Viva Las Vegas Wedding

October 27th, 2010

Chandra and Brian had a classic Las Vegas wedding ceremony right on the Strip complete with an Elvis officiant. This wasn’t your ordinary Vegas drive through chapel wedding. Capturing this unique wedding was Mindy Bean of Mindy Bean Photography. All the photos capture a light and fun Vegas wedding that will surely put a smile on your face. To see more of Mindy’s super talented photography please visit her blog @ You won’t be disappointed.



Beautiful bride awaiting her ride. Valet? Or Taxi? Hmmm.



Bridesmaids along with Chandra all looking amazing.



Only in Vegas can you have your wedding ceremony performed by Elvis.



Ceremony performed by Elvis in front of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Fabulous! I have a feeling some of the people in this shot are curious tourists.



Tender moment between the newlyweds right on the Strip. Las Vegas has so many great spots for photo-ops.



Beautiful Mirage hotel makes for a great Vegas backdrop.



Chandra and Brian with some company. I love Chandra’s pose in this photo. She looks so playful and happy and we get to sneak a peek at those amazing pumps she is wearing.



Beautiful couple posing with awesome columns in the background. Brian looks a little hot in this photo. I wonder what the desert temperature was when this photo was taken.



Beautiful photo of the lovely couple in “Venice.” The Strip sure offers many scenic spots to take some amazing photos.



Travel from Venice to Paris in just a matter of steps. Only in Vegas!



Chandra looking so sweet in this photo showing off her “purple suede shoes.” Boy does she know how to make a girl jealous. Those shoes are amazing!



Amazing photo showcasing an equally amazing wedding dress. I love the purple sash, matching purple bouquet and, of course, those amazing purple peep toe pumps!



Chandra and Brian looking very happy together. What a pretty bouquet! Purple is a great contrasting color for a white wedding dress.



Awesome photo. Mindy really captured a great moment in time here. Just look at those facial expressions of Brian and Chandra. Of course, another photo of that amazing wedding dress and bouquet only complements the brides’ beauty.



Purple pumps looking amazing all on their own. I’d like to get the name of that designer. A girl can never have too many shoes. For more super amazing photos check out

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