Fairy Tale Monterey Wedding

September 2nd, 2016


Every fairy tale has its end or at least it’s to be continued. I moved to Monterey almost four years ago on a big leap of faith and it has been a life changing experience. I’ve always followed the motto “no risk – no reward”. Events in Monterey are very different from the rest of the world. The town just like the fog that encapsulates its nights creates its own magical blanket over its special events.


From its community based fund raising galas to the grandeur of its loved filled weddings, the town transform every occasion with its name alone. Monterey is not just rich with its beyond belief scenic views and family like community, the towns roots are actually deep in America’s history. It was a place where I was able to help guide love to the altar and also design many successful social events. Monterey will always hold a special place in my heart as I found unexpected true love here.


Monterey really shifted my event aesthetic coming from the bright sunny dessert land of Phoenix, Arizona where my influences where bright pops colors nestled in its impure topaz like landscape (reddish-orange, gold, opaque, pale grey and browns), maturing with time to incorporate more earth metals and woods. I drew a lot of inspiration from the desert plant life and Native American culture


Monterey on the other hand has its own special style which quickly becomes your own. It draws mainly from its landscape which can be compared to something carved out by the Greek gods themselves. It’s a utopia where the phrase “the meeting of land and sea” takes on a different elevated meaning. The deep ocean colors that hug the peninsulas earthy greens and brown leave you with a canvas that can only be paired with spectacular glamor and sophisticated taste.


I can’t thank Hyatt Regency Monterey enough for gifting me such a life changing opportunity and allowing me to do it my way. Now the time has come to take everything the peninsula has enriched me with and use it as my journey in events continues. One of the most rewarding accomplishments I’ve been able to do is write these fun self-perspective blogs. Sharing my event stories and maybe providing some new and created ways of looking at all types of events has been gratifying. So this isn’t the end for our blogs just the passing of the baton to the next generation. If I had to leave everyone with one little nugget of wisdom it would be “Events should be fun, creative and a powerful way of self-expression. Enjoy the journey and don’t let the little bumps along the way spoil the success you are striving for.

When Your Best Friend Get’s Married? Tips On How To Be The Ultimate Bridesmaid

August 31st, 2016

When it comes to a wedding, there is no greater honor than being asked to be a bridesmaid. Especially if it’s one of your closest and dearest friends. It can be an exciting time and a great thing to be part of it. But what is exactly involved in being a bridesmaid? In a way, this all depends on the bride. They may want your full involvement, or they may only need your help with certain things. It’s best to take their lead. But there are certain things you should involve yourself in, and some things you should not be doing. This is why I thought it was worth putting together some essential tips to help you. If you are about to be a bridesmaid, then take note. This is what we should and shouldn’t be doing. I hope it helps you keep on the good side of the bride.


Help out with the planning

It’s likely you were asked to be a bridesmaid about a year in advance. But don’t let the wedding date fool you. It may seem far away now, but trust me that date will creep nearer very quickly. There is plenty you can do ahead of time. Stay as organized as possible by keeping a time line of the events, a spreadsheet of the bridesmaids’ contact information. Anything that you can do help be organized. It is also worth planning in advance in regards to your budgets. There may be expenses you will need to make such as travel, accommodation and other bits and pieces. Keep track of all you have to pay out for so you have plenty of time to prepare. Being organized perhaps won’t stop there being a lot of stress, but will help you stay on top of things and be prepared.


Offer your services up for DIY details

Depending on the type of wedding your bride is going for, there could be many DIY jobs you can get involved in. Even if you just recommend suppliers or offer advice on things. Invitations tend to be one of the biggest things a bride needs help with. From perhaps creating their own design and vision to ordering up the perfect bespoke design. This is where you could help the bride out. Even just by recommending companies like Paper Themes personalised wedding stationery or something similar.


Organize the bachelorette party

Don’t just assume the best idea for the bachelorette party is the stereotypical night out partying. Perhaps adding a couple of male strippers into the mix. Try and remember the type of person the bride is. Then plan it around what would make her happy. While you want everyone to have fun, remember it is about the bride. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the whole event and make it about you, the organizer. Even considering the other bridesmaids if there is any. But the whole thing is about the bride. If you are unsure about what to organize don’t be afraid to ask the bride; not everything has to be a surprise.


Be a good support

Do not mistake being part of the wedding for controlling it. Disagreements between bridesmaids are bound to happen, especially when you are spending a lot of time together. Disagreements between you and the bride may happen. There’s a fine line between being proactive and being overbearing. If you want to be the best you can be then the only way is to be a good support to the bride. Be part of the team instead of the leader. This is an emotional and overwhelming time for the bride, so don’t add to the drama by spitting your dummy out when things don’t suit you. Being a supportive friend will mean much more to the bride. Another thing to try and keep on top of is potential competition between you and other bridesmaids. This won’t help the situation and could make things awkward amongst the wedding party.


Don’t moan about the bridesmaid dress

Of course, you have a duty to stand by your bride at the ceremony. Organize the bachelorette party, and help out. There is one other essential thing that you must do. That is not to moan about the dress you have to wear. It might be ugly. It might be an unflattering color. Heck, it might even make your body shape look totally different. But you mustn’t moan. You must say yes to the dress. Try and think about how your bride feels in this situation. There may be a few bridesmaids that they have to consider. Not everyone is the same height, weight, and body shape. It’s near impossible to find something that everyone will be happy with. It’s one day in your life where you will need to suck up your opinions and just be happy about it. Don’t give your bride another stress to think about it.


Try not to overdo it with the champagne

Of course, it’s a party. There will be drinks flowing. But try and remember whose day it is. Don’t get too drunk or overdo it with the champagne. The last thing you will want to do is make a fool of yourself or show up your best friend in some way. However, do let loose and have a great time. That’s exactly what the bride wants to happen. Just make sure you know when you are at your limits. It’s just about being sensible. When it’s your day, you can do what you want. Plus, sometimes a bridesmaid has a duty to mingle with the guests, perhaps help to keep things in order. So when you have had too much to drink this can affect your ability to perform those duties.


Be prepared for anything

Finally, a good bridesmaid is always prepared for every eventuality. If the bride cries, you are on hand with the tissues. If she’s feeling a little sweaty, then you pull out the perfume or deodorant. This is where it’s handy to have a little box tucked away somewhere to help you deal with every possible thing that could go wrong. Or just being able to be on hand just when the bride needs you the most.


I hope this guide and the tips provided help you be an awesome bridesmaid.


The Wedding Ideas That Gurantee To Give Your Day The Edge

August 2nd, 2016

I think every bride strives to have a unique day. They want their guests to attend and think, wow! This is where some of the ideas can get a little out of control, and costly. But, having said that, if you think long and hard, and do some research, you can think of some great ideas that guarantee to give your day the edge. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of those ideas that I think will make your day. I hope they offer you some inspiration.


Wedding stationery that sets the tone for your day

The wedding stationery you use for the big day can be something a lot of brides overlook. This is because they can often over think it, or just forget. But, the stationery you use, from the invites right down to place settings, can set the tone for your day. Your invite is a guest’s first indication of your day. It may give them a clue to your theme or colour scheme. It offers them an insight. Which is why it shouldn’t be something you overlook. Spend some time on this and see how your guests react. You are kick starting your wedding in the right way.


A flower wall

Let’s think back to the lavish wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While many of us do not have their budget, some of the ideas of the lavish ceremony can be replicated. One of those is the flower wall. This could be simply made using an MDF board and getting crafty with a glue gun and flowers. However, it is becoming a popular trend so you may find services offering something like this for hire. You could choose it as a backdrop for pictures. Or simply behind you on the top table. But it is a unique decoration idea and one you can replicate into your wedding.


A candlelit venue

If you happen to be getting married in the winter, then candlelight is something you should take full advantage of. As the sun sets earlier, you will find you have a darker room sooner. This is where candle light can make an amazing ambience to the room and atmosphere. It’s a cheap way of decorating a room but provides so much mood and light that all your guests will want to replicate the look.


A sparkly dance floor

Who doesn’t want their dance floor lighting up, and not just with your amazing moves? A sparkly dance floor is becoming popular amongst bling weddings. It is worth considering to give your nighttime party that extra bit of sass.


Unique entertainment

Finally, different entertainment ideas can be the way you give your wedding a unique feel. This might mean a big band playing in the evening, or getting surprise singing waiters during your meal. It might even mean a full brass band playing you into your ceremony. There are some great ideas, so you don’t need to stick to the norm. Go crazy!

I hope this offers you some inspiration for your big day.

Destination Bachelorette Parties Made Easier with #SQUAD Getaway in Nashville

July 25th, 2016


The fall wedding season is fast approaching which means brides-to-be are gearing up for the most fun of all wedding traditions: the bachelorette party! The hospitality experts at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. share their tips on planning this rite of passage:


1.    Plan Ahead:  Make sure your plan at least a 1-2 months in advance for a destination bachelorette party. The bigger the group, the more you should prepare. Take advantage of holiday deals online for airfare and car rentals.



2.    R&R:  Find accommodations can be challenging when you’re working with a large group. Check out Loews Vanderbilt Hotel’s #SQUAD Getaway Package that includes luxury accommodations with rollaway beds, F&B credit, plus a unique group itinerary.


3.    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: For a night in Nashville, hitting up Lower Broadway is a must. Check out Robert’s Western World for some old-school country music and dancing. Looking for something with a modern twist? Pinewood Social’s famous bowling alley and a show at Basement East are also great spots to check out.



4.    Brunch and Beyond: For an amazing view of downtown Nashville and the riverfront, check out Acme Feed and Seed’s rooftop bar. Other ideas: take the girls for wine tastings at City Winery, for small bites at BarTaco, to enjoy savory dishes at Mason’s, and to 5 Daughters Bakery or Sprinkles Cupcakes for sweet treats.



5.    Make Time to Primp: For some down time with the girls, retail therapy in Nashville’s 12th South Neighborhood, including Emerson Grace, Serendipity and Cateau. And no getaway is complete without some pampering. After 12th South, we recommend blowouts at The Dry House before going out on the town.


For more information on the #SQUAD Getaway package, call 1-800-23-LOEWS or visit http://loews.io/SquadGetaway.

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