Socially Responsible Couture

January 31st, 2017

Who says socially responsible couture can’t be chic? As an avid supporter of animal rights and environmental issues, Rime Arodaky does not use any animal skins or products (including, but not limited to, wool, feathers, fur, silk or leather) in the making of her creations. Taking it one step further, the brand will only work with suppliers and partners who share their same vision of a cruelty-free business model. Enjoy this amazing collection.

Edgy Stylized Wedding Shoot

July 29th, 2013























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Beautiful Bridal Portraits

June 30th, 2011

Beautiful bridal photos are often an overlooked photographic element most brides never consider. Engagement photos and wedding photos are a must but bridal photos taken in a relaxed atmosphere bring a certain beauty that is often never captured during engagement or wedding photo sessions. These beautiful bridal photos are brought to us courtesy of Kate Noelle of Kate Noelle Photography. Visit her site and enjoy tons of amazing wedding photos and more.



Bridal portraits are always fun and gorgeous because the bride never has a time constraint or schedule to be on.



Gorgeous eyes and pretty colorful bouquet. Wedding eye makeup should always look like this.



Loving that amazing wedding dress and those amazing smoky eyes.



Vintage turbine contrasting with our modern day bride.



Another great shot of that amazing wedding dress. I love the outdoor wooded background.







Gorgeous wedding veil. Such a pretty photo.



What an amazing wedding dress. I just love how it flows and looks in this photo.



Picture perfect.



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Wedding Budget Bombers

February 1st, 2011

When you receive wedding invitations, you already picture the event, if it is a flashy or simple one. After the wedding, you remember the beautiful bride in her stunning wedding gown, the beribboned wedding cake, and the romantic wedding venue, every thing straight out of a fairy tale.


Now you are planning your wedding. At the top of the list are your wedding dress, rings, wedding cake, wedding invitations and wedding venue. Ridding one item is unimaginable so you juggle your funds. Redo your calculations to stretch your budget because there are the wedding accessories, photography, DJ, the wedding entourage, and the pre-wedding dinner to host.


A hefty chunk of the budget goes to the wedding gown, rings, wedding cake, wedding invitations, venue and corkage. Unfortunately, you cannot choose to ignore any of these because the stuff makes your wedding memorable. But you can save hundreds of dollars if you know how to trim down your expenses.


Wedding Dress




Before entering a favored bridal boutique inform the sales clerk you are looking for a dress within a particular price range. This done, you are shown the appropriate items. If you do not or forget to tell the clerk about your preference, expect to be shown top designer gowns you cannot afford and chances are you end up with a pricey wedding dress because you get upsold.


Wedding Invitations




Wedding invitations and stationery that are professionally printed are not cheap. These have fancy designs and printing techniques and before you know it, you are spending more than you have planned. Avoid more expense by choosing simple invitations or make your own personalized wedding invitations if you are feeling adventurous.


Wedding Rings


You can easily be distracted with flashy rings so tell the clerk up front you want wedding rings within certain price tags. Be ready with your finger sizes to avoid ending up with rings that do not fit, it is again a waste of money.


Wedding Cake




The cake is costly because of baking pans and baking accessories are expensive. Bakers also use quality ingredients for tasty cakes. Ask the hotel if their pastry chef can bake your cake. Brides who have done this route swear they saved money on their wedding cake. Also, consider a “dummy” cake for the centerpiece.


Wedding Venue


If you want 100 guests to break it out on the dance floor or an intimate bunch to lounge in an outdoor setting, visit the venue to see if it suits your style. So before signing the contract for the venue, check out what are included and not. You might get stung with a ruined budget because of additional fees.




Find out the corkage cost for wines. This can cost you a packet if you are not careful. So before finalizing the contract for the venue, know what you are in for. Other venues charge lower corkage fees so continue looking around.


The best rule to follow to avoid wedding budget bombers is to stick to your budget, no matter how much you hanker for that luxurious wedding gown, romantic venue, glittering rings and beautiful wedding invitations.