Getting Into Shape – A Marriage Mandate

June 16th, 2014

Brides have always been equated with angels. That said, have you ever seen or heard about an underweight or overweight angel? Yup, you’re nodding negatively, but how much strong-willed you are, as a bride-to-be, to dropping those extra kilos killing your bridal beauty.

For, whose engagement day has blown the trumpet- A bride doesn’t look like you, it’s the high time they did something serious to get back into the poster shape.

Don’t miss looking stunning since the marriage is an event the assembled crowd gets entirely centered upon you and your partner. As a bride, you’re shouldered with the dual responsibility of not letting the onlookers disappointed plus overshadowing the groom’s grace with your mirror-cracking looks.

No matter, if you are carrying a few extra kilos or weighing below normal as resorting to a strict fitness regime, you can still make a splash on the D-Day.


Word of warning:

Having diet pills, pushing yourself into a crashing diet, stretching your body beyond the endurance limit, and thinking of short routes like liposuction, these things tend to let you down in the long-term. Do commit to memory, natural things take time to occur, on the spin, sustain much longer than the shortcuts.

Read on to know the things to include in your routine, especially when your marriage is on the cards:


Balance Diet:

Make sure, you partake of a well-planned diet. Avoid consuming foods, puffing you up. In case, you’re aiming at losing weight, excluding all kinds of dairy products, be it, cheese, butter, milk and many others will help you feel lighter. Eating salt in the large amount can be the reason to pack on the pounds.

Say a straight ‘NO’ to the fast foods and soft aerated drinks. Plus, keep your body hydrated, involving drinking sufficient water. Doing it will keep your skin-assaulter acne and pimples at a distance.


Energizing Exercises:

Practice doing exercise daily, and pay a keen attention on the body parts storing oodles of flab. You’re what you eat, but it’s equally important how you digest that’s already in the belly. Girls often commit a mistake, doing excessive exercise that can even suck charm out of their faces.

Striking a balance between the foods you intake and the exercises you do is extremely crucial to attain a balanced bridal body. Belly, a body part housing most of the fat, so try to follow tips telling how to lose belly fat fast.


Stress- A silent spoiler

Can you imagine yourself carrying pimples on the faces, and dark circles around the eyes?

Stop immediately taking the stress, occurring with or without a reason. Stress can appear in any form. Delay in shopping dresses, accessories and jewelries, marriage costs and arrangements, or anything related to marriage can create a stress-cloud around you. Finding ways to bust it will be the sole remedy to look beautiful and prevent rebound weight gain as there is no specific pill to kill stress.


Testing time for the taste buds

Luscious cakes and pastries, tempting burgers and pizzas can certainly leave you in a tight spot to decide if to ignore these or kneel down before their aroma. Suggest comparing all these appealing stuff to the smile of your partner-to-be. Undeniably, you won’t look for somebody advising you what to choose.

Post-marriage, you can savor these items; moreover, these will taste much better when the half-bite in the piece is of your partner’s.


Soothing sound Sleep

It’s understandable, closing the eyes can be as difficult as nothing else since your love disturbs you in the dreams. On the toss, you need a sufficient sleep to keep your skin afresh and spotless, making your love remembering you all-time sleepless.

Three months to marriage, you’ve a plenty of time to bring the noticeable changes in you. Marriage is slated to happen after six months or so means, you can emerge as a true champ, raising the eyebrows of one and all.

All you need to learn is how to cash in on the time made available to you.

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Four Financial Tips Engaged Couples Don’t Want To Hear, But Should!

April 26th, 2014

The honeymoon period, generally considered the first year of marriage, is filled with some of life’s most precious moments: Growing closer to your true love, building a home together, and understanding the deeper meaning of companionship.

Given that love/lust fog, it’s easy to avoid the tougher moments of day-to-day life. Finance tends to be a subject area that couples dodge and evade, which can lead to dysfunctional patterns that undermine a marriage. It’s far better to get it out in the open now, even before the I dos.

Here are four tips to help make your marriage a financial success:

1. Ask family and friends to contribute your financial goals. This may sound obnoxious and rude, but in reality, it’s not. Your loved ones often find cash gifts easier and more personal than a blender or toaster. And frankly, given the economy, everyone understands the value of a dollar these days and they want to contribute to your long-term financial success. With mounting debt in planning a wedding and setting up your lives beyond the big day, it’s become increasingly common for couples to ask for money.

On a more practical side, most couples already have the gifts on a traditional registry. No one needs two coffeemakers sitting on the counter.

Creating a registry, you’re making it even easier for your friends and family to make that green contribution!

2. Keep separate bank accounts and create one joint account. By starting the money conversation with, “let’s open a joint bank account,” you’re laying your financial cards on the trust table. Together, you’ll figure out how it will work as you combine your two lives. For example, along with depositing your cash wedding gifts, you may each contribute a set amount from every paycheck, and use the balance to pay joint housing bills.

It’s also a good idea to have money in separate accounts. This will allow each of you the freedom to spend without the pressure of those funds having an impact on your joint finances.

3.   Handle debt as a couple. It is important to have the conversation about debt as far in advance as possible. Even if only one of you has debt, it will very likely impact your bottom line as a couple. If you’re planning to make a major purchase, like a house or a car, your debt will play a significant factor in determining if you can get a mortgage or car loan. Figuring out a plan together will not only help pay off the actual debt, but it will work to keep a healthy relationship as a married couple.

4. Don’t keep any financial secrets. This concept may sound simple but, surprisingly, many couples keep money secrets. The sad reality is that finances can easily become a major stressor in a relationship and is often the cause for divorce. By keeping the money talks open and honest, you’re building a solid foundation from this day forward!

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

March 16th, 2014

The wedding photography industry is one of the few industries that is not regulated, and also has a very low barrier to entry. As a result, practically anyone can call themselves a “professional photographer” without any solid basis for that claim. You probably see this scenario all the time: your friend or relative purchases a fancy, new camera and suddenly they have achieved “professional” status. Yet these are people who show up your wedding day and are tasked with documenting one of (if not THE) biggest days of your life as well as working with your family and friends to create amazing photos and memories that will last long past the wedding day. And on top of that, you only get one shot at it all!

We have all heard horror stories about the tyrannical, high-and-mighty photographers who dominate the wedding day (and everyone in their path!), or the equipment that suddenly “goes haywire”and wipes out all of the wedding photos. Not to mention those that use super-low prices to get the foot in the door and then tack on substantial fees that customers are forced to pay. The real lousy part is that when you go online to search for a wedding photographer you can’t really tell the amazing photographers from the ones you would NEVER ever want to use.

How can you know which photographer is going to give you great photos with a great experience?

This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know to choose the right wedding photographer for you and your wedding. You will discover the following:

  • 8 Things to Watch Out For When Choosing A Photographer
  • The Difference Between Value & Price
  • 20 Questions To Ask Your Photographer
  • 6 Costly Misconceptions of Wedding Photography
  • How to Maximize Your Wedding Photography Coverage
  • What to Wear at Your Engagement Session
  • How Much Time For Family Portraits, Wedding Party Photos, etc.

To download your free copy, simply go to: and discover everything you need to know about choosing the right wedding photographer for you.

Anatomy Of A Whirlwind Wedding

March 10th, 2014

This week our infographic addresses the topic of planning a wedding in just ONE MONTH! Whew. Just thinking about it makes me break a sweat.

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