Beautiful Bridal Portraits

October 1st, 2011

Here are some photos of a real girl in her real wedding gown. Nothing more, nothing less. It;’s the simple stuff we take for granted often. I’m a fan of just enjoying the simple beauty of a pretty bride. Special thanks to the thirty-something bride for these pretty photos.



Beautiful bride in her amazing dress on the beach.



Every bride has a special glow on her big day.



Loving the way her veil/train is blowing in the wind.



Beautiful colors show some of Charleston, South Carolinas’ charm.



Lace up corset back for this amazing wedding dress. I like!



Black and white bridal photos always add an intangible romantic quality.



Elegant and simple bridal bouquet complements the wedding dress perfectly.



This photo has a warm glow to it. Very romantic. For more great wedding photos and inspiration please visit the thirty-something bride.

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