comes to wedding invitations you should not be afraid to use a little color to make your invitations stand out from the rest. A big trend right now to make an invitation pop is to take simple yet elegant wedding invitations and use neutral colors throughout the invitations. Then you will add color to the bride and groom’s names to bring it to life and catch attention.

Many online invitation companies may limit the colors you can choose from as well as what elements on the invitation can have the color changed. Make sure you find a company that will allow you to use your wedding colors to create the perfect invite.




Adding simple and inexpensive accessories such as a bellyband or logo square to and invitation set can tie everything together and really set an invitation apart. The fun thing with accessories is they can also be used to tie in a wedding color that just didn’t fit on the invitation.

Another accessory that can make a simple invitation stand out is by adding a pocket to the invitation. A pocket allows a couple to organize all of their enclosure cards such as directions, accommodation, ceremony, and even registry cards neatly for their guests as well as adds a certain elegance to the invitation itself.




There is no wedding etiquette rule that says you have to send your wedding invitation in a plain white envelope. Don’t be afraid to make your invitation stand out from the moment your guests receive it in their hands. Believe it or not but envelopes do come in a ton of different colors as well as paper types. If your wedding is a rustic theme don’t be afraid to use a craft style envelope to set the theme in your guest mind right from the beginning.


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