Creating Vanessa Williams 14k gold Wedding Invitations

February 15th, 2016

It’s not often that the invitation for a wedding features a touch of 14k gold, but for Hollywood Royalty Vanessa Williams, it was a touch that fit seamlessly with the extravagance of her Egyptian themed celebration.



Vanessa and her partner Jim met whilst on a holiday to Egypt in 2012, so an Egyptian inspired ceremony seemed like the perfect ode to the beginning of their love story. Working with UK based Invitation Company Adorn Invitations the design team and Vanessa were able to dream up a design that was perfectly fitting for Royalty.


Dreaming up the Design

The Inspiration and creation process took just over two months with the design team at Adorn Wedding Invitations working directly with Vanessa. Based off of the back of a UK graphic design studio, Adorn seemed like the perfect company to dream up an invitation that was cohesive with the weddings theme. The creative minds of Adorn took inspiration from all elements of the wedding from the golden cut cupcake holders and exotic décor to create a final product that would be as lavish as the ceremony itself. Finally after countless nights fuelled by caffeine, the design was ready to be put into production.



Bringing the Design to Life

With state of the art printing technology, Adorn was easily able to make the dream of this invitation a reality. Intricate computer software allowed the designers to mimic the lace detailing on Vanessa’s own Carmen Marc Volvo gown and laser cut it onto the outside framing of the invitation. This was done by first hand drawing the detailing and then scanning it onto a program which delicately laser cut the gold metallic base. Settling with a colour theme of Marsala and gold highlights – Adorn were also able to create a unique colour by mixing numerous shades and inks together. Named Pantones colour of the year for 2015 – Adorn’s acute awareness for trends in the wedding field was another reason why Vanessa chose the UK based company.



The Special Touch

Of course, the element which truly tied Vanessa’s invitation together was the special lotus flower on the outside of the invitation framing. Symbolising new love and awakening; the flower held a truly special place in Vanessa and Jim’s relationship. Once the team had discovered that the flower was also engraved onto the inside of Vanessa’s wedding band – they couldn’t wait to incorporate the special touch and did so by hand placing a 14k gold emblem onto every design. The golden flower would act as a symbol greeting every guest and introducing the new life that Vanessa and Jim were about to share.


The Outcome

A product that was unique, luxurious, exotic and of the highest quality was always the intention of Adorn, and to say that they met the brief is an understatement. Going above and beyond for their client, Vanessa could not have been happier with the final results declaring that “the invitations were a hit with the guests! And were truly an artwork” The design was such a hit that Adorn; with the blessings of Vanessa, will be placing the design into production at a lower cost later this year.


Exclusive insight on creation of Vanessa Williams’s wedding invitations by Adorn Invitations.

Unique Wedding Invitations

December 13th, 2014


Classic Wedding Invitations are excited to release new images of their laser cut invitations from their photoshoot with renowned photographer Lilli Waters. The new photos beautifully showcase the delicate and unique work of Classic Wedding Invitations.

Photographer Lilli Waters of I Got You Babe photography has captured the creative style and exceptional craftsmanship of Classic Wedding Invitations through these new stylised images.



Classic Wedding Invitations prides itself on the intricate detailing and high quality materials that are used to create every invitation. The revolutionary laser cutting technology ensures that each invitation is produced with precision and beauty.



Owner and designer Linda Vydra said, “We are so happy to be releasing these new photos, as they really show the endless possibilities that Classic Wedding Invitations can provide. We are also excited about launching our digital fabric printing service which allows clients to print custom cushions, aprons and napkins for their wedding.”



The possibilities really are endless at Classic Wedding Invitations as they are able to customize any of their designs to suit their customers’ needs. They also love creating original invitations from the ideas and designs that their customers bring to them.


At the moment interactive invitations are very popular with customers as they give guests more than just an invitation. These interactive designs as well as the other new images can be found at Classic Wedding Invitations website. You can also submit an enquiry to Classic Wedding Invitations through their website.

Creating Your Final Guest List

January 21st, 2013

Creating the first draft of the guest list is the simplest part of the process, next is the all-daunting task of slimming it down to size to fit the venue or the budget. Who will be cut and who will survive? Follow our simple guidelines to help you in your decision on fine-tuning your final guest list.

Thank you SimplyBridal for sharing this great infographic.

10 Wedding Invitation Facts You Didn’t Know

January 7th, 2013

Catch yourself wondering why you always get a little piece of tissue paper in/with your invitations? Or, which numerical values need to be spelled out in full and which should be kept an Arabic character? Wonder no more.

Thank you SimplyBridal for sharing these interesting facts.

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