DIY Vegetable And Fruit Centerpieces

June 10th, 2011

Looking for an affordable and easy DIY solution to decorate tables at your wedding? Then check out some of these truly inspiring and beautiful looking centerpieces made of fruits and vegetables. This bit of wedding inspiration comes to us courtesy of Carlise from Bronze Budget Bride. Check her site out for tons more wedding inspiration.



Very easy and simple autumn inspired centerpiece.



Asparagus has a new found wedding décor use.



Imagine this as your wedding centerpiece. Zucchini, radishes and peppers? I have to admit it is pretty and colorful.



Modern and eclectic looking fruity centerpiece.



Black box filled with oranges all lined up offer a certain modern elegance to fruity table décor.



Another interesting use of artichokes as candle holders.




Artichokes and asparagus as candle holders.



Autumn inspired harvest table décor.



Vegetarian brides, rejoice!



Great use of lemons and artichokes. The color contrast is pleasing.



Momma always said don’t forget your green leafy vegetables. I guess mom never imagined them being used in this manner.



Simple use of gourds as wedding décor makes a perfect addition to any autumn wedding.



Crantastic wedding décor. I just had to say that. For more awesome wedding inspiration and more please visit


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