Foods To Avoid The Week Before Your Wedding

November 23rd, 2012

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What Makes a Bride Look Amazing from Head to Toe?

August 23rd, 2011

Happy Bride Looking Amazing from Head to Toe

Happy Bride Looking Amazing from Head to Toe


Many things like her make-up, hair, skin, teeth, dress, and even tanning on the biggest day of her life!


One thing every bride wants to do is also get in shape and lose them unwanted pounds. Many brides are doing the hottest thing in the Fitness Industry: BRIDAL BOOT CAMP!


So what is Bridal Boot Camp? They are 4-12 weeks plus group boot camp classes where brides are working out together and sharing the experience of transforming their pre-wedding bodies to their dream wedding day bodies! They get weekly weigh-ins, online food journals to fill out and being accountable to their boot camp instructor and other brides.


The other great thing is that they can get a day 1 photo of themselves and a photo after they complete their boot camp classes! What a great memento to share with their kids/grandkids of how beautiful mom/grandma looked! And of course we can’t forget about about the groom and how amazing she will look for him walking down the aisle!

Fitting Into Your Wedding Dress

August 26th, 2010

Six months to the big day, and one, two,  three – panic!


No, it doesn’t have to be like that! It may be tempting to fling yourself into a crash diet, join a gym, buy brand new gym wear and flog yourself half to death on the treadmill, or even opt for the surgeon’s knife in an attempt to get into shape for that big day, but unless you have allowed yourself to develop seriously bad habits, it’s hardly essential.


Instead, with a generous six months to play with, there’s plenty of time to tone up. Start by taking a long hard look at your current diet and level of fitness. It may be that simply cutting out cigarettes and alcohol, or at least, cutting down, can make an enormous difference to the overall level of fitness. Worried about having bingo wings or a less than flat tummy? There’s still plenty of time to do a spot of toning and exercising to pep up those areas of the body that you may be less than proud of.


This doesn’t even need special equipment – doing arm curls with a bottle of water in each hand, or a series of sit ups and stomach flattening exercises can make big changes to your body shape with little real effort. In between booking the reception and choosing the bridesmaids, a few brisk walks in the fresh air really help to boost circulation and get that peaches and cream complexion. Try a deep muscle massage or a body wrap to improve the look of the skin – with no effort at all required on your part!


Do bear in mind, though, that making any kind of drastic changes to your body shape once you’ve chosen your dress will probably mean a few extra trips for additional dress fittings. Better, then, to tone up sooner rather than later, and you’ll walk down the aisle looking and feeling a million dollars.

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