Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring

October 12th, 2017



Planning on popping the question soon? You may have been together for years, or even just a few months- but asking her to marry you is the greatest honour of any man. The real question is, how do you pick the perfect ring? How will you find out her size, style and pick the best cut? It can be a little confusing and a big task, but we’ve got you covered:


Shape Matters Most


Before you delve into the 4 C’s (colour, cut, clarity and carat), you will need to decide on what shape of ring to buy for your intended. 77 Diamonds offers a range of different shapes and you can choose something you think she’ll love.


Settings Are Second


The setting of your ring is the metal you place the diamond inside. Finding that perfect combination of shape and setting might take some time but will be worth it. It will set the style of the ring as either modern or vintage in style and be unique to your bride to be.



Spy on Her Style


If you want to make sure you find a style she loves, you’ll have to do some sleuthing of your own. One way would be to take her to a jewellery shop on the premise of buying a necklace for your mum, and accidentally land in front of the engagement rings. She will most likely point out a few she likes and that will be your starting point.


Consider the Metal


There are a large range of metals you can choose from for your band. There’s gold, rose gold, white gold, titanium and loads more. It depends on the type of style you are going for. White gold can look beautiful with any colour stone and is the most popular choice for most, but if you want to add some femininity and flare, rose gold could be a great option.


Buy Loose Stones


The stone is the most important part of your ring, it is where the cost comes from and it is the centre piece of the ring. Your other half will be wearing the ring from the moment she says yes, to the moment you both say ‘I do’ and beyond. Choosing the most fitting stone for your beloved is imperative.


Work Your Budget Well


Don’t worry about spending a small fortune on a ring if you cannot afford it. Your fiancée will love whatever you give because it came from the heart and with great meaning. Instead of the two-month’s salary mantra, stick to what you can afford without going into debt. That way you can still fork out a fair amount but no land yourself with financial troubles. The last thing you’ll want when it comes to planning your wedding is to still be paying off the ring. If your intended likes big rings, go for a ring with a large surface area. You won’t get quite as much sparkle as a small cut ring, but your fiancée will love it.


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