Destination Bachelorette Parties Made Easier with #SQUAD Getaway in Nashville

July 25th, 2016


The fall wedding season is fast approaching which means brides-to-be are gearing up for the most fun of all wedding traditions: the bachelorette party! The hospitality experts at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. share their tips on planning this rite of passage:


1.    Plan Ahead:  Make sure your plan at least a 1-2 months in advance for a destination bachelorette party. The bigger the group, the more you should prepare. Take advantage of holiday deals online for airfare and car rentals.



2.    R&R:  Find accommodations can be challenging when you’re working with a large group. Check out Loews Vanderbilt Hotel’s #SQUAD Getaway Package that includes luxury accommodations with rollaway beds, F&B credit, plus a unique group itinerary.


3.    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: For a night in Nashville, hitting up Lower Broadway is a must. Check out Robert’s Western World for some old-school country music and dancing. Looking for something with a modern twist? Pinewood Social’s famous bowling alley and a show at Basement East are also great spots to check out.



4.    Brunch and Beyond: For an amazing view of downtown Nashville and the riverfront, check out Acme Feed and Seed’s rooftop bar. Other ideas: take the girls for wine tastings at City Winery, for small bites at BarTaco, to enjoy savory dishes at Mason’s, and to 5 Daughters Bakery or Sprinkles Cupcakes for sweet treats.



5.    Make Time to Primp: For some down time with the girls, retail therapy in Nashville’s 12th South Neighborhood, including Emerson Grace, Serendipity and Cateau. And no getaway is complete without some pampering. After 12th South, we recommend blowouts at The Dry House before going out on the town.


For more information on the #SQUAD Getaway package, call 1-800-23-LOEWS or visit

Inbal Dror 2016 Bridal Collection

April 18th, 2016

Enjoy these amazing images of from the Inbal Dror wedding dress collection.

Creating Vanessa Williams 14k gold Wedding Invitations

February 15th, 2016

It’s not often that the invitation for a wedding features a touch of 14k gold, but for Hollywood Royalty Vanessa Williams, it was a touch that fit seamlessly with the extravagance of her Egyptian themed celebration.



Vanessa and her partner Jim met whilst on a holiday to Egypt in 2012, so an Egyptian inspired ceremony seemed like the perfect ode to the beginning of their love story. Working with UK based Invitation Company Adorn Invitations the design team and Vanessa were able to dream up a design that was perfectly fitting for Royalty.


Dreaming up the Design

The Inspiration and creation process took just over two months with the design team at Adorn Wedding Invitations working directly with Vanessa. Based off of the back of a UK graphic design studio, Adorn seemed like the perfect company to dream up an invitation that was cohesive with the weddings theme. The creative minds of Adorn took inspiration from all elements of the wedding from the golden cut cupcake holders and exotic décor to create a final product that would be as lavish as the ceremony itself. Finally after countless nights fuelled by caffeine, the design was ready to be put into production.



Bringing the Design to Life

With state of the art printing technology, Adorn was easily able to make the dream of this invitation a reality. Intricate computer software allowed the designers to mimic the lace detailing on Vanessa’s own Carmen Marc Volvo gown and laser cut it onto the outside framing of the invitation. This was done by first hand drawing the detailing and then scanning it onto a program which delicately laser cut the gold metallic base. Settling with a colour theme of Marsala and gold highlights – Adorn were also able to create a unique colour by mixing numerous shades and inks together. Named Pantones colour of the year for 2015 – Adorn’s acute awareness for trends in the wedding field was another reason why Vanessa chose the UK based company.



The Special Touch

Of course, the element which truly tied Vanessa’s invitation together was the special lotus flower on the outside of the invitation framing. Symbolising new love and awakening; the flower held a truly special place in Vanessa and Jim’s relationship. Once the team had discovered that the flower was also engraved onto the inside of Vanessa’s wedding band – they couldn’t wait to incorporate the special touch and did so by hand placing a 14k gold emblem onto every design. The golden flower would act as a symbol greeting every guest and introducing the new life that Vanessa and Jim were about to share.


The Outcome

A product that was unique, luxurious, exotic and of the highest quality was always the intention of Adorn, and to say that they met the brief is an understatement. Going above and beyond for their client, Vanessa could not have been happier with the final results declaring that “the invitations were a hit with the guests! And were truly an artwork” The design was such a hit that Adorn; with the blessings of Vanessa, will be placing the design into production at a lower cost later this year.


Exclusive insight on creation of Vanessa Williams’s wedding invitations by Adorn Invitations.

Wedding Flowers Symbolic Meanings

February 5th, 2016

Did you know wedding flowers can talk? Perhaps they do not speak verbally, but their color and the type of flower you choose for your bouquet can convey a number of messages to people in the know, from love to friendship to unrequited love. If you are picking out flowers for your upcoming wedding, it is fun to pick flowers which send a message to all who view them. Perhaps your guests will not know what your flower choice says, but it is fun to have a small detail such as this to divulge, and an excellent answer for all those asking you why you chose the flowers you chose. If you are curious what flowers have to say to you, then just read on for the answers.



Anemones stand for expectation, such as the expectation that you and your partner will have a happy, fulfilling life together. They are a moderately-priced flower, great for bouquets and arrangements. They bloom in mid-fall to early spring, depending on the species. These beautiful flowers tend to bloom in either single or double blossoms and have no scent. This makes them perfect for people with certain types of allergies.



Mums are another beautiful wedding flower. They stand for wealth, abundance and truth, all things which a newly-wed couple need. They are also incredibly beautiful and come in a variety of shades. These big, full blossoms are best for bouquets and arrangements and they are in-season all year long. As a bonus, they are also quite inexpensive and versatile as there are several varieties in various sizes and shapes.



Gardenias are flowers of purity and joy. They are very fragrant, so be careful if you have problems with flower scents. However, they are also beautiful and will make your wedding pop. These fragrant flowers are best for bouquets and boutonnieres. They are quite expensive so use them sparingly. However, they are available year round.


What types of flowers to buy for your wedding is a very important decision. However, it is equally important to listen to what messages your flowers send. Even if no one else understands the symbolism you have chosen, you will know and it will mean something for you and your partner. Also, if you need a wonderful place to buy your flowers, you can find wedding decoration piece at Koch. Their prices cannot be beat.

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