Differences Between Radiant Cut And Princess Cut Diamond Rings

August 17th, 2017

It is not easy to look for an engagement ring and if you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, the task will become all the more difficult due to the different types of diamond rings available. Due to this, people find it hard to choose and decide which one to go for. When it comes to diamond rings, princess cut diamond and radiant cut diamond are two extremely popular choices. Both are similar in a lot of ways but quite different from an expert’s perspective.

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Shape Of The Diamonds

One of the biggest differences between a radiant cut and princess cut diamond ring is that the former is typically found in a square shape but there are certain rectangular cut diamonds too. The former in contrast is typically found in square shape. The radiant cut diamond also has cut corners while the princess cut does not.


Diamond facets have polished surfaces and are flat. Both diamonds, radiant cut and princess cut, have different facets. The princess cut has a total of 76 facets whereas the facets of the radiant cut are comparatively less (62-70).


With respect to popularity, princess cut diamond rings are more popular and their popularity has shown an upward trend in the US since many years. You will find more princess cut diamond rings as compared to radiant cut rings today. This is not only due to their look but also the fact that the princess cut diamonds are designed in such a way that diamond cutters can get about two princess cuts from a given diamond.


One more distinguishing feature between radiant cut and princess cut diamond rings is the crown of the diamond. The crown is the area that falls between the high end (top) part of the diamond and its widest part. Both radiant cut and princess cut diamonds have a similar crown. This is one feature that the two have in common. The only difference in the crown of the two is that the radiant cut has a slightly higher crown than the princess cut.

Light Reflection

Another thing to note about the two diamond cut rings is the light reflection. Diamond rings reflect light in different patterns. The radiant cut diamond formulates a circular pattern whereas the princess cut diamond reflects light in a way that forms an X.

Use this information as you shop for diamonds. You’ll have a much better understanding of what the sales person is talking about, and you’ll make a much more informed decision.

James Allen Diamond Engagement Ring

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Celebrity Ring Inspiration

April 20th, 2012

With all the buzz over Angelina and Brad’s engagement we wanted to showcase some stunning celebrity inspired wedding rings.


From Simon G Jewelry there is an 18k white engagement ring that is comprised of an emerald cut diamond and looks similar to Drew Barrymore’s.



Forevermark offers a vintage classic that resembles Anne Hathaway’s. This A. Jaffe for Forevermark ring is a hand drawn pavé combined with a milgrained edge that sweeps up to a delicate halo of diamonds surrounding a round 0.65 carat Forevermark diamond.



And extremely similar to Brad’s custom design for Angelina is Jacob and Co.’s three-stone emerald cut. 4.06 carats with a pair of emerald-cut diamond side stones weighing 0.85 carats all set in platinum.


Get the look from Simon G, Forever Mark, or Jacob and Co.




Expensive Wedding Cakes

March 10th, 2011

Wedding cakes, mmm! Delicious! It’s your wedding and you want everything to be in the right order, so that everybody present will be glad and will feel ok. Therefore, you must take care of the cake. What will it be: a classic, traditional wedding cake or something really special, different from any other wedding cake anyone saw before? And then again, how much money do you have available to spend on a cake?


I’m sure you heard about famous confectioners, that in my opinion, are artists. Their imagination is flowing and they create delicious masterpieces! The problem is… the better they are the higher the price you will have to pay to get this type of wedding craftsmanship. But, you won’t regret it!


Some confectioners go so far as to use Swarovski crystals on wedding cakes. In one example, over 50,000 individual crystals were used. It was a masterpiece and the first time Swarovski crystals were used in a cake. Who would’ve thought these crystals would end up among chocolate, cream and other sugar-based ingredients?


Some other expensive wedding cakes imply cushions, an amazing lace work or even details resembling filigree work. The confectioners must really be masters in what they are doing to craft such impressive wedding cakes! Are you willing to pay big sums of money for such cakes? When you look at them, you don’t even want to cut them and give slices to the guests because you are afraid you will ruin all the work the chefs put into it.


One of the most expensive wedding cakes in the world was unveiled in 2006 in Beverly Hills. It was said to be worth $20 million. It was covered in unique and almost priceless diamonds. It was probably not eaten either. Of course, a very well trained security crew guarded it each second. Trying to take its place, another confectionery and jewel maker made another wedding cake in 2010, said to be now the most expensive.


So what do you think? Are these expensive cakes worth something? Could you eat something like this? I believe these ultra-expensive wedding cakes lost their true meaning from the moment they became like porcelain dolls: see, but do not touch. A wedding cake should be eaten! What will you do if you swallow a diamond while eating from this extra expensive wedding cake? Did you ever think of that?

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