Unique Bridesmaid Dress Trends

April 30th, 2017

Want to make sure your bridesmaid dresses are as unique as your sweet love story is? You’re in luck because this year’s hot trends include fashion ideas that will definitely make your attendants stand out.

Sassy Separates

Models sporting two-piece bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses have taken over the runways this year. Long tulle skirts with tops in contrasting colors or textures take the place of the traditional one-piece gown. The style of the top is flexible. You can add a lacy and light blouse for a spring or summer wedding, a taffeta halter and pashmina for fall, or something fluffy or velvet for winter. Warmer-weather styles might even show some midriff for the very fit and free-spirited types! The separate pieces can be the same color or something complementary or contrasting. Two-piece bridesmaid outfits are perfect for bohemian-inspired, garden themed and beach weddings, among other styles.

Mix and Match

Just say no to identical dresses! Choose a color and let each attendant choose her most flattering style. Choose a style and let them choose their most flattering colors. Choose a palette and feature lots of different styles and shades that still complement your design. Or, throw caution to the wind and just let them choose what they want to wear to celebrate your wedding – a risky, but heroically brave (and appreciated by attendants) approach.

Do Something Funky with Color

Some of the most on-trend colors of 2017 are mint, blush, grey, and various shades of green. Create an ombre effect by dressing each bridesmaid in a gradually darker shade of the same hue. Pick one color, like all burgundy bridesmaid dresses, and employ it not only in various shades, but as part of a bold pattern as well, like burgundy flowers against a white background. You’ll have a completely eclectic effect that also ties the look together.

Tie in the Texture

Instead of a purely chiffon, taffeta or satin dress, look for different fabrics or embellishments that add wonderful texture and an interesting twist to your dresses. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses with bodices of ivory lace for example, can be beautiful and regal-looking. Full-sequined numbers are glitzy and completely glam – mix your metallic sequin colors like copper, silver, and gold for a real trendy approach. A sheer overlay over a solid one adds a hint of romance, and embroidered accents are super popular this year as part of the Big Flower movement.

Show it All Off

Designers are including massive slits up the front of bridesmaid dresses this year, giving them a very revealing, sexy look, and deeply plunging backs (and in some cases necklines) are also fashion forward. Just note, if they appeal to you, your church or clergy members might object and require a more conservative cover up or a different dress altogether. Check with your house of worship first, especially if yours is a religious wedding. Once you have an approval or a suitable work-around, then you can proceed with selecting something daring.

If you want your bridesmaid dresses to be unique, there are so many ways to stand out from the crowd. Think creatively, collaborate with your attendants, and stay open-minded. The right style and choices will present themselves and you’ll soon be on your way to wedding fashion fame.


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Winter Wedding Tips

November 27th, 2016

Winter weddings are growing in popularity. The fact that it is not as expensive to get married in the colder months means that more couples are seriously considering it as an option.

It is certainly easier to book your dream venue for the reception, and there are plenty of warm destinations for honeymooners to enjoy. There is something extra special about going on honeymoon to a warm destination in the winter months. These are just a few of the reasons to get married just before, or just after Christmas, there are many others, but we will not go into them here. The main purpose of this article is to help those who have already decided on a winter wedding to plan theirs.


Be realistic about the weather

It is important to realize that a winter wedding does present some potential challenges. If you are lucky, the weather will be kind and you will get some winter sunshine on your special day. However, you need to be realistic and be prepared for rain or snow.


Dressing for the weather

Bearing the weather in mind when you choose your wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses is especially important. The last thing you need is for you, and your wedding party, to be freezing on your special day. You will be warm enough when you are inside, but may end up regretting buying a light floaty dress when you are outside posing for photos in a chilly wind.

Investing in a good shawl means that you can still choose an off the shoulder style of dress, if you want to. When you are outside you can use the wrap to keep the chill away while the photographer positions you, and get someone to hold it for you while the actual photos are taken.


The right shoes for a winter wedding

Bearing in mind that the ground could be wet or icy, good footwear is especially important. Usually, satin shoes are not a good idea for a winter wedding. However, if you really want to wear them you still can, but they will need to be sprayed with a good quality waterproofing spray. It is important to bear in mind that using this type of product is likely to change the colour of your shoes slightly.

Providing your bridesmaids with closed in shoes also makes sense. This year there are some beautiful court shoes available, which are perfect for both the bride and her bridesmaids.


The right accessories

For a winter wedding, equipping your ushers with a few large umbrellas is a good idea. That way if it rains they can use them to escort everyone to and from the car.


Plan your photos carefully

You need to think about your guests, especially your older guests. You do not want people standing around in the cold waiting for the photographer to do the group shots. If it is too cold or wet to get the outside shots you want, have alternative indoor locations set up and agreed with your photographer in advance.

Winter weddings really are wonderful. By following the tips above you can ensure that yours goes smoothly, and that everyone enjoys themselves.

Style Advice: Bridesmaids

July 27th, 2013


Flattering Cuts for Bridesmaids


Infographic by Debenhams

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping 101

February 23rd, 2013

Brides are so careful in their choices of the special women selected to be their bridesmaids, it’s important to be just as thoughtful when choosing dresses that they will wear in the wedding. Bridesmaids appreciate when careful thought is put into their dress and will be even more thrilled to be by your side on your special day if they are wearing a dress they feel comfortable and beautiful in.

Thoughtful Thoughts

If you’re paying for the dresses yourself, the price is up to you, however, most bridesmaids are asked to pay for their wedding attire themselves. Keeping in mind the additional costs your bridesmaids will incur between the bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc. try to be conservative with the prices of the bridesmaid dresses you select. Also, try to keep in mind the ability to re-wear the dress again after the wedding, giving your girls more bang for their buck. They will surely appreciate a color and style that they can use for another event in the future rather than creating a 27 Dresses style closet.

Figure Flattery

Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to all be exactly the same. As long as the color theme is consistent, they can be styled differently according to body shapes, sizes and features of bridesmaids. Try to choose a style of dress that flatters most people like A-line dresses and those with empire waists or ruching in areas like the neckline or waist. A tall and well-rounded bridesmaid will not look right in a dress styled for a very petite and slender bridesmaid.

Dresses will look best and bridesmaids will be happiest in styles that they love and that flatter them. Allowing a variety in styles in bridesmaid dresses will help to make sure that bridesmaids are content and comfortable.

Color Considerations

Color selection usually depends on things like the season of the wedding, the favorite color of the bride and colors being used for the overall wedding theme. Pastels only look flattering on some people, where darker colors like black or navy, such as this chiffon bridesmaid dress from the White by Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal, look stylish on most skin tones. Bright colors look nice in weddings, but chances are the dresses won’t ever be worn again after the wedding if the color is too bright.

With so much to think about, choosing bridesmaid dresses is a very important part of planning any wedding. It’s almost as important as choosing the bride’s dress. Taking bridesmaids opinions and desires into account is a thoughtful and marvelous way to show appreciation to them for being such an important a part of a memorable wedding day.

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