A Personalized Gift For Your Bridesmaid

July 22nd, 2012

We all know that preparing for a wedding is a massive undertaking with so much to think of and do. For a bride to be, through the lead up to the wedding, bridesmaids are worth their weight in gold for the moral and practical support that they give. Saying thank you with a small gift is a gesture which can mean so much to the giver and the receiver as it will remain a token of the bond between the two of you and is a lovely way to commemorate the day of your wedding and your bridesmaid, or bridesmaids, sharing in that with you.


Jewelry is a traditional and enduring gift and so provides a lovely long lasting memory of the day. A very pretty way to ensure that the jewelry you give to your bridesmaid marks your wedding day beautifully is to choose a personalised gift.

The most obvious way of personalising jewelry is by engraving an item to include a personal message or an initial. Rings and pendants are the most obvious choice for engraving, and many jewelry companies can provide a jewelry engraving service along with the jewelry that they sell.

A quirky gift that will symbolise a shared hometown is a state necklace, where the pendant outline is of the state or city where you grew up or lived together.


If you prefer a more personal gift to each bridesmaid; birthstone jewelry is a fabulous way to do this. The jewelry can be a necklace, earrings or a right hand ring and by including a birthstone in their gift, you will be giving them something that will be important and relevant to them forever.

For those with several bridesmaids, another gorgeous option is to choose jewelry that complements their bridesmaid dress. If your bridesmaids are in a luscious plum for a winter wedding, then a garnet pendant would look stunning with this and be a perfect piece of jewelry for them to wear on the big day itself, so co-ordinating their look on the day as well as giving them a lasting gift for afterwards.

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