Ultimate Vegas Getaway Sweepstakes

June 23rd, 2012

Nashville’s rising country star Sarah Kirkland has released a song that captures the energy and excitement of good girlfriends sharing the ultimate bonding experience before celebrating one of life’s great milestones – the bachelorette party. To celebrate the release of her debut single “Bachelorette,” Sarah is giving four lucky friends the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas!

Simply “like” Sarah’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/SarahNashvilleMusic) and submit a short essay explaining why you and your friends deserve to win the “Ultimate Vegas Getaway” Sweepstakes. Luxury accommodations at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, flights – even a makeover with the beauty experts at Saks Fifth Avenue, complete with champagne and pampering – are included in this extraordinary weekend.

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6 Responses to “Ultimate Vegas Getaway Sweepstakes”

  1. Susana Espinoza says:

    I believe I deserve it because I so need a vacation. School and work can be such a hassle at times. Going to Vegas to be pampered and have a makeover will be so amazing. I have never been pampered in my life so that would be cool to experience. Also I think I deserve it because I work hard and have no play! Please let me win!

  2. First off, your song is amazing. Secondly, thank you for giving all us girls this opportunity to win this trip with our girlfriends.
    Thirdly, this song couldn’t have come out at a better time because my best friend of 20 + years is getting married in October. This is a big year for both of us….we both turn 30 and she’s getting married. This trip to Las Vegas would be a great way to celebrate all these milestones and have one last “bachelorette” trip! It would mean so much to both of us and our friends to have this quality time. As life goes, we get caught up and don’t spend as much time together as we used to or should. And as you know, life doesn’t slow down. It just keeps getting busier and more things interfere with the things we hold dear. Thank you again for this opportunity and for taking the time to read my little essay.

  3. Molly Odom says:

    Well, all of my girls mean the world to me. No matter if we are all close, or over 2,000 miles away. We can come together like we haven’t missed a day. Many have been missed in this crazy wedding planning process, and finances are always tight (relocation costs, graduating college and starting new jobs, changing careers, getting back into school). It just seems like we sometimes can’t catch a break. This experience would mean the world to myself and three of my best girlfriends, since they haven’t been able to be there to help us in our journey to the alter. We are always wishing and hoping that everything will work out, but sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately, everyone that wants to be at the bachelorette celebration, can’t. This would be a perfect opportunity for those who can’t be there, & haven’t been there for things, CAN be there to help celebrate this special time! My friends deserve an opportunity to feel like they are really a part of putting our big day together! Now, I wish all of my girls could go, but I know the three that would appreciate it the most.

  4. Rachel says:

    I deserve this ultimate vegas getaway because im freaking fabulous!!!!!

  5. Liana says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I’ll be totally honest with you. I hate country music. I cannot stand it. Between the recycled references to some generic white trash lifestyle, the painfully prescribed gender roles, and that insufferable nasal twang…It is just the worst. Normally, if someone puts on a country song at a party or some sort of social gathering, I immediately berate that person for their abysmal lack of taste and their sheep-like adherence to a way of life which praises stupidity and conformity while somehow confusing intelligence with snobbery.

    I bet you’re wondering why I’m telling you this. Why would I sabotage my chances of winning this fantastic bachelorette getaway by slamming your musical genre? What could I possibly expect to gain by doing this?
    I’ll tell you why: your music is actually tolerable. More than tolerable, I think I like it. I just stalked your Facebook page and watched your video for “Bachelorette”. You seem like the kind of girl I would want to party with. You seem like the kind of girl that would fit right in with the lovely gaggle of sloptarts I call my friends.

    You should certainly give us this bachelorette trip because we will do your song justice. We will gussy up in heels and mini dresses before we dominate the pool tables and mechanical bulls, out drink every man in Las Vegas and skinny dip in the Bellagio fountain. (I should add that our bride is 4’10 and tipping the scale at about 98 lbs, but her partying makes Charlie Sheen look like a nun.) Then, lost iPhones and mysterious bruises later, and after we’ve successfully out run the police, we’ll stumble back to the Hard Rock and dive headfirst into chocolate cake, fried egg sandwiches, french toast and whatever else we can convince room service to shelp up to us at such an ungodly hour. Sometime around noon we’ll wake up, go to brunch in last night’s clothes, take a nap, and do it all again. In short, you will be proud.

    So pick us because you’ve made a believer out of a Northern girl who swore up and down that she’d NEVER like country music. Pick us because we’re awesome, and you already like us.



  6. Shatwaina Funches says:

    Besides being exhausted from work school and homely besides and I deserve this trip because we just can’t afford to do it ourselves nor can we al see eachother at one time. Between Facebook,TEXTS,&CALLS we have a rare occasion when we can see eachother all at once.These girls are my sisters, like blood and I would be dead if I didnt have them in my life. We need this more than anything what better way to honor a bond that’s so strong even though we r miles apart than an almost free trip to VEGAS….to add to the great memories.

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