Diamonds: Does Size Matter?

September 12th, 2017


It seems like everyone will measure the greatness of an engagement ring on the size of the diamond. The bigger the stone, the better the ring, right? Is this really the case? Does the size of the diamond really matter?

In reality, no, it doesn’t. Just because someone has a huge diamond on their finger doesn’t mean their ring is better than someone with a smaller one. In fact, a lot of the time, large diamonds can be impractical and look really strange on a small finger.

Instead of worrying about the size, focus on other elements of the diamond instead. Below, you will see a few things that really matter when you’re buying a diamond engagement ring:


It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that the weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Most of us assume that carats refer to the size of the diamond, which is not the case. As such, you can have a small diamond with a high carat value and a big one with a tiny value. The big one may dwarf the small one in terms of size, but the smaller one is heavier and far more expensive. If you’re keen to get a diamond that’s very expensive and valuable, think about the carat weight rather than the actual physical size of the diamond.


The way a diamond sparkles is also way more important than how big it is. Diamonds that sparkle in the light look way better than bland ones that don’t. This is all down to how the diamond is cut. A well-cut one will take in light and give off an incredibly sparkly look that dazzles everyone nearby.


Too many people don’t give this a second thought when buying diamonds. The whole process of mining for diamonds can be highly unethical. So many companies take advantage of poor areas to hire labor forces that work in horrible conditions for hardly any pay. As such, it matters a lot if your diamond is ethically sourced. Ethical companies like Brilliant Earth make it clear where their diamonds come from and how they’re sourced. Make sure you ask your jeweler about this before you buy a diamond. An ethical one will carry more value and be a lot better than one that’s unethical.


This refers to how clear the diamond is and how many natural flaws it has. The best diamonds are rated as being flawless, with absolutely no visible flaws whatsoever. It’s no good buying a huge diamond ring if the stone has lots of visible flaws. The value is decreased, and you’ve not got yourself a very good diamond.

In summary; no, size doesn’t matter. Don’t automatically assume that a big diamond is a good diamond. There are plenty of other factors to consider before determining if a diamond ring is of good-quality or not. Think about the four things mentioned above and stop worrying about the size. Small diamonds can often be way better than some big ones.

Differences Between Radiant Cut And Princess Cut Diamond Rings

August 17th, 2017

It is not easy to look for an engagement ring and if you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, the task will become all the more difficult due to the different types of diamond rings available. Due to this, people find it hard to choose and decide which one to go for. When it comes to diamond rings, princess cut diamond and radiant cut diamond are two extremely popular choices. Both are similar in a lot of ways but quite different from an expert’s perspective.

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Shape Of The Diamonds

One of the biggest differences between a radiant cut and princess cut diamond ring is that the former is typically found in a square shape but there are certain rectangular cut diamonds too. The former in contrast is typically found in square shape. The radiant cut diamond also has cut corners while the princess cut does not.


Diamond facets have polished surfaces and are flat. Both diamonds, radiant cut and princess cut, have different facets. The princess cut has a total of 76 facets whereas the facets of the radiant cut are comparatively less (62-70).


With respect to popularity, princess cut diamond rings are more popular and their popularity has shown an upward trend in the US since many years. You will find more princess cut diamond rings as compared to radiant cut rings today. This is not only due to their look but also the fact that the princess cut diamonds are designed in such a way that diamond cutters can get about two princess cuts from a given diamond.


One more distinguishing feature between radiant cut and princess cut diamond rings is the crown of the diamond. The crown is the area that falls between the high end (top) part of the diamond and its widest part. Both radiant cut and princess cut diamonds have a similar crown. This is one feature that the two have in common. The only difference in the crown of the two is that the radiant cut has a slightly higher crown than the princess cut.

Light Reflection

Another thing to note about the two diamond cut rings is the light reflection. Diamond rings reflect light in different patterns. The radiant cut diamond formulates a circular pattern whereas the princess cut diamond reflects light in a way that forms an X.

Use this information as you shop for diamonds. You’ll have a much better understanding of what the sales person is talking about, and you’ll make a much more informed decision.

Anatomy Of A Wedding Ring

August 4th, 2012

Anatomy of engagement ring v2

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