Flawless Wedding Day Make-up

January 4th, 2013

Want flawless wedding day make-up from the moment you walk down the isle until you say goodbye to your last guest? Here’s how. By Maribel Hernandez – Lead Artist and Owner of Passion For Make-Up.

You have paid for the make-up artist to make you look your absolute best on your wedding day, so it is essential to make sure you continue looking your best throughout the entire event. You will be the subject of hundreds of photographs on your wedding day, and you want your make-up to be flawless in every single one of them. You have two options depending on your budget: 1) hire the make-up artist to remain on-call to apply all necessary touch-ups or 2) purchase a touch-up kit from your make-up artist.

For those of you with a larger budget, hiring your make-up artist to stick around for touch-ups is the best option. Having the make-up artist on hand will ensure that no matter what happens to your make-up, it will be quickly fixed. If the cost of hiring your make-up artist to remain on hand falls outside of your budget, do not despair. An inexpensive option is to purchase a touch-up kit from your make-up artist, so that you have everything necessary to touch-up your make-up. Surely not all touch-up kits are going to be identical from all make-up artists, so it is important to inquire into what exactly is included. At a minimum, I recommend the items below, divided into five categories.

Eyes. You should not have any need to reapply your eye make-up if it is applied correctly, with the exception of eyeliner, which can run as a result of tears. Though, false lashes should not come off, it is possible that they will detach for reasons such as rubbing your eyes. For your eyes, you should have the following:

1. Eyeliner

2. Lash glue

Lips. Lipstick and lip-gloss, no matter how transfer-resistant a cosmetic company advertises its product, will transfer. It is not a question of if but when. Kissing, eating, and drinking will wreak havoc on your lip make-up, so it is essential you have the following, all of which can come in a full-size or touch-up-size version:

1. Lipstick

2. Lipliner

3. Lipgloss

Face. It is inevitable that you will perspire on your wedding day, and perspiration and your skin’s natural oils need to be removed to keep you looking your best. To properly keep your skin looking dry and beautiful, you should have the following:

1. Blotting tissue

2. Refreshing spray

3. Blush

4. Translucent powder

Tools. Having the right products is only helpful if you have the tools to apply them. Therefore, your touch-up kit should contain:

1. Mirror

2. Blush brush

3. Disposable lip brushes

4. Pencil sharpener

5. Sponges

6. Powder puff

Miscellaneous. In addition to the above, I also recommend having:

1. Make-up remover wipes

2. Tissues

3. Cotton swabs

Whether your budget affords you to keep your make-up artist on hand throughout the event or to purchase a touch-up kit, it is essential to take that extra step, so you look your radiant best all the way to the end. It is your wedding day; you deserve it!

Maribel Hernandez is an experienced make-up artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She strives to help women find the perfect makeup look for their special day. She is all about accentuating women’s natural beauty. Upon successful completion of the beauty program at Make-Up Designory School in Burbank, CA, she created Passion For Make-Up and participated in an episode of WeTV’s show My Fair Wedding With David Tutera. Find Maribel on her Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Goddess-Inspired Wedding Beauty

January 3rd, 2012

Channel your inner goddess with luxurious, perfect wedding dresses that offer a touch of timeless beauty. These bridal dresses are meant to highlight your own natural attributes without overpowering everything that is special about you.


If you’re looking for classical style for your own wedding day look, you’ll love these subtle, refined choices. We’ve also put together some amazing suggestions for goddess-inspired accessories, hair and makeup.


Stunning, Fluid Lines Never Go Out Of Style

wedding dress

Simplicity can be so lovely… the white wedding dress shown above is a perfect example of the clean lines and fluid elegance found in the best goddess-inspired bridal gowns. This style needs little adornment – in fact, it may look better without a veil or a lot of jewelry. Pretty, high-quality bridal rings and simple wedding flowers will be the ideal complement to this classically feminine style.


Beauty And Makeup Tips


A soft, wavy hairstyle and rosy makeup will add glamor to your overall look. A lush, velvety cream blush and rich mauve or berry lip color may also be wonderful choices that suit goddess bridal dresses. Simple eye makeup that adds a little definition will also look great – consider a thin line of brown or charcoal liner, only on the top lash line – finish with a coat of lengthening mascara (Lancome’s Definicils mascara in basic black will be perfect).


Moisturize your whole body with a soothing product, such as Body Shop Body Butter, on the morning of your wedding day. Make sure the product has dried on your skin before you put on your delicate bridal dress.


One-Shouldered Styles Capture The Essence Of Goddess-Inspired Beauty

one shoulder wedding dress

One-shouldered bridal gown references classical style that is straight out of Greek and Roman mythology! If you’re looking for drama that is still so appropriate, formal, and sophisticated, you’ll adore wearing the style shown above – its gorgeous full skirt and fitted bodice will help you achieve an enviable hourglass silhouette as you walk down the aisle.


Striking and very grown-up, this womanly design will give you goddess style that thrills your wedding guests and your groom-to-be!


Accessory Tips – You’ll need a good strapless bra to carry off this look. A long-line strapless bra will hold you in place and give you extra confidence. Wedding shoes in pure ivory satin will balance the strong impact of this wedding gown – unless you are very tall, you should go for 3-inch heels, perhaps in a strappy sandal design.


Draping And Pleating Are Classical And Lovely To Behold

wedding dress

Stunning draping and pleating are the key focal points of the goddess-inspired gown shown above. Artistry and painstaking craftsmanship meld with a touch of true sexiness – this bridal dress is definitely designed to flatter the female form.


Show off your curves and natural beauty by choosing this statuesque gown. Silky-soft, lustrous fabric will catch the light and add a glow to your skin, eyes, and hair. If you love fashionable wedding dresses with lush skirts and elegant draping, this gown could be the design you’ve been waiting for…


Beauty Tips


If you’re getting married in the hot summer months, add a touch of “sun” to your forehead, your cheeks, and the bridge of your nose – this is best achieved with a big, fluffy blush brush and a great, high-end bronzer – such as Guerlain’s Terracotta. The rest of your makeup should also be golden and warm – this look will work best if you have olive or yellow undertones.


Go for a 24 karat finish with shimmery eye shadows in gold, bronze, and ivory. Use the lightest shade to highlight the brow bone. Your lip color should be brick-red, soft taupe with golden gloss on top, or coral pink. Choose a warm, woodsy fragrance, such as Estee Lauder Sensuous, to channel your inner goddess. For more great bridal tips please visit http://www.bestforbride.com.

Lavender Farm Bride

October 11th, 2011

When I first saw these photos I knew I had to share them. Imagine a pretty bride wearing an amazing wedding dress out and about in a picturesque lavender field. All I can say is “Wow!” See for yourself. Thank you to the thirty-something bride and Tricia Meteer of Equinox Photo for these simply gorgeous and inspirational photos.



Natural beauty of the bride really shines through.



Gorgeous wedding gown.



Lacing up the corseted back. My favorite style for a wedding dress.



Some last minute prep.



Loving those cowboy boots.



Purple, white, aqua, and brown. What a pretty color palette.



Imagine how fragrant it must be.



Every bride is queen for a day on her big day.



Cute, fun photo of the bride.



Just hanging out.



Awesome wood bench gives this photos an, outdoor rustic feel.



Every bride seems to have a natural glow.



Going for a stroll. I love how fitted the wedding dress is.



Artistic and romantic photo. This has to be my favorite.



This is such a cute photo.



Shall I stay or should I go now?



Beautiful contrast of the white wedding dress and purple lavender flowers.



Beautiful clear blue sky as an amazing backdrop for this floral filled photo.





Just like the song… “Lavender fields forever.”



For more amazing wedding photos and great bridal inspiration please visit the thirty-something bride.

Beautiful Bridal Portraits

June 30th, 2011

Beautiful bridal photos are often an overlooked photographic element most brides never consider. Engagement photos and wedding photos are a must but bridal photos taken in a relaxed atmosphere bring a certain beauty that is often never captured during engagement or wedding photo sessions. These beautiful bridal photos are brought to us courtesy of Kate Noelle of Kate Noelle Photography. Visit her site and enjoy tons of amazing wedding photos and more.



Bridal portraits are always fun and gorgeous because the bride never has a time constraint or schedule to be on.



Gorgeous eyes and pretty colorful bouquet. Wedding eye makeup should always look like this.



Loving that amazing wedding dress and those amazing smoky eyes.



Vintage turbine contrasting with our modern day bride.



Another great shot of that amazing wedding dress. I love the outdoor wooded background.







Gorgeous wedding veil. Such a pretty photo.



What an amazing wedding dress. I just love how it flows and looks in this photo.



Picture perfect.



Field of dreams. For more amazing wedding photos please visit http://katenoelle.com.

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