Beautiful Pearl Engagement Rings

February 21st, 2017

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but you may be seeing a lot more pearls in 2017… especially at weddings across the country.


From the runways of New York Fashion Week to the necks, ears and wrists of Hollywood’s A-list celebs, pearl accessories are trending and, perhaps not so surprisingly, really starting to take shape in the bridal scene. This is particularly true for Millennial brides who don’t necessarily have any attachment to or affinity for diamonds. Why? Aside from the soaring popularity of pearls, it seems that many of today’s brides have educated themselves on the diamond market – the good, the bad, the ugly.


For years, many brides (and grooms) who are conscious of the way diamonds are sourced have done their best to avoid conflict gemstones. Now, many enlightened couples have also begun to realize that the diamond market is artificial – that most diamonds are typically very expensive simply because the powers that be control how much product heads to market. By limiting supply, you create the illusion of rarity and luxury. But Millennials are very much in tune with this and are turning to alternative gems on their wedding day, be it an engagement ring, earrings or a stunning necklace that complements the dress.


Younger generations are gravitating toward pearls. Lately, The Pearl Source has been selling pearl-centric engagement rings, which seem to be the diamond-alternative of choice for many brides. The Akoya Pearl and Diamond Solar Engagement Ring is one of the most popular. Brides say it has a classic, even retro elegance about it. Another popular choice for the “edgier” bride: the Tahitian South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bella Ring. The dark tone of the pearl contrasts the white gold and bright diamond halo, creating a real visual pop when it’s on the finger.



Whatever your style – classic, vintage, retro, sophisticated – pearls can make a great addition to any wedding day.

Julie Vino Releases Romanzo Collection

February 1st, 2017

Enjoy the latest from Julie Vino, couture bridal and evening wear designer, with her expanded offerings of the Romanzo Collection.

The Romanzo extension embodies Julie’s signature aesthetic, combining delicate fabrics juxtaposed with striking sultry silhouettes. Although a sister to the Julie Vino Couture collection, the Romanzo line incorporates similar eye-catching illusion bodices, slimming sheaths & impeccably adorned laces.

A Starter Guide To Hen Night Essentials

January 31st, 2017

KRiemer / PixaBay

Hen parties have become a huge industry over the last few decades, to the point where a lot of holiday operators lay on special trips. Ask any Dubliner trying to have a quick pint in Temple Bar of a weekend. Between the stags on one side of a bar and the hens on the other, it can seem like all the world is having a last night of freedom.


While there are more ways than ever before of doing a Hen, there are some traditions that remain. Staples of the occasion, which it would be a shame if we were ever to lose. So you can take the occasion to Dublin, Amsterdam or Tallinn, wherever you want. But it’s important to keep a place for the classics – those fun hen night accessories that make the occasion truly authentic!


It Begins With Headwear

Let’s be honest, here. The chances that you will end the night wearing the same thing you put on your head to start it are no better than even. Nonetheless, a hen night would not be right and proper without them. If you want to stay a bit classy, then a crown or a tiara is appropriate (as long as the bride-to-be has the biggest headgear).


If you’re thinking a little more riotous, then there is a wide world of hen-night headwear out there for you. Devil horns and halos are de rigueur on such a night. Job-themed hats also work- but just be advised, taking a hat from a police officer “for authenticity” is still illegal.


Inflatables: Not Just For Swimming!

The first rule of Hen Night Club is that nothing is too cliched. If you have to ask yourself if something is, you’re doing it wrong. If you sit telling yourself that the whole thing looks like something from a TV show, then it’s an excellent hen night. And yes, inflatables are part of that.


Now, let’s be honest, some inflatables can be quite rude, and this is why you keep hen night photos and wedding photos in separate albums. But classier ones like rings and crowns are acceptable. They may not look as stunning as the diamond engagement ring the hen is wearing. They probably shouldn’t; no one should be upstaging her on this of all nights.


Always Read The Signs

It is essential, if you want a hen night that lives up to the grand traditions, to have a few signs that leave nobody in any doubt that this is a hen party. It may not be an actual law, but people do frown on any bride-to-be who is not wearing an “L” plate on her back.


Also popular are customized T-shirts which can say pretty much what you want them to. It is considered reasonable to have a personalized one for each member of the party – nicknames rather than real, ideally. And while uniformity is part of the fun, the bride’s should be special. A popular way to go is to style them like football shirts – in which case, hers should always be the number one. Because she is!


Socially Responsible Couture

January 31st, 2017

Who says socially responsible couture can’t be chic? As an avid supporter of animal rights and environmental issues, Rime Arodaky does not use any animal skins or products (including, but not limited to, wool, feathers, fur, silk or leather) in the making of her creations. Taking it one step further, the brand will only work with suppliers and partners who share their same vision of a cruelty-free business model. Enjoy this amazing collection.

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