Easier Ways To Deal With The Wedding Eve Shopping Bustle

September 24th, 2015

The day of the marriage can be not only like a holiday, but even like a real experience. Especially, such situation can happen to married couple and their parents. Almost all they complain of being tired after the wedding-day. It is caused of enormous pressure and great rhythm, which couple can feel over their marriage party. A lot of new young families advice not to make great celebrations, because it is really very difficult to organize.



During making a wedding holiday many emotional experiences can come almost about everything: beauty of the breeding-dress, dishes menu, cake, about the first wedding dance, quality of restaurant and about other many different things. The couple must make big efforts to organize a miraculous wedding reception. However, in a process of making the party something can go in a wrong way, like in all situations in our life. That means that everyone should be ready for such event in a result. Therefore everybody have to be prepared for solving some questions during the period of organization.


The selection of the breeding-dress for a bride can be the most difficult moment in the organization of the marriage day. Couple should take some advices to make this process easier.



For example, woman can rent a dress for some days during the celebration. Such way of getting the wedding-dress is quite popular nowadays. Using this method people get unbelievable economy. It reaches about 85%! You have to appeal to the special company, which can offer you for a rent the best kinds of dresses. It will be for you rather cheaper than to buy an absolutely new one.


However, there are some kinds of other ways which can help you easily to get a beautiful bridal outfit.


Nowadays we live in the age of developed technologies and there are new ways of doing shopping.



So you can choose and buy easily clothes in the Internet. This mode is the most popular and comfortable nowadays in Europe. To make a selection of a dress, you should visit the website, where everyone can find many items of bridal outfit and other accessories for a marriage party. This is like a virtual big shopping center, where everyone can find many kinds of wedding goods. Every person can do this in the office, public transport, at home or in every place where Internet connection exists. In that Internet shop you can not only look through details of the wedding-dress, but also you have an ability to speak online with sales manager who can offer you the best models. A customer can also treat for parameters of the delivery.



Usually a parcel with the order is posted straight to the house or to the nearest post office. So such way is very comfortable for all customers. The duration of sending a pack is between several days and 2 weeks. Using the website MaryBride and the others Internet shops you can observe that the goods in the Internet are cheaper up to 20-30%. That means you have good idea to buy a quality wedding clothes and save your money. Every year during some weeks there are big sales in the Internet and every customer has a chance to get some things much cheaper.


The last way to get amazing breeding-dress is to sew it. You can design it by yourself or use the service of a fashion atelier. If you liked an expensive European model, you’d receive a good opportunity to make the same one. You must buy necessary materials, which specialists need to do it. Choosing this way, you will get economy about 40% of a price. By the way, this method gives a chance to receive a dress, which will be sewed only on you.



Anyway, everyone has an ability to choose different other ways. Every person can take advices of wedding experts about the organization of marriage day. The simplest way is to offer the organizer of holidays, who will solve all questions.


Finally, the general thing is to find strong solutions, which you would do and the wedding will be great!


The Peculiarities Of The Wedding Business

September 17th, 2015

The wholesale purchase – is one of the most important and responsible stages of all the complicated process of the conduct of business. One of the most developed and permanently high-demand spheres of trade are the wedding goods, in particular the wedding dresses. The given commodity can not be related to the seasonal commodities – the wedding dresses are hot and happening throughout the year, although the number of the buyers is much higher during the particular seasons and periods. In general, the owners of the wedding boutique and of the specialized shops, who need constantly full shop windows, which swathe through with the hottest and most happening models, are the ones, who desire to buy the wedding dresses by wholesale.



They are the ones, to whom the site of the company «ElenaMorar» will be of interest, whereon the magnificent models of the wedding dresses of various models and silhouettes are presented. During the observation of collections, You may choose the most relevant models for your boutique and order them immediately on the site. There’s nothing easier – than making the proper business better, with full concentration on it.



Practically each city may make a boast of the pair of boutiques, in which the girls, who are getting prepare to become the brides may find everything necessary, in order to look like true princesses on that important day of their lives. Such a number of boutiques, which grows with each year, is easy to explain – given, that the dozens of manufacturers offer the wedding dresses by wholesale and they are engaged in their delivery practically to all the countries of Europe. The modern business has no borders!



The choice of the models also differs with it’s impressive variety as of today! No matter which dress would be imagined by the young girl in her own dreams, she may have no doubt, that she will be able to find the ready made model unambiguously, even if not in the boutique of her native city, but on the pages of one of the catalogues. Only one thing is left to do for the young beauties – to arrive to the decision concerning the style, the make-up and the tincture, and then they are simply to go on with their search. It is impermissible to grudge the time spent for the choice of the wedding dress, given that the result will be worth it! Just imagine, how wonderful the girl will look, upon choosing the very wedding dress, which will emphasize every line of her form, and the main thing – how happy her eyes will be on that most responsible and important day! And the most important here is the fact, that it was namely your boutique and it was our site, which helped the given girl to acquire her dream to look like the most charming bride.


Translate Bridal Ideas Into Reality

September 3rd, 2015

For fashion designers thinking about starting a bridal or bridesmaids collection, TEG International is the resource to help them translate their ideas into reality. The fashion production house’s first-ever Bridal and Couture Collection workshop, and the newest instalment in its Launch Your Line series, takes place on Saturday, September 19th, from 10am – 12pm.


TEG International kicked off the popular Launch Your Line workshop series in an effort to educate and inspire independent designers and fashion entrepreneurs, and to showcase its small batch production process.



During the Bridal and Couture Collection workshop, TEG International founder Jennifer Evans will discuss her company’s turnkey services for designers seeking to design a line of bridal wear, evening wear, or bridesmaid dresses. Her couture team members, Walter and Marcella, will advise participants on everything from the development process, designs, and fabrics to providing tips for creating a unique look that clients will love. In particular, they will focus on the do’s and don’ts of developing a collection of bridal wear, evening wear, and bridesmaid dresses. The workshop will also include discussion of basic silhouettes, fabric choices, construction and merchandising a collection for sales.


With years of experience and expertise, TEG International’s couture team will exhibit work from their clients that fully displays the fashion production house’s style and skills. TEG International believes that the production quality of each designer’s product should match the standard of its design, and TEG aims to bring designers nothing less. As such, TEG encourages designers to come prepared with sketches, Pinterest boards, inspiration pictures, and questions to learn as much as they can from this informative workshop.



Workshop Details


Date: Saturday, September 19, 2015

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Registration Link: www.eventbrite.com/e/tegi-international-workshop-series-bridal-and-couture-collection-workshop-tickets-18062210558

Price: $15; pre-registration is required

Location: TEG International, 500 Molino Street, #102, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Series Information: www.tegintl.com/happenings/2015/5/23/teg-launch-your-line-workshop-series-bazaar

Every Newlywed Could Use a Little H.O.P.E.

August 21st, 2015

With summer wedding season in full swing, a unique gift for any bride or groom may be hard to find. Any product from H.O.P.E (Hang On Pray Everyday) is a perfect way to give the happy couple a piece of Christ as they begin their journey to the rest of their lives.


“The H.O.P.E. (Hang On Pray Everyday) line of products and gift boxes have been developed to remind us to ‘HANG ON’ to the promises made by God in scripture: that He will meet our needs (Phil 4:19), how He is with us and will help us (Isaiah 41:10), how He is our Rock, Salvation, Defense, and Fortress (Psalm 62:6) and to ‘PRAY EVERYDAY’ to Christ who loves us, so that He can lovingly guide us in this challenging time.”

-Romans 12 LLC, Hope in a Box


H.O.P.E. products range from travel mugs and backpacks to apparel and jewelry. This way you are able to have Christ with you throughout your daily life. There are also options to send “Hope in a Box” that bundle certain products together in one gift set.


H.O.P.E. also gives back to many charities that hold a special place in our hearts- 25% of all profits are donated to organizations such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project.

For more information about this company and their products go to: http://hopeinabox.com/

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