5 Tips to Create a Wedding Registry That Reflects Your Personal Style

March 9th, 2014

Getting ready to create your wedding registry and have no clue where to start? Don’t worry… we’ve got your covered.

A wedding registry shouldn’t feel like a to do list, it should feel like a wish list of products that inspire and excite you. Think of it as a way to design your new life together and as an expression of your personal style both as individuals and as a couple. Here are 5 quick tips for how to create a wedding registry that does just that.

1) Think Outside of the (Big) Box: Choose a registry that not only features big box retailers, but that also features unique and specialty items that you can’t find anywhere else. No two couples are the same, so your registries shouldn’t be either!

2) Add Gifts Based on What Makes You Happy: Love to cook? Spend some extra time adding gifts for your kitchen, making sure you get all the products you need. Spend a lot of time watching “House of Cards” on the couch? Find the perfect ottoman to kick your feet up and search for extra comfy throw pillows. Crave creative cocktails? Focus on filling your mini bar with just the right glasses and bar tools. If you don’t think you’ll ever use something, don’t add it, no matter what people tell you! In the end, your registry should reflect what makes YOU happy as a couple.

3) Use Your Home’s Blueprint as a Visual Guide: Newly launched wedding registry platform, Blueprint Registry (http://www.BlueprintRegistry.com), lets you create a wedding registry based on the blueprint of your home. Using your home’s blueprint as a guide is a great way to get a visual representation of how these gifts will actually fit into their home and lets you shop room by room to make it feel less overwhelming.

4) Shop by Keywords: When you picture your home, what do you see? Before you get started, write down a few words that you think represent your personal style (eg outdoorsy, traditional, modern, or vintage). Have your significant other do the same and compare notes. Shopping with a “feel” you have in mind will keep you focused! Blueprint Registry lets you shop for gifts based on your personal style, making it easier to find products you love.

5) Do it Together: You’ll both be happier in the end if you actually have items you both like. Style is a relative term, however, finding the pieces that made our house a home is what will help create a home that reflects your personal styles as one.

Free Honeymoon Registry

September 9th, 2011

Many couples find that the best way to start their married life together is by sharing experiences and making memories. The honeymoon is a great opportunity to do this — to go somewhere exotic and exciting perhaps, or spend time relaxing together, away from work and everyday worries.


More and more couples also find that they already have enough household items by the time they get married. Rather than put together a traditional gift registry and ask their guests for typical things that they don’t need, a honeymoon registry is a great way to plan their honeymoon and also make guests feel like they are helping a marriage begin with personal time together.


After the expense of a wedding though, a fun and exciting honeymoon might seem too expensive. A honeymoon registry also aids in budgeting the entire trip, helping couples mix what they can afford with the contributions of their wedding guests, who help them in creating these special memories. Couples can estimate how much they will spend on each step of the way throughout their honeymoon and prioritize together what they want to spend time on.


Wanderable is a new honeymoon registry, with no fees (payments are made through cash or PayPal) and a focus on beautiful design. Couples plan their honeymoon while looking at gorgeous photographs of all they could do. Sample registries are available for inspiration and items can be broken down into more manageable, smaller parts.


Engaged couples can personalize their registry with a photograph, personal notes to their guests, wedding details, and images of their choice for each item. Gift tracking is available to more easily write all their thank you notes.


Use invite code YESBRIDE to get an early look at this new honeymoon registry!



Top 10: Fun & Unique Wedding Gifts

December 2nd, 2010

A wedding signifies the fusion and coming together of two wonderful souls. If you’ve been invited to a wedding, it’s critical that your gift does justice to this occasion. The value of a gift comes from the thought put into it, not so much the money invested in it. You could send something really expensive but have it not mean much. That being said, you could send something affordable and touch the newly weds hearts profoundly.


Here are our top ten choices:


1) Wedding Day Contributions


If you want to think outside the box then don’t pick up a traditional wedding gift. Instead give thought to what exactly the bride & groom may need help with in preparation for the wedding. Weddings are expensive so any help in this area will go a long way.


2) Department Store Gift Certificate


Many people think about giving cash as a wedding gift. The problem with cash by itself is it’s very impersonal, uncreative, and quiet frankly doesn’t show much effort. If you know what store the bride & groom frequently enjoy shopping at, you can pick up a gift certificate for a reasonable amount.


3) Paid For Vacation Package


If you’ve ever planned a wedding, been married, or have been close to someone who has then you understand the hassles of doing so. There are literally a million things that need to get done and everyday that goes by you are getting closer to the big day. Treat them to a fun vacation where they can spend time with each other after the wedding is over, they’ll love this one.


4) Set Of Kitchen Utensils


At every wedding the couple is expecting to receive the typical kitchen utensils such as spoons, forks, glasses, pitches, plates, and other similar items. In fact they will receive multiple presents containing these. What everyone seems to forget is the less obvious items like can openers, knifes, spatulas, ladles, soup ladles, and other similar products.


5) Spa Gift Baskets For Two


These are the ultimate forms of relaxation, pampering, & rest. Pick up any two of these gift baskets, one for the bride with a feminine touch & one for the groom with a masculine touch. A wedding is stressful event in itself so give them a day of complete relaxation with a pair of spa gift baskets.


6) Personal Hobbies & Interests


It’s important to only go with a gift relating to a personal hobby or interest if you are already friends with the bride, groom, or both. The last thing you want to do is try to make a guess of what they enjoy doing with their time because chances are it won’t be right. Another tip would be to find someone who is friends with them and ask for suggestions.


7) Monogrammed Pillow Cases & Bed Sheets


Instead of going with something off the shelf you can add a personal touch to it by customizing the gift. In this case we recommend going with monogrammed pillow cases & bed sheets. They’ll not only need these anyway but really enjoy these when moving into their new home together.


8 ) Customized Wedding Photo Quilt


The cool thing about wedding photos are that every time the couple looks at them they’ll think of their wonderful day. Not only that, they’ll remember you for gifting it to them. The best way to organize this present is to get a handful of favorite photos by asking around & having it delivered directly. Available at TybInc.com.


9) Personalized Presents


These days you can personalize just about everything by engraving, monogramming, embroidery, special silk-screening, lamination, or just getting something really unique that appeals to both the bride & groom. Some common items include glassware, photo frames, gift sets, & other high quality usable products.


10) His & Her Bath Set


These are affordably priced and the quality is super high, at only the $45-$65 range you can buy the best of the best bath sets. When you usually pick out a present it’s either perfect for the bride or perfect for the groom. What’s nice about a his & her bath set is both can enjoy this lovely gift together.

Seal It With A Kiss

May 18th, 2010

Sweet, tasty and affordable

Sweet, tasty and affordable


Here is a cute little wedding favor idea that is sure to please your guests and save you some money as well. Consider personalized Hershey’s Kisses with a special message written on each one. Sprinkle these personalized wedding Hershey’s Kisses on tables to add sparkle to your wedding or bridal shower or arrange kisses in unique vases or bowls and use as centerpieces. Either way, these simple, affordable and sweet wedding favors will surely put a smile on all your guests’ faces. There are literally dozens of web sites that sell these tasty sweets and all are very affordable. Happy kissing!


Personal and cute

Personal and cute

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