Age And Accessibility At Your Wedding

April 10th, 2017

Your wedding is your “big day”, and you’ll want all your guests to have as wonderful a time as you. Music, food, and dancing, likely all feature in your plans, and this will suit your friends, family and co-workers and you’ll have a great time. But what about grandparents and older relatives? Equally, you could be an older couple tying the knot, who want a more low-key and relaxed affair. This will require a slightly different approach to make sure everyone’s needs are met and that they all have an enjoyable day.

Planning for perfection

The key is to factor these needs in as early as possible to make everything run smoothly.

  • When getting your invitations printed, make sure the font is legible and large enough to be easily read by those who may have trouble with their vision.
  • Pick a venue with accessible entrances and rooms, plenty of seating, and good restroom facilities; also investigate options for induction loops and hearing devices.
  • If you, the bridal couple, are older yourselves then why not consider assisted living or retirement complexes, which will already be well equipped for a party with a higher average age bracket.
  • Make sure it’s fairly easy to get to, and arrange transport to and from the ceremony, reception, and accommodation in advance. You could think about hiring a coach for easy transportation of guests between locations.
  • Chose practical food which is straightforward to eat – nothing too fiddly or messy, but then this goes for almost any wedding!

The big day itself

On the day, there’s a few things to remember which can really make a difference to your older guests. There can seem a lot to keep track of – and you’ll be caught up in the buzz of the day – so get your bridesmaids and groomsmen on the case ahead of time. Try pairing them up with senior members of your party to help them find their seats and let them know what order everything is happening. It can be a good idea to sit seniors near the front and at the end of rows so that they can see and hear what is going on, both for the ceremony and any speeches at the reception.

If you’ve got a more lively party planned for later, make sure there is a quiet corner or separate space with plenty of comfortable seating and refreshments for them to relax in at the end of a long day. They might not want to join in with a disco, but if your day has been a success they might not want to go home just yet!

A Starter Guide To Hen Night Essentials

January 31st, 2017

KRiemer / PixaBay

Hen parties have become a huge industry over the last few decades, to the point where a lot of holiday operators lay on special trips. Ask any Dubliner trying to have a quick pint in Temple Bar of a weekend. Between the stags on one side of a bar and the hens on the other, it can seem like all the world is having a last night of freedom.


While there are more ways than ever before of doing a Hen, there are some traditions that remain. Staples of the occasion, which it would be a shame if we were ever to lose. So you can take the occasion to Dublin, Amsterdam or Tallinn, wherever you want. But it’s important to keep a place for the classics – those fun hen night accessories that make the occasion truly authentic!


It Begins With Headwear

Let’s be honest, here. The chances that you will end the night wearing the same thing you put on your head to start it are no better than even. Nonetheless, a hen night would not be right and proper without them. If you want to stay a bit classy, then a crown or a tiara is appropriate (as long as the bride-to-be has the biggest headgear).


If you’re thinking a little more riotous, then there is a wide world of hen-night headwear out there for you. Devil horns and halos are de rigueur on such a night. Job-themed hats also work- but just be advised, taking a hat from a police officer “for authenticity” is still illegal.


Inflatables: Not Just For Swimming!

The first rule of Hen Night Club is that nothing is too cliched. If you have to ask yourself if something is, you’re doing it wrong. If you sit telling yourself that the whole thing looks like something from a TV show, then it’s an excellent hen night. And yes, inflatables are part of that.


Now, let’s be honest, some inflatables can be quite rude, and this is why you keep hen night photos and wedding photos in separate albums. But classier ones like rings and crowns are acceptable. They may not look as stunning as the diamond engagement ring the hen is wearing. They probably shouldn’t; no one should be upstaging her on this of all nights.


Always Read The Signs

It is essential, if you want a hen night that lives up to the grand traditions, to have a few signs that leave nobody in any doubt that this is a hen party. It may not be an actual law, but people do frown on any bride-to-be who is not wearing an “L” plate on her back.


Also popular are customized T-shirts which can say pretty much what you want them to. It is considered reasonable to have a personalized one for each member of the party – nicknames rather than real, ideally. And while uniformity is part of the fun, the bride’s should be special. A popular way to go is to style them like football shirts – in which case, hers should always be the number one. Because she is!


The Wedding Ideas That Gurantee To Give Your Day The Edge

August 2nd, 2016

I think every bride strives to have a unique day. They want their guests to attend and think, wow! This is where some of the ideas can get a little out of control, and costly. But, having said that, if you think long and hard, and do some research, you can think of some great ideas that guarantee to give your day the edge. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of those ideas that I think will make your day. I hope they offer you some inspiration.


Wedding stationery that sets the tone for your day

The wedding stationery you use for the big day can be something a lot of brides overlook. This is because they can often over think it, or just forget. But, the stationery you use, from the invites right down to place settings, can set the tone for your day. Your invite is a guest’s first indication of your day. It may give them a clue to your theme or colour scheme. It offers them an insight. Which is why it shouldn’t be something you overlook. Spend some time on this and see how your guests react. You are kick starting your wedding in the right way.


A flower wall

Let’s think back to the lavish wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While many of us do not have their budget, some of the ideas of the lavish ceremony can be replicated. One of those is the flower wall. This could be simply made using an MDF board and getting crafty with a glue gun and flowers. However, it is becoming a popular trend so you may find services offering something like this for hire. You could choose it as a backdrop for pictures. Or simply behind you on the top table. But it is a unique decoration idea and one you can replicate into your wedding.


A candlelit venue

If you happen to be getting married in the winter, then candlelight is something you should take full advantage of. As the sun sets earlier, you will find you have a darker room sooner. This is where candle light can make an amazing ambience to the room and atmosphere. It’s a cheap way of decorating a room but provides so much mood and light that all your guests will want to replicate the look.


A sparkly dance floor

Who doesn’t want their dance floor lighting up, and not just with your amazing moves? A sparkly dance floor is becoming popular amongst bling weddings. It is worth considering to give your nighttime party that extra bit of sass.


Unique entertainment

Finally, different entertainment ideas can be the way you give your wedding a unique feel. This might mean a big band playing in the evening, or getting surprise singing waiters during your meal. It might even mean a full brass band playing you into your ceremony. There are some great ideas, so you don’t need to stick to the norm. Go crazy!

I hope this offers you some inspiration for your big day.

Sending Flowers to Men: What You Need To Know

February 2nd, 2015

Flowers are a symbol of love and affection and all humans like to feel loved and cared for regardless of their sex. In recent studies, it has been shown that men love to receive flowers as much as women do. The attention indicated by getting flowers regardless of what the event is will definitely put a smile on that special person’s face. Whether it is your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband or friend, flowers are a great gift idea on several occasions. Valentine’s Day, Father’s day, Congratulations, Get-well-soon, Birthdays and Anniversaries are some of the best occasions to get a man flowers. But is giving a man flowers the same as giving a woman? What do you need to bear in mind when buying flowers for a man?

Sending a quality bouquet

Men differ from women in that they are visual beings and tend to judge the quality of things by what they see. The best flowers to get a man therefore are those with vivid colours like yellow, gold, red and orange. Keep away from purple and pink flowers as much as possible unless the man in question is into these colours. Even if so, mixing in with masculine colours would be ideal in ensuring that the flowers are well received. A good bouquet that would suit any occasion for a man is the red kisses available on, which come in a manly black pack enclosing a dozen brilliant red roses.


Don’t be super girly

A flower arrangement that would please a woman could be met with resistance by a man. When sending a man flowers, settle for exotic or contemporary arrangements. Natural styles are better accepted than fluffy and big designs. Choose flower arrangements that exclude ribbons, bows or any other additional fluff. Simple arrangements are just as beautiful but will appeal more to a man. A phalaenopsis orchid in a glass vessel would be an excellent idea as orchids have strong shapes and the design is simple enough with no fluffy additions that would otherwise deem the arrangement too feminine.


Consider a plant

A plant always hits the mark in impressing the recipient, male and female and is perhaps a safe bet for a man. It also lasts a while longer, and can be displayed at work or at home. These make great housewarming gifts too, so opting to have orchids, pines or Poinsettia delivered would certainly be received well by a man. From the boardroom to the home, they won’t look out of place and may be a safer choice for those you’re a little less sure of what flowers to send.


What kinds of flowers appeal to men?

Just like women, any type would do but it is best to stick to sturdy flowers that are full of personality to impress. Authuriums, orchids and birds of paradise are great flower choices for any man but that is not to say that other types will not work. The best way to decide is to consult a florist before making any purchase. State clearly that you are looking for flowers for a man and they will surely help you choose the best.


If you’re looking for cheap flower delivery in Brisbane then shop at where the florists can prepare custom-made flowers for you depending on the types in season. With same day delivery on some options, and flowers for every occasion, you’re sure to be able to find something for the man in your life, whether its your brother, father, best friend or boyfriend, and they’ll be touched you made the effort to send them something special.

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