When Your Best Friend Get’s Married? Tips On How To Be The Ultimate Bridesmaid

August 31st, 2016

When it comes to a wedding, there is no greater honor than being asked to be a bridesmaid. Especially if it’s one of your closest and dearest friends. It can be an exciting time and a great thing to be part of it. But what is exactly involved in being a bridesmaid? In a way, this all depends on the bride. They may want your full involvement, or they may only need your help with certain things. It’s best to take their lead. But there are certain things you should involve yourself in, and some things you should not be doing. This is why I thought it was worth putting together some essential tips to help you. If you are about to be a bridesmaid, then take note. This is what we should and shouldn’t be doing. I hope it helps you keep on the good side of the bride.


Help out with the planning

It’s likely you were asked to be a bridesmaid about a year in advance. But don’t let the wedding date fool you. It may seem far away now, but trust me that date will creep nearer very quickly. There is plenty you can do ahead of time. Stay as organized as possible by keeping a time line of the events, a spreadsheet of the bridesmaids’ contact information. Anything that you can do help be organized. It is also worth planning in advance in regards to your budgets. There may be expenses you will need to make such as travel, accommodation and other bits and pieces. Keep track of all you have to pay out for so you have plenty of time to prepare. Being organized perhaps won’t stop there being a lot of stress, but will help you stay on top of things and be prepared.


Offer your services up for DIY details

Depending on the type of wedding your bride is going for, there could be many DIY jobs you can get involved in. Even if you just recommend suppliers or offer advice on things. Invitations tend to be one of the biggest things a bride needs help with. From perhaps creating their own design and vision to ordering up the perfect bespoke design. This is where you could help the bride out. Even just by recommending companies like Paper Themes personalised wedding stationery or something similar.


Organize the bachelorette party

Don’t just assume the best idea for the bachelorette party is the stereotypical night out partying. Perhaps adding a couple of male strippers into the mix. Try and remember the type of person the bride is. Then plan it around what would make her happy. While you want everyone to have fun, remember it is about the bride. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the whole event and make it about you, the organizer. Even considering the other bridesmaids if there is any. But the whole thing is about the bride. If you are unsure about what to organize don’t be afraid to ask the bride; not everything has to be a surprise.


Be a good support

Do not mistake being part of the wedding for controlling it. Disagreements between bridesmaids are bound to happen, especially when you are spending a lot of time together. Disagreements between you and the bride may happen. There’s a fine line between being proactive and being overbearing. If you want to be the best you can be then the only way is to be a good support to the bride. Be part of the team instead of the leader. This is an emotional and overwhelming time for the bride, so don’t add to the drama by spitting your dummy out when things don’t suit you. Being a supportive friend will mean much more to the bride. Another thing to try and keep on top of is potential competition between you and other bridesmaids. This won’t help the situation and could make things awkward amongst the wedding party.


Don’t moan about the bridesmaid dress

Of course, you have a duty to stand by your bride at the ceremony. Organize the bachelorette party, and help out. There is one other essential thing that you must do. That is not to moan about the dress you have to wear. It might be ugly. It might be an unflattering color. Heck, it might even make your body shape look totally different. But you mustn’t moan. You must say yes to the dress. Try and think about how your bride feels in this situation. There may be a few bridesmaids that they have to consider. Not everyone is the same height, weight, and body shape. It’s near impossible to find something that everyone will be happy with. It’s one day in your life where you will need to suck up your opinions and just be happy about it. Don’t give your bride another stress to think about it.


Try not to overdo it with the champagne

Of course, it’s a party. There will be drinks flowing. But try and remember whose day it is. Don’t get too drunk or overdo it with the champagne. The last thing you will want to do is make a fool of yourself or show up your best friend in some way. However, do let loose and have a great time. That’s exactly what the bride wants to happen. Just make sure you know when you are at your limits. It’s just about being sensible. When it’s your day, you can do what you want. Plus, sometimes a bridesmaid has a duty to mingle with the guests, perhaps help to keep things in order. So when you have had too much to drink this can affect your ability to perform those duties.


Be prepared for anything

Finally, a good bridesmaid is always prepared for every eventuality. If the bride cries, you are on hand with the tissues. If she’s feeling a little sweaty, then you pull out the perfume or deodorant. This is where it’s handy to have a little box tucked away somewhere to help you deal with every possible thing that could go wrong. Or just being able to be on hand just when the bride needs you the most.


I hope this guide and the tips provided help you be an awesome bridesmaid.


Easier Ways To Deal With The Wedding Eve Shopping Bustle

September 24th, 2015

The day of the marriage can be not only like a holiday, but even like a real experience. Especially, such situation can happen to married couple and their parents. Almost all they complain of being tired after the wedding-day. It is caused of enormous pressure and great rhythm, which couple can feel over their marriage party. A lot of new young families advice not to make great celebrations, because it is really very difficult to organize.



During making a wedding holiday many emotional experiences can come almost about everything: beauty of the breeding-dress, dishes menu, cake, about the first wedding dance, quality of restaurant and about other many different things. The couple must make big efforts to organize a miraculous wedding reception. However, in a process of making the party something can go in a wrong way, like in all situations in our life. That means that everyone should be ready for such event in a result. Therefore everybody have to be prepared for solving some questions during the period of organization.


The selection of the breeding-dress for a bride can be the most difficult moment in the organization of the marriage day. Couple should take some advices to make this process easier.



For example, woman can rent a dress for some days during the celebration. Such way of getting the wedding-dress is quite popular nowadays. Using this method people get unbelievable economy. It reaches about 85%! You have to appeal to the special company, which can offer you for a rent the best kinds of dresses. It will be for you rather cheaper than to buy an absolutely new one.


However, there are some kinds of other ways which can help you easily to get a beautiful bridal outfit.


Nowadays we live in the age of developed technologies and there are new ways of doing shopping.



So you can choose and buy easily clothes in the Internet. This mode is the most popular and comfortable nowadays in Europe. To make a selection of a dress, you should visit the website, where everyone can find many items of bridal outfit and other accessories for a marriage party. This is like a virtual big shopping center, where everyone can find many kinds of wedding goods. Every person can do this in the office, public transport, at home or in every place where Internet connection exists. In that Internet shop you can not only look through details of the wedding-dress, but also you have an ability to speak online with sales manager who can offer you the best models. A customer can also treat for parameters of the delivery.



Usually a parcel with the order is posted straight to the house or to the nearest post office. So such way is very comfortable for all customers. The duration of sending a pack is between several days and 2 weeks. Using the website MaryBride and the others Internet shops you can observe that the goods in the Internet are cheaper up to 20-30%. That means you have good idea to buy a quality wedding clothes and save your money. Every year during some weeks there are big sales in the Internet and every customer has a chance to get some things much cheaper.


The last way to get amazing breeding-dress is to sew it. You can design it by yourself or use the service of a fashion atelier. If you liked an expensive European model, you’d receive a good opportunity to make the same one. You must buy necessary materials, which specialists need to do it. Choosing this way, you will get economy about 40% of a price. By the way, this method gives a chance to receive a dress, which will be sewed only on you.



Anyway, everyone has an ability to choose different other ways. Every person can take advices of wedding experts about the organization of marriage day. The simplest way is to offer the organizer of holidays, who will solve all questions.


Finally, the general thing is to find strong solutions, which you would do and the wedding will be great!


The Savvy Bride’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist

July 18th, 2015

It’s not long before you say goodbye to the single life and become a married woman. It’s an exciting time in your life full of big changes. You might feel emotional or you might be feeling stressed about how much there is left to do. Don’t panic. We have the ultimate wedding checklist for you. This is in three sections, so you could delegate one or two of them to bridesmaids or parents to help you out:


Bridal Wear

There are few items beyond the dress that need to be ordered and collected before the big day. The dress will need to be altered if you are buying off the peg so that it is tailored perfectly for you. Find a good dressmaker, and set a note in your calendar to check it is ready before picking up.

Lingerie – This often consists of stockings, suspenders, a bodice, and the bridal garter. Not all brides wear this under the wedding dress but change into on their wedding night. Make sure you have comfy underwear that doesn’t reveal itself under the wedding dress.

Shoes – Choose sandals or stylish court shoes depending on the weather. White or ivory with crystal details is trending right now.

Tiara – The tiara holds your hair in places and ‘tops’ off the wedding outfit. You can find bridal tiaras at Lola Bee and Me to see what style suits your dress.



Flowers are used to decorate the venue and fill the bride’s bouquet. This is a lot to pick up and distribute the night before your wedding, so ask a bridesmaid to take on this task.

Bouquet – Choose a cascade style, or a tight circle of roses for your bouquet. You might want to choose the blooms yourself, or pick something from your florist’s catalogue. Your bridesmaids may also be carrying small bouquets. These are often full of coloured flowers to match your theme colour.

Buttonholes – The groom and families of the bride and groom often wear a rose or carnation on their outfits. The mother of the bride might also wear a fresh flower fascinator or hat decoration. You can sometimes order these as a package deal with your bouquets.

Decorations – Centrepieces are often designed in bowls or vases for the tables at your venue. Pick colours to match your theme, and designs that are structured and interesting.


The things we most often forget

Here are the things most commonly left to the last minute:

Car – Your wedding car needs to take you to the ceremony, and then onto the reception venue if it is held somewhere else. Don’t let the chauffeur drive off without you!

Cake – Cupcake tiers, or full fruit cake fancies. Order from your local baker, or even ask a friend to home bake for you. Top with a bride and groom figurine. Don’t forget the knife for cutting.

Music – Choose a playlist for your reception that includes your favorite First Dance track. For the ceremony, avoid religious or sacred music if you are not marrying in a church. Something like Pachelbel’s Canon is a firm favourite.


It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of wedding planning. It’s even easier to forget things too! Have a perfectly planned wedding.

How To Make the Best Wedding Proposal

May 18th, 2015

When you decide it’s time to make that marriage proposal, you should seriously consider doing something amazing to get her to say yes. Just getting on one knee is pretty boring in today’s standards. You need to come up with something great.

Here are a few ideas, and don’t forget that you also want to come up with the perfect ring too. Not all girls want a diamond, so take some time to find out what ring would be perfect for your girl. She might prefer blue sapphire engagement rings, or maybe she’d like a ruby or another gemstone. Get something unique that shows her how special she is.

Remember, the proposal is about your love for one another, but you also want it to look good, which means doing it the right way and having an amazing engagement ring she’ll love to show off.


Where You Propose

Your perfect proposal may be all about where you propose. Whether you want to propose alone or in front of all of your friends and family, location is key. Pick a place that is special to both of you, or at least to her. Maybe the beach or maybe a special restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

Take her back to the place of your first date. Hire a banner plane and write it on the sky. Maybe you want to do something silly and have a singing telegram do your proposal for you. It really depends on the two of you as a couple on what will work best for a memorable marriage proposal.

If she spends a lot of time at work, make a plan with her boss to come in and do your proposal there. It’s a great way to show her that your support her work ethic and her co-workers will likely be thrilled to help out.


How You Propose

You can ask her to marry you with or without the words. You can video tape yourself asking and play the video at a certain time. You can stand on stage and propose. You can have that singing telegram or that airplane do it for you. Maybe you want to hang a giant banner in or on your house for when she returns from a weekend away.

There are endless ways to ask “Will you marry me?” Something that could be really adorable is, if you are dating someone that speaks another language that you don’t know, to take the time to learn how to ask in that language. Such as, your soon to be fiance has German parentage, and although she speaks English, she knows German from growing up. You don’t have to learn the language, but learn that phrase and you’ll make it a special proposal.

If you sit and think for just a little while these ideas will spark some of your own that will work perfect for you and your (hopefully) future bride.

Do something that stands out. You do want to be the same as every other couple because you aren’t the same as every other couple. Plus, proposing in a stellar way will give you great stories to tell your children someday.

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