Unique Bridesmaid Dress Trends

April 30th, 2017

Want to make sure your bridesmaid dresses are as unique as your sweet love story is? You’re in luck because this year’s hot trends include fashion ideas that will definitely make your attendants stand out.

Sassy Separates

Models sporting two-piece bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses have taken over the runways this year. Long tulle skirts with tops in contrasting colors or textures take the place of the traditional one-piece gown. The style of the top is flexible. You can add a lacy and light blouse for a spring or summer wedding, a taffeta halter and pashmina for fall, or something fluffy or velvet for winter. Warmer-weather styles might even show some midriff for the very fit and free-spirited types! The separate pieces can be the same color or something complementary or contrasting. Two-piece bridesmaid outfits are perfect for bohemian-inspired, garden themed and beach weddings, among other styles.

Mix and Match

Just say no to identical dresses! Choose a color and let each attendant choose her most flattering style. Choose a style and let them choose their most flattering colors. Choose a palette and feature lots of different styles and shades that still complement your design. Or, throw caution to the wind and just let them choose what they want to wear to celebrate your wedding – a risky, but heroically brave (and appreciated by attendants) approach.

Do Something Funky with Color

Some of the most on-trend colors of 2017 are mint, blush, grey, and various shades of green. Create an ombre effect by dressing each bridesmaid in a gradually darker shade of the same hue. Pick one color, like all burgundy bridesmaid dresses, and employ it not only in various shades, but as part of a bold pattern as well, like burgundy flowers against a white background. You’ll have a completely eclectic effect that also ties the look together.

Tie in the Texture

Instead of a purely chiffon, taffeta or satin dress, look for different fabrics or embellishments that add wonderful texture and an interesting twist to your dresses. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses with bodices of ivory lace for example, can be beautiful and regal-looking. Full-sequined numbers are glitzy and completely glam – mix your metallic sequin colors like copper, silver, and gold for a real trendy approach. A sheer overlay over a solid one adds a hint of romance, and embroidered accents are super popular this year as part of the Big Flower movement.

Show it All Off

Designers are including massive slits up the front of bridesmaid dresses this year, giving them a very revealing, sexy look, and deeply plunging backs (and in some cases necklines) are also fashion forward. Just note, if they appeal to you, your church or clergy members might object and require a more conservative cover up or a different dress altogether. Check with your house of worship first, especially if yours is a religious wedding. Once you have an approval or a suitable work-around, then you can proceed with selecting something daring.

If you want your bridesmaid dresses to be unique, there are so many ways to stand out from the crowd. Think creatively, collaborate with your attendants, and stay open-minded. The right style and choices will present themselves and you’ll soon be on your way to wedding fashion fame.


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TEG International kicked off the popular Launch Your Line workshop series in an effort to educate and inspire independent designers and fashion entrepreneurs, and to showcase its small batch production process.



During the Bridal and Couture Collection workshop, TEG International founder Jennifer Evans will discuss her company’s turnkey services for designers seeking to design a line of bridal wear, evening wear, or bridesmaid dresses. Her couture team members, Walter and Marcella, will advise participants on everything from the development process, designs, and fabrics to providing tips for creating a unique look that clients will love. In particular, they will focus on the do’s and don’ts of developing a collection of bridal wear, evening wear, and bridesmaid dresses. The workshop will also include discussion of basic silhouettes, fabric choices, construction and merchandising a collection for sales.


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Workshop Details


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Series Information: www.tegintl.com/happenings/2015/5/23/teg-launch-your-line-workshop-series-bazaar

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