Australian, Eco, Vegan, No-Alcohol Wedding

August 14th, 2013































Thank you Leigh-Chantelle for sharing this amazing eco-friendly, vegan wedding. For more positive and inspiring writing, music and vegan information please visit Leigh-ChantelleCarol Slater and Viva la Vegan.

Eco Wedding Collections

June 3rd, 2013

It’s been two years since we chatted with Lori Del Genis, creator of Conscious Elegance eco wedding dresses [link: ]. We thought we’d check in with her and see what’s been happening in the realm of green wedding gowns.

Lori: What’s new at Conscious Elegance this season? We’ve updated the Collections so that they are intuitively organized: we have flounces and bustles in our Sustainable Romance Collection and eye-popping Wowza in our Eco Chic Drama Collection:

Our new designs take every advantage of reclaimed dress materials: we’ve included lots of ruching, which uses smaller fabric pieces and is wonderfully flattering on every figure. And I’ve found a beautiful use for all of those sparkly lacy pearl appliques we’ve been taking off those old 1980′s silk dresses! Hurrah!

But what might be the most exciting news this season is that one of Conscious Elegance’s sustainable eco wedding dresses will be shown at the American Textile History Museum!

This is so exciting! The ATHM is affiliated with the Smithsonian, so now we get to say that our work is being shown in a Smithsonian museum. HOW COOL IS THAT. And we’ve been asked to educate the public through 2 interactive presentations on the AMTH’s Family Day (4 May). We’re going to create a whole new generation of sustainable designers!

Conscious Elegance eco-friendly wedding dress – Kimberly


Conscious Elegance eco-friendly wedding dress – Laura


Conscious Elegance eco-wedding dress – Melissa satin


Conscious Elegance eco-wedding dress – Clio ivory


Conscious Elegance green wedding dress – Desiree


Conscious Elegance green wedding dress – Melissa raw silk – Cinderella


Conscious Elegance organic wedding dress – Ana


Conscious Elegance sustainable wedding dress – Lana


Conscious Elegance sustainable wedding dress – Mara

Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Wedding

April 21st, 2013

To celebrate the wonder and beauty of our planet, SimplyBridal has taken the time to create a fun visual of many ways for you to have a sustainable wedding. Can you believe that 62 tons of carbon dioxide is created from the 2.5 million weddings in the United States alone? This doesn’t even account for the 9 million weddings that are celebrated in China, can you image in the figures worldwide? From the paper used for invitations, to the jewelry pieces that are worn by the bridal party SimplyBridal has thought of it all! Donate un-served food, and encourage your guest to take public transportation, do something good for our world today.

Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

May 8th, 2012

Awesome green wedding shoes.

Pretty wedding dress patiently waiting.

Digging that lace up corset back.

Awesome shamrock locket.

Picture perfect.

Carrie and Dennis love their Irish heritage and wanted to celebrate it by having their wedding on St. Patrick’s Day.

Carrie and Dennis are an awesome couple who call Austin, TX home.

Tender moment caught between our bride and groom.

Pretty photo.

Thank you to our friends at 2now1 Photography for these truly beautiful wedding photos.

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