Winter Wedding Tips

November 27th, 2016

Winter weddings are growing in popularity. The fact that it is not as expensive to get married in the colder months means that more couples are seriously considering it as an option.

It is certainly easier to book your dream venue for the reception, and there are plenty of warm destinations for honeymooners to enjoy. There is something extra special about going on honeymoon to a warm destination in the winter months. These are just a few of the reasons to get married just before, or just after Christmas, there are many others, but we will not go into them here. The main purpose of this article is to help those who have already decided on a winter wedding to plan theirs.


Be realistic about the weather

It is important to realize that a winter wedding does present some potential challenges. If you are lucky, the weather will be kind and you will get some winter sunshine on your special day. However, you need to be realistic and be prepared for rain or snow.


Dressing for the weather

Bearing the weather in mind when you choose your wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses is especially important. The last thing you need is for you, and your wedding party, to be freezing on your special day. You will be warm enough when you are inside, but may end up regretting buying a light floaty dress when you are outside posing for photos in a chilly wind.

Investing in a good shawl means that you can still choose an off the shoulder style of dress, if you want to. When you are outside you can use the wrap to keep the chill away while the photographer positions you, and get someone to hold it for you while the actual photos are taken.


The right shoes for a winter wedding

Bearing in mind that the ground could be wet or icy, good footwear is especially important. Usually, satin shoes are not a good idea for a winter wedding. However, if you really want to wear them you still can, but they will need to be sprayed with a good quality waterproofing spray. It is important to bear in mind that using this type of product is likely to change the colour of your shoes slightly.

Providing your bridesmaids with closed in shoes also makes sense. This year there are some beautiful court shoes available, which are perfect for both the bride and her bridesmaids.


The right accessories

For a winter wedding, equipping your ushers with a few large umbrellas is a good idea. That way if it rains they can use them to escort everyone to and from the car.


Plan your photos carefully

You need to think about your guests, especially your older guests. You do not want people standing around in the cold waiting for the photographer to do the group shots. If it is too cold or wet to get the outside shots you want, have alternative indoor locations set up and agreed with your photographer in advance.

Winter weddings really are wonderful. By following the tips above you can ensure that yours goes smoothly, and that everyone enjoys themselves.

Wonderful Wedding Colors

November 3rd, 2010

Every wedding has a special look and feel that starts with general color themes for the décor, bridesmaid dresses and floral bouquets. Today I decided to highlight some very colorful and amazing photos from various weddings to better illustrate the different color schemes brides have chosen. Capturing these very beautiful wedding photos is Nova Markina of NovaMarkina Photography. To see more of Nova’s super talented photography please visit her blog @ You won’t be disappointed.


Wonderful Colors Of Bridesmaids


Every wedding has a central color theme and it seems that every color in the book has been used. Seeing these beautiful photos of all these colorful bridesmaids makes me realize that there really is no “wrong” color for a wedding.


Beautiful bride and bridesmaids. I love the color contrasts between the wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses and simple yet elegant floral bouquets.



Vibrant yellow colors always brighten up any wedding.



These bridesmaids sure know how to have a good time. Love the matching yellow lollipops.









Purple colors always work for bridesmaid dresses. I love the matching floral bouquets.




Wedding plus tractor equals great photo op.



 Beautiful Dresses


Every bride glows on her wedding day and I believe that’s because the wedding dress brings out her inner shine. Take a look at some of these great photos of brides in their most incredible wedding gowns. Some are truly spectacular.


Dramatic lighting in this photo really highlights the star of the show… the bride!



Gorgeous dress. Only two words needed.







Amazing dress surrounding a beautiful bride. She really does resemble a princess. Great photo.



Amazing vintage looking wedding dress. Notice the lace trim at the floor. Wow!



 Fantastic Flowers


Who doesn’t love a beautiful flower bouquet? Like our bridesmaid dresses, floral bouquets come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some brides opt for a more traditional floral bouquet while others go for the bold and bright colors or even the use of wildflowers or succulents. I think this is what makes weddings so unique. Each has its own flavor. Nova Markina hits the mark with these photos.


Simple and beautiful wedding bouquets.



Bright beautiful colors in this wedding bouquet.



Floral soldiers standing at attention waiting for their bridesmaids.



Purple tones with soft white accents makes for a stunning bouquet that doesn’t scream.







Traditional wedding bouquets are a staple at most weddings. You simply can’t go wrong.


 Incredible Shoes


I just love, love, love shoes. Any shoe for that matter. So when I get a change to review some awesome looking bridal shoes I’m first in line. Nowadays, many brides opt for very bold colorful shoes and styles. They may be a bright yellow or deep blue and in both cases always seem to complement what the bride is wearing. I have to say that I too like seeing a bride wear a bold color shoe such as yellow, red or green. I think it livens up the brides’ overall appearance and glow.


Gorgeous slingback open toe pump. Love the positioning of the shoe on the chair. Great photo.







Those are some sexy and very high heels for a bride to wear throughout a wedding. A beautiful pair of shoes I wish I could wear.



Unique manner to showcase bridal shoes. I love it. Nova Markina is always full of creativity. I really like this pair.


 Just For Fun






Every bride gets by with a little help from her friends.



Photographers and brides must have a little fun too. I love this photo. To see more of these amazing weddings please visit and enjoy Nova’s photographic talent.