Horrors To Avoid In Mother Of The Bride Dresses

October 29th, 2010

Much thought has been given to the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gowns and dresses during the wedding planning, which can cause the selection of mother of the bride dresses to be, well, an afterthought. Horror of horrors, this ought not to be! Why? Well, because the mother of the bride will also be in the pictures and the videos and you can’t allow her to look dowdy, disastrous and disgusting, that’s why. With that being said, here are horrors to avoid in mother of the bride dresses.


H – Hugs like a Second Skin


Sure, you don’t like your mother to look matronly but you don’t want her to look like she could spill her oxygen-deprived internal organs all over the church at any moment either. Don’t forget, too, that many ripping accidents have happened at weddings, which you definitely will not want to happen to your mother.


O – Open to Speculation


Remember the mother of the bride dresses that competed for the title of the world’s airiest dress? Yes, stay away from the light, er, from them! Not only do they threaten to expose delicate body parts that must be hidden from view in a solemn wedding ceremony but it simply will not do for guests to speculate on what body parts will indeed make a run for it. It’s your wedding day, not your mother’s humiliation day.


R- Rigid to the Bone


Sure, rigid corsets can shape the body of a mature woman with extra poundage. However, you need to remember that your mother needs to breathe, needs to move, and needs to eat at your wedding. Besides, it’s the 21st century, not the 16th century with its fondness for stiff corsets! Instead, look for mother of the bride dresses that will flatter the figure but provide comfort for hours on end.


R- Rich Details


Nowadays, the design emphasis is on simple elegance. As such, your initial selection needs to adhere to this fashion dictum. Avoid unnecessarily rich details like ribbons and bows, heavy embroidery and glittering sequins, appliqués and cutouts. If you don’t want to inflict such pain on your bridesmaids, why would you inflict it on your mother?


O – Outrageous Designs


Admittedly, having an avant-garde mother has its merits. But unless your wedding veers towards unorthodox themes, it’s best to stick to fashionable-for-her-age designs that are classic, stylish and elegant. Besides, she might want to use the mother of bride dresses in other occasions, with some alterations, so it’s good advice to stick to the mainstream designs.


R – Retro


On the other side of the fence are retro-inspired mother of the bride dresses. Again, unless you have a retro wedding, try to find something that will complement the general theme of the wedding, which nowadays often means contemporary. If you really want to inject retro, well, at least try to keep it to a minimum.


S- Slinky


There must be enough cloth on this Earth to cover up body areas like the thighs and legs, chest and arms, back and buttocks of the women in your wedding entourage. So, why is it that your mother must sashay down the aisle in a dress that screams “Cloth Scarcity”? No reason at all! The message is basically try not to embarrass your mother and yourself, stick to the wedding theme, and be mindful of the sensibilities of your wedding guests.

Worst Ideas For Wedding Dresses

June 11th, 2010

Unless you intend to marry like Elizabeth Taylor, you only get to wear a wedding dress once in your life. Of course, if by chance or choice you do get married again and again, you would have many wedding dresses! (Don’t even think about recycling your old wedding dress. You might be saving on costs but you are not doing yourself any favors) Due to the one-time nature of the wedding dress, you must carefully plan for it. And need we mention that cameras and video camcorders are unforgiving in recording for posterity and notoriety your wedding planning lapses including the worst wedding dress ideas anybody dared to apply?


Outrageously Unique Head Ensembles


When you walk down the aisle, people will start assessing your appearance from your veil to your shoes and then back again, hopefully to focus on your radiant face. What if they stop in shocked silence at your outrageously unique headgear? You want awed silence at the heavenly vision you present, not shocked silence at the horrific apparition of whatever is on your head!


You have to avoid wedding dresses with headgears that


1) look like the nests of wild animals and your grandma’s whole flower garden;

2) allow your groom to bask in the shade like very wide hats;

3) hide your face completely like layers upon layers of veil;

4) bastardize Queen Amidala’s elaborate head ensembles; and

5) get in the way of the first matrimonial kiss.


Basically, you need a simple and elegant veil that will highlight your face while providing for the traditional head cover required in most church weddings. If you want embellishments on the veil, you can always have a small tiara tucked in there.


Balloon Sleeves


You might not have arms to die-for but trying on all bridal dresses with big sleeves can be the death of your look. Why avoid big sleeves like the bubonic plague? Let us count a few reasons:


1) your groom cannot sit beside you because your sleeves take up all the room;

2) you will bump guests off the dance floor; and

3) you will bump the wedding cake unto the floor.


However, there are a few advantages to wedding dresses with big sleeves like:


1) your sleeves can serve as pincushions;

2) your groom can use them as handkerchief – just lean to the right and sneeze; and

3) you can use them as small bags. Indeed, for every cloud there is a silver lining.


Plunging Necklines


Your groom will appreciate the view but it is doubtful if the officiating priest will approve your plunging-to-the-nether-regions neckline. Maybe he will deliver a sermon on how there is a time for everything – a time to bare and a time to care. Or something like that.

If you are unfazed with the possibility of a long and winding sermon on how the modern Eves lead Adams to sin with their bridal gowns, then think about these possibilities:


1) your wedding rings can get lost in there and what a spectacle that will be;

2) your guests will stare at you and not in a good way – think jeers and leers; and

3) your turn being Janet Jackson with a wardrobe malfunction will happen on your most special of days. Do you really want your nipples to play peek-a-boo?


You have to remember that when it comes to wedding dresses, you might wear them once but you will wear their memories forever. And that is not including the guests who will remember you either in your most beautiful best or in your most horrible outfit ever! You choose.

Wedding Dresses Of Color

May 15th, 2010

Black and white combo

Black and white combo


Who says a wedding dress has to be a traditional white color? Recently, a new trend in wedding dress fashion has taken hold where dresses of all colors are being made available as an option for all brides. Wedding dresses from all shades of blue, red and even pink have started to emerge. I think a lot of them look very elegant and definitely offer a unique look. I personally have never been to a wedding where the bride wore a dress other than white, but hey, after seeing some of these images I think a little color would have spiced things up a bit.


Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink


For the less daring bride there can definitely be a balance of color and tradition.


Bold red colors definitely make a statement

Bold red colors definitely make a statement


The red colors are very striking and bold. This is for the bride who really wants to stand out among the crowd.


Elegant white and brown combo

Elegant white and brown combo


These colors are a little more subdued, yet still make a statement. I guess the bottom line regarding these styles of wedding dress comes down to personal taste. What’s your flavor?

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