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August 21st, 2017

Digital Trends For Your I Do Moment

Technology advances at the speed of light. For weddings, the evolution of technology has progressed from film to digital…and beyond. Everyone is armed with a camera phone for share-worthy selfies, and now couples share images and video online filed under a personalized wedding hashtag.

Years ago, if the photographer blinked and missed a moment…it was gone for good. Today, memories are snapped instantly, without hesitation. And the photographer doesn’t even have to push a button. Moments are documented precisely and perfectly…for better or worse.

Couples now have so many options in how they preserve their wedding day. And hi-tech platforms make capturing those special moments an adventure. Snappy selfies, Wedding websites and even live streaming have become the norm and are almost…so last decade. For tomorrow’s wedding couples, think beyond the digital cameras—or even the Go-Pro lodged in the bouquet—because the weddings of 2017 are upping the e-factor to the extreme!

Prepare to get wired, because these are the technology trends that are about to take “I do” to a new level of personalized perfection…with a digital twist, of course!

Image Mapping

Want to swap vows in the Amazon rainforest? Or maybe under the sea? You don’t have to book a flight or take scuba lessons, because image mapping takes your dream destination to your…wedding site! According to the Knot, image mapping—a type of technology that projects moving pictures or images onto walls, ceilings or any surface—Is one of the hottest trends in weddings for 2017. While this technology can get expensive, the Knot suggests using the technology on the wedding cake…for just a pop of graphic splendor.

A Drone Photographer

Oh those crazy flighty drones! They’ve been sneaking into weddings slowly, but many couples are implementing their stealthy photo capabilities to capture awesome aerial shots of the ceremony or reception. Drones also can sneakily capture some wonderful candid shots, as well. Be advised, however, that operating drones requires that pilots abide by the guidelines as outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drones are small aircraft and must be operated responsibly.

Instagram Video Edits

Want a share-worthy wedding video? According to Bridal Guide, videographers are now offering an Instagram video edit that features a 60 to 90 second video that views like a movie trailer and is completely…insta-worthy! Go ahead and share away!

LED Wedding Furniture

Light up the night—and the reception—with LED wedding furniture. Yes, this is a new trend…at least it is in Ireland. While perhaps this trend hasn’t caught on in the states quite yet, it’s only a matter of time! Really, though, I would love to see an LED wedding dress like the ball gown Zac Posen designed for Claire Danes at the 2016 Met Gala.

Engraved Wood Invitations

While not necessarily technology at the wedding, engraved wood invites (or acrylic…if that’s your groove) are laser engraved. And the possibilities for what couples can design and create are pretty amazing!

3D Printed Party Favors

Popsugar reports that whimsical and unique customized party favors are all the rage for 2017. How to create these masterpiece tokens? With a 3D printer of course! Dream up a tangible design that incorporates both your personalities and style and then create the ultimate memorable party favor. Maybe it’s a funny holiday ornament or a bottle opener that is created in your image. Get crazy, get crafty and…print!

Weddings are more wired than ever, but technology takes the traditional ceremony to a level custom-designed for the couple. Today’s snapshots, selfies, drone images, videos and 3D printed masterpieces will be treasured memories that will one day be a part of your family’s history. Of course, if you have kids, they will likely think those swoon worthy shots captured by drone are completely prehistoric…just remind them that back in your day, those drones were the top of the technology food chain!

Differences Between Radiant Cut And Princess Cut Diamond Rings

August 17th, 2017

It is not easy to look for an engagement ring and if you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, the task will become all the more difficult due to the different types of diamond rings available. Due to this, people find it hard to choose and decide which one to go for. When it comes to diamond rings, princess cut diamond and radiant cut diamond are two extremely popular choices. Both are similar in a lot of ways but quite different from an expert’s perspective.

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Shape Of The Diamonds

One of the biggest differences between a radiant cut and princess cut diamond ring is that the former is typically found in a square shape but there are certain rectangular cut diamonds too. The former in contrast is typically found in square shape. The radiant cut diamond also has cut corners while the princess cut does not.


Diamond facets have polished surfaces and are flat. Both diamonds, radiant cut and princess cut, have different facets. The princess cut has a total of 76 facets whereas the facets of the radiant cut are comparatively less (62-70).


With respect to popularity, princess cut diamond rings are more popular and their popularity has shown an upward trend in the US since many years. You will find more princess cut diamond rings as compared to radiant cut rings today. This is not only due to their look but also the fact that the princess cut diamonds are designed in such a way that diamond cutters can get about two princess cuts from a given diamond.


One more distinguishing feature between radiant cut and princess cut diamond rings is the crown of the diamond. The crown is the area that falls between the high end (top) part of the diamond and its widest part. Both radiant cut and princess cut diamonds have a similar crown. This is one feature that the two have in common. The only difference in the crown of the two is that the radiant cut has a slightly higher crown than the princess cut.

Light Reflection

Another thing to note about the two diamond cut rings is the light reflection. Diamond rings reflect light in different patterns. The radiant cut diamond formulates a circular pattern whereas the princess cut diamond reflects light in a way that forms an X.

Use this information as you shop for diamonds. You’ll have a much better understanding of what the sales person is talking about, and you’ll make a much more informed decision.

Why Every Woman Should Think Of Proposing

August 11th, 2017

It’s not uncommon for men to research in bridal magazines and forums to find what their partner might be expecting from a proposal. After all, a romantic proposal is one that works for the future groom and the future bride. That’s the reason why we’ve provided a little guide of how to make the best wedding proposal in this previous article to help him to come up with something out of the ordinary that will take her breath away. From the kind of ring that she’d like to the choice of the best location, it seems that men are given all the clues to make the perfect proposal. There’s just one thing that you might want to consider. After all, it is the 21st century, and women have now been campaigning for a very long time about getting equal treatment to men in their everyday life. So, maybe it’s time to rethink what you know about proposals and to take the matter into your own hands.

All the wrong reasons why women don’t propose

Women don’t commonly propose. In fact, the very few women who do often face a terrible backlash from social media platforms and relatives too. There is no reasonable reason for this kind of attitude to continue any further. In fact, what is truly stopping women from proposing to the person they love is the weight of unfair social judgments. It is generally assumed that a woman who proposes must be completely desperate to get married. Let’s put things right here. A woman who proposes is in love. She’s not desperate to throw a wedding party; she simply wants to spend the rest of her life with the same person. But the concept of desperation remains so that some people do pity girls who propose, thinking that they need comforting during these hard times. But women who propose don’t need comforting. They are ready to celebrate the next step in their life with the one they love. Another reason for not popping the question is that it is supposed to be more romantic when the man does it. Now that’s an interesting argument that implies that romance couldn’t possibly exist between people who love each other if they swapped roles. Of course, it is completely wrong. Proposals are romantic because they are a sign of affection, not because it’s a specific gender asking the question.

The historical reason for men’s proposal

Historically proposals fall on the part of the men. Consequently, it is often expected that the man should propose. But have you ever wondered why things are so? Back in the Stone Age marriages were perceived as a form of organization of groups of people and building alliances with different tribes. To put it in simple terms, the first proposals were a spoken contract between tribes to extend networks and build a new community that the people could trust. Gradually, the spoken contract embraced the complexity of relationship, and marriages became an economic and political transaction. As a result, proposals were taken extremely seriously and were made for the benefits of the future bride’s family, in order to highlight the advantages of such an agreement. In fact, you would have to wait several generations for the perception of personal affection to become an important element of marriages. But the economical and political reasoning was not fully gone, as husbands described their wives as a property. The wife is precious: She manages the home and therefore choosing a good wife means choosing something according to your feelings and her household abilities. The proposal marked this agreement between the provider, the man, and the homemaker, the woman. The engagement ring was consequently a way for future grooms to mark their property. Women were denied the right to choose because they were said to be too emotional. Therefore, the proposal was addressed to the parents of the bride, and more exactly her father, who would agree on her behalf.

Why you should propose to him

It is high time to shake the old establishment and to bring something new to the idea of the proposal. Nowadays, we think of proposals as being one of the most romantic things on earth. But people continue to respect the tradition and let the man propose. Maybe women should now start to ask themselves a very important question: What is still stopping you from proposing? If you are a convinced feminist and you believe that women deserve to be treated as equals to men, then surely, the very concept of pursuing the traditional proposal is hurtful and degrading, however romantic you might think it is. Additionally, reversing roles is an effective way of finding the equilibrium in your relationship. As women, it is important to feel empowered to do what you want with your life. In the same way that it is globally accepted for women to join the workforce and be paid as equals to men, women have no barrier that stops them from proposing. It seems that taking the proposal in your own hands is the best way to show that, as a woman, you feel that you have the same rights than a man. Proposing to him is your way of setting a relationship on fairness and equality.

Get your proposal gear ready

There are many ways to propose. But it makes no doubt that planning your proposal like a special event will make a better impression than popping the question during your grocery shopping. You might think that you don’t need an engagement ring, but you’d be wrong. The world of jewelry has come up with magnificent men’s rings, especially from Frost NYC, which are suitable for engagement and even wedding rings. You can be sure that he will love an elegant engagement ring as a token of your affection. Once you’ve got the ring, you need to prepare for the actual big moment: You need to find the perfect venue to ask him to marry you. Romantic restaurants such as Canlis in Seattle often require you to book in advance to make sure that you’ve got a table. Most restaurants, if you keep them informed at the time of the booking, are happy to accommodate for your proposal, in terms of music or lighting for example. The earlier you get planning, the better it’ll be and the more confident you’ll feel when you get to propose. A little tip: Some find it easier to practice in front of a mirror in advance!


Source: Pixabay

How will he react?

Everyone, men and women, worry about being rejected. There is no indication that men who are proposed to reject the wedding proposal more often than women. In fact, they’re more likely to be extremely touched and moved by the gesture. Just take a look at this sweet proposal made during a snowboarding day out. The young man didn’t have a clue what his girlfriend was about to do, and that’s probably what makes this proposal so precious. As a rule of the thumb, men are less used to the image of a woman conduction the proposal, and consequently, they will not immediately realize what is happening. In other words, it is a real surprise, and it’s most often a good one.


Source: Pixabay

Proposals are often a tricky subject, especially as the romantic vision of a perfect wedding always include a man falling on one knee to ask the hand of the woman he loves. This is, unfortunately, the result of a genderist approach to love that media and films often share. But in the end, does it matter who proposes? Celebrating love is all that matters.

Your Wedding Vendors And You

August 10th, 2017

The wedding vendors you choose to help you with your big day are going to make a huge difference to the success of the day overall. While they don’t have to be the most expensive vendor in your area for you to have an incredible time, you do need to make sure that they are trustworthy, punctual, and good at what they do. You also need to make sure that you get along well with them! Taking your time over finding these experts could potentially make or break your day.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do to find your ideal vendors:

What’s Going To Make Your Unique Wedding Day Most Special?

You and your partner need to figure out which aspects of the wedding will be most important to you, and then decide how much you can spend on each vendor from there. What would you enjoy the most; beautiful flowers? Exceptional music? A stunning venue?

Make sure you discuss this and think about it carefully. Write down things that call out to you while you research and then compare lists with your partner. This should give you a good idea of what takes priority and what you should really put a focus on. You can then divide the budget in a way that you’re both happy with.

Look For A Diverse Portfolio

A diverse portfolio with a consistent level of quality should be the first thing you look for in any vendor. You certainly don’t want a one trick pony, and you want to make sure that this vendor can ‘wow’ you, whatever theme they are trying to achieve. If they can make you gasp with a theme in their portfolio that isn’t your usual style, imagine what they could do with your chosen theme! Always browse a portfolio thoroughly before making any final decisions.


Source: pixabay

What Do You Expect From Your Wedding Vendors?

Make sure you outline what you would expect from each wedding venue you hire. Maybe you want a Vittore Buzzi Photographer who will be able to cover your engagement shoot as well as your wedding shoot, or a vendor who offers special/flexible packages for weddings. Would you like your caterer to cover dietary concerns such as veggie/veganism?


By figuring out what you want in a vendor, you can weigh up your needs against what they actually provide for you. Write down each type of vendor you’ll be hiring and then what you want to get out of each one so you can be as happy as possible with your choices.

Get Referrals From Relatives and Friends

The best way to find a vendor that suits you is extensive research. The most popular way to start this research is to get referrals from relatives and friends. Speak to your friends who have experience planning weddings, especially those who tied the knot recently. Make notes on the ones who stand out to you the most. You could even ask a social media site like Facebook or Twitter – you might not know some of the people who answer you that well, but if a vendor suggestion crops up often enough, it could be a good sign.

You can also head to wedding expos, and search for real customer feedback online to find a list of vendors that could potentially suit you. Bear in mind that there’s no one vendor perfect for everyone – if you don’t have the same taste as the person giving you advice, then it might be best to take it lightly rather than as gospel.

Whatever you do, never use the exact same vendors that a friend did. Do this, and your wedding could feel like a rerun of the exact same day, and not your own special day!


 Source: pixabay

Call Them Up

Once you have a list of vendors you like, consider making a list of your top 10, or even your top 5. Call them up and see who you like the best. Make sure you pay attention to certain things, such as how quickly they respond, and how they present themselves. Make a note of first impressions so you can look back on them later. If somebody takes 10 calls to answer the phone and has a poor communication style in general, for example, it’s probably best to move on.

Keep the rest of the vendors you wrote down, just in case you need to continue the search.

Meet Up With Your Favorites

When you’ve spoke to a few vendors on the phone, arrange to meet with your favorites. Having a clear vision of what you want for your big day is crucial at this stage, so you can be sure that they align perfectly with what you want. You must discuss crucial things upon meeting, and don’t be afraid to explain exactly what you want. There must be no crossed wires! Make sure you see if they accept special requests and adjustments. Write down a list of questions for your meetings so you are sure you won’t forget anything. Having a special notebook you can use to compare your meetings will help you to make a final decision.

Make Sure You Can Build Up A Rapport

It’s important to choose a vendor that shares your passion for the event, and somebody you can build up a rapport with. Trust your gut and choose somebody who you feel ‘gets you’ for the best results. Having chemistry is so important. You may not see them again after the event, but getting along with them will reduce stress, rather than give you an even bigger headache.

Choose somebody you can communicate well with and who you trust to take care of any unforeseen issues on the big day. Nothing should feel ‘off’ with a vendor – if it does, this could be a sign that you need to keep looking.

Get Everything Included In Writing, Right Down To The Tiniest Details

When you think you’ve chosen your vendor, ask to have everything written down for you. Every last detail! This will allow you to truly understand what you have been quoted in the price, as well as safeguard you in case of a dispute, or in case the items aren’t available at the time due to something unforeseen.

Look out for any hidden costs, and ask for clarification if you don’t understand everything. Take a look at examples of unexpected expenses online so you get an idea of what you need to keep an eye out for.

Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle

Don’t be afraid to haggle or negotiate when speaking with vendors. You may be able to get a deal you’re much happier with. Using a vendor for multiple services can help you to save a fortune, such as both the music and lighting. If you’re purchasing a photo package and it comes with two photo shoots (one for the engagement and one for the wedding day), you could potentially use one for something else if you don’t need engagement pictures. How about when you’re announcing your first child?

You won’t know if you don’t ask, and manners will get you everywhere. Make sure you’re as polite as possible, and you’re much more likely to get a better package or deal.

By taking the time to get your ‘dream team’ of vendors in place, you’ll be able to relieve almost all of the stress that a wedding day can bring, and enjoy the limelight as a newlywed with your loved ones. Thanks for reading!

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