Wedding Planning Mistakes You DON’T Have to Make

December 18th, 2015

Planning a wedding is a lot like steering a small boat through a stormy sea. It is stressful, and there are plenty of things that can go wrong and mistakes which can be made by even the most vigilant brides and grooms. If you are not careful, you can easily be steered off course, and find yourself trying to navigate your wedding plan out of a snarl. Use this article as your guide, and you will be ready for the mistakes that will inevitably crop up off the port bow.


Research and Budgeting Are Your Friends


When you first begin planning a wedding, the temptation is to jump right in and get started. However, this is not a good idea. It is important to do some budgeting first. This way, you know what you can and cannot afford, and how much money you can spend on each task or item. A spreadsheet or chart can be helpful here. That way you will have your information spread out in an orderly fashion. Then you can research to see how much things actually cost and adjust the budget accordingly.


Choose Your Guest List First


Some brides and grooms think that picking a venue is the first step in wedding planning. After all, venues fill up fast, and it is important to reserve quickly, right? Wrong. While venues do quickly become unavailable, it is much more important to pick your guest list first. Many venues have nonrefundable contracts. This means that you will be stuck with a venue that no longer fits the size of your wedding party.


Give Yourself A Break


The temptation is there to constantly focus on the wedding, to be crunching numbers and thinking about the guest list even while at dinner with your fiancé. This is not a good thing to do, and you will only end up stressing yourself out more. Take one night a week off to relax. That way you will not wake yourself up talking in your sleep about whether you ordered enough flowers for everyone in the bridal party.


Your wedding should be a time of joy. It is your day, and it is special. And now that you have some idea of the mistakes you can encounter in the planning stages, you can sail through your wedding and have the day you have always dreamed about.

4 Apps Every Bride Needs

September 23rd, 2014

Congratulations – you’re engaged! Now the questions start and the wedding planning anxiety sets in. Luckily, in today’s tech-savvy world, your phone can be your portable planner. Search “wedding planning” in the app store and you’ll come up with numerous results. We’ve made it easy for you by listing the 4 apps every bride needs, which cover the 4 most important areas of wedding planning.


Checklist: Wedding Happy Wedding Planner


This free app will help you get organized right from the start by building a customized schedule based on your wedding date, with suggested tasks and due dates. You can assign items to specific vendors and sync your phone’s calendar, in addition to sending the schedule and vendor contact info to friends and family. The app is very simple to set up and has a convenient dashboard overview to give you a quick snapshot of today’s to-do list. With a 4.5 star rating from over 250 users, and ratings titles such as “literally the most perfect app”, “my hero”, and “OMG life saver”, how can you go wrong?


Budget: Wedding Budget Calculator


This app, created by Wedding Ideas Guide, comes with a standard list of over 50 expense items to track your wedding planning progress. You can compare budget numbers to actual amounts spent, and the totals automatically update. Add notes about specific expenses and add/remove budget items as needed. You can also email your wedding budget to friends and family, or send to your computer for printing. This app is $2.99 but well worth the few bucks! With the wedding budget being the number one priority for many couples, this app can keep you on track so you’ll know if you have leftover funds for an ice sculpture or, more practically, a longer honeymoon!


Website: AppyCouple


Once your checklist is organized and your budget is set, you can share all of the important information with your guests by creating a personalized wedding website. Keep everyone informed about the wedding day details and also share fun information like your engagement story. With AppyCouple, a free app with a 4-star rating, you can not only create a wedding website but also send messages to guests, collect RSVPs, check out guest photos, and coordinate your travel plans. There is a one-time website fee of $35, which is a significant savings compared to hosting your own site, plus this app is known for their great customer service.


Inspiration: Pinterest


Now that all of the practical items are done, the fun begins! Pinterest has been around for a few years, but this free app is still the best out there for getting inspired and organizing your ideas. In fact, as of August, there were 70 million users and over 80% were women. If you haven’t yet started pinning, this is a bandwagon worth jumping on! By creating a wedding board, you’ll have a visual of your colors, dresses, tuxes, flowers, décor, and more, all in one place. You can also add friends to your board, so your bridesmaids and other important people can contribute. Most pins will link to websites where you can purchase essential wedding items or get instructions on DIY decorations. This app is amazing for wedding planning, but you should proceed with caution – before you know it, you’ll spend hours searching through pins!


Of course, every bride is different so you may find another app that better fits your needs or style. The good news is that there are several to choose from, so your phone will make wedding planning a breeze. Stick to apps within the 4 above categories to keep those anxiety levels down and those happiness levels UP! You’ve already found a great man, and these apps will let you have a great wedding planning experience as well. Happy planning to you!

Tips To Maintain Your Sanity When Organising A Wedding

July 20th, 2014

Congratulations you’re engaged! Which by default means you’ve probably spent the last few weeks having celebratory dinners and drinks with friends, screaming down the phone in excitement to Mum and have most likely dug out all those battered old scrapbooks full of inspirational dresses and bouquets in an attempt to make a start at the organising stage, (don’t grimace, we all have a scrapbook, even if it’s a mental or Pinterest one).

The trouble is you’ve probably been too busy to even contemplate planning properly, and don’t forget that venues get booked up quickly, dresses need time to be altered and yes, people need time to keep their diaries free for you.

If it’s all getting a little overwhelming we can help. It’s all too easy to be dazed by the many different options out there and for it all to turn from a joyous occasion to a nightmare. Knowing where to start is actually quite a big challenge, so we’ve got some great advice to help you organise your dream wedding without wanting to pull out your hair.


#1: Getting organised

Even the most disorganised of brides-to-be can come unstuck at the massive amount of things she’ll have to plan, so before starting anything make checklists to keep track of what needs to be done and what’s already been done. Even use a shorter version of this article as a checklist will. Having this in place will help you workout a timeline and stick to it. It’s also a good idea to create a separate email account for the occasion. It will be much easier if all wedding related communication is in one place.


#2: Budget Basics

Think about how much you can afford to spend, whether your budget is £1000 or £100,000, you can be sure to find wedding venues and other services suitable to your budget and make sure that you don’t overspend (frighteningly common with weddings). A great tip is to create a separate bank account specifically for your weddings so you know exactly how much to spend and that you are on budget. But there are more ways to save money on your wedding.


Photo taken at Porchester Hall by


#3: Create an Ideas book

Use a special wedding idea book or wedding inspirations and make it your go-to place for wedding inspiration. It’s simple to create an account, the great thing is that you can save and share what you love, and what inspires you may that be flowers, decorations or gift ideas. All your ideabooks will be listed on your personal ideabooks page, where you can share with friends and family and they can contribute too! Just remember your budget when you’re scrolling though endless pages of inspiration!


Photo taken at Clissold House by


Photo taken at Clissold House by


#4: Get Expert Advice

You could ask for help with your wedding from a very organised (and free) friend, or if you can afford to, why not consider hiring a professional? They can help you with every step of the way and you won’t even have to lift a finger keeping those stress levels nice and low.


#5: Spread the planning

Take the load off and share the duties, you don’t have to plan everything by yourself you’ll be going bridezilla mode in no time. Sharing is the best way to get things done after all you only have one pair of hands, so get others to lend a helping hand. They’ll be thrilled to be so involved and you’ll even have fun. Play to people’s strengths – get an arty friend to design invitations, a domestic goddess to bake your cake – and you’ll save money too.


#6: Timing is key

It’s all about the timing; don’t leave everything until the last minute, but don’t take your sweet time as everyone will forget you’re getting married in the first place. Set time aside to do tasks and allocate days for venue hunting and dress searching in advance. Maybe even choose one or two days per week for you and your partner to sit down and focus on the wedding details.


#7: Dress Rehearsal

If you’re really worried about the big day going accordingly then a dress rehearsal might be wise. Having a trial run the week before can really help with time planning and will calm your nerves come the big day.


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#8: There’s no pleasing everyone

You simply cannot make everyone happy and trying to accommodate others will make the organisation process ten times harder. Any delicate family situations should be kept far apart as possible. Don’t forget this is your day, and it’s about you as a couple rather than pleasing your second cousins once removed.


#:9 Breaks are important

Take a break every now and then – planning your wedding is supposed to be fun, if you’re feeling upset by it, just take some time off. Try not to stress even when it seems impossible, you’re only human so put your feet up until you’re ready to get back on the horse again.


Photo taken at Stoke Newington West Reservoir by


#10: Don’t worry about small details

It’s pretty much impossible to have the perfect wedding. Something is bound to go wrong and not everything will go to plan. Don’t fret about it too much, go with the flow whatever happens, happens. Try to remember that a wedding is about making a commitment as a couple and what makes a wedding special is the fact that your family and friends have come to celebrate your love


Author Information

- Ofer Yatziv currently works as a Sales and Marketing Manager at Better Venues. Ofer has over 15 years of experience working within events and specialised in weddings, parties and private entertainment. He has also worked on numerous roles as a producer of live events and weddings including national and international theatre tours.



- Author Byline: Ofer Yatziv from Better Venues.

Australian Wedding Facts

June 17th, 2014

When you have found that special someone you wish to grow old with, marriage is all but an obvious choice. An ultimate way to say “you are mine and I am yours, and nothing will ever come between us”. Some 120,000 people tie the knot each year in Australia, with 332 weddings taking place each day. Majority of the weddings, 60% to be more particular, take place on a Saturday. 34% of the marriages are performed by the Ministry of Religion, while civil celebrants perform the other 66%.

Of the weddings that take place each year, 75% involve couples enjoying the bonds of matrimony for the first time. It takes a while for people to get there though, with the average age for men and women to take the leap being 31.5 and 29.2 respectively.

Australians are clearly not shy of emptying their pockets for their wedding, spending $30,000 on average to make the day one to remember for a lifetime. Money is not the only thing that is heavily invested in making the wedding day a memorable one. Brides spend approximately 200 hours planning their wedding, focusing on the tiniest of details to make sure that the biggest day of their life is nothing short of perfect.

Irrespective of how well the wedding day goes, sadly the journey that starts on that day doesn’t last very long. Even though 4 out of 5 couples already live together before marriage, majority of them are unable to uphold the commitment to stay by each others side for as long as they live. 1 out of 3 married couples end up in divorce, with the journey coming to a premature end after just 9 years on average. While most of the people bid goodbye to matrimony for good after a failed marriage, 1 out of 5 people give it another shot. Their previous experience may not have been great, but they continue to believe that things would be better the second or third time around.

The Australian wedding scene is a mixed bag of joy and disappointment. While many couples take the leap, believing they’re ready for the life-long commitment, not every one of them gets to enjoy a fairy tale ending.

Thank you RunwayDream for writing this post.

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