Wedding Flowers Symbolic Meanings

February 5th, 2016

Did you know wedding flowers can talk? Perhaps they do not speak verbally, but their color and the type of flower you choose for your bouquet can convey a number of messages to people in the know, from love to friendship to unrequited love. If you are picking out flowers for your upcoming wedding, it is fun to pick flowers which send a message to all who view them. Perhaps your guests will not know what your flower choice says, but it is fun to have a small detail such as this to divulge, and an excellent answer for all those asking you why you chose the flowers you chose. If you are curious what flowers have to say to you, then just read on for the answers.



Anemones stand for expectation, such as the expectation that you and your partner will have a happy, fulfilling life together. They are a moderately-priced flower, great for bouquets and arrangements. They bloom in mid-fall to early spring, depending on the species. These beautiful flowers tend to bloom in either single or double blossoms and have no scent. This makes them perfect for people with certain types of allergies.



Mums are another beautiful wedding flower. They stand for wealth, abundance and truth, all things which a newly-wed couple need. They are also incredibly beautiful and come in a variety of shades. These big, full blossoms are best for bouquets and arrangements and they are in-season all year long. As a bonus, they are also quite inexpensive and versatile as there are several varieties in various sizes and shapes.



Gardenias are flowers of purity and joy. They are very fragrant, so be careful if you have problems with flower scents. However, they are also beautiful and will make your wedding pop. These fragrant flowers are best for bouquets and boutonnieres. They are quite expensive so use them sparingly. However, they are available year round.


What types of flowers to buy for your wedding is a very important decision. However, it is equally important to listen to what messages your flowers send. Even if no one else understands the symbolism you have chosen, you will know and it will mean something for you and your partner. Also, if you need a wonderful place to buy your flowers, you can find wedding decoration piece at Koch. Their prices cannot be beat.

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