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May 13th, 2014

In Boston, 15-year wedding industry veteran Jimmie Espo took a big step to revolutionize the wedding industry in his region. Jimmie, who is also CEO of Move IT Music DJ & Lighting, reached out to wedding industry professionals in different niches to officially band together as 617 Weddings. Jimmie’s main goal for establishing this team was to bring together the best, and work as one team under one roof to provide brides and grooms the ultimate wedding experience at the best possible value.

“I noticed one reoccurring trend while dealing with my clients at Move It Music DJ and Lighting throughout the last fifteen years; they constantlyexpress disappointment and dissatisfaction with the service and high costs of other wedding vendors in my area.” said 617 Weddings Founder Jimmie Espo. “Having been recently married myself, I saw just how entertainment, professional wedding photography, film production, planning and design can get to be expensive. I contacted the most reputable wedding vendors in the area; individuals I trusted and suggested we all work together under one roof to provide exceptional service at a great value.”

The other members of the 617 Weddings team totaling over 100 years of combined wedding industry experience include photographers Roland Silva andJohn LoConte; Russell Smithe and Franco Valverde in video production; Johanna Esposito and Kristi Martino handling full-service planning; and Jimmie Espo’s group at Move It Music DJ and Lighting providing professional DJs and elegant LED lighting.

“I want our clients to have the best wedding vendors and the confidence that they are being treated fairly and with respect during this joyous time” continued Jimmie Espo.

From the looks of it, everything is working out exactly how Jimmie had envisioned it. Keep up the good work!

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

March 16th, 2014

The wedding photography industry is one of the few industries that is not regulated, and also has a very low barrier to entry. As a result, practically anyone can call themselves a “professional photographer” without any solid basis for that claim. You probably see this scenario all the time: your friend or relative purchases a fancy, new camera and suddenly they have achieved “professional” status. Yet these are people who show up your wedding day and are tasked with documenting one of (if not THE) biggest days of your life as well as working with your family and friends to create amazing photos and memories that will last long past the wedding day. And on top of that, you only get one shot at it all!

We have all heard horror stories about the tyrannical, high-and-mighty photographers who dominate the wedding day (and everyone in their path!), or the equipment that suddenly “goes haywire”and wipes out all of the wedding photos. Not to mention those that use super-low prices to get the foot in the door and then tack on substantial fees that customers are forced to pay. The real lousy part is that when you go online to search for a wedding photographer you can’t really tell the amazing photographers from the ones you would NEVER ever want to use.

How can you know which photographer is going to give you great photos with a great experience?

This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know to choose the right wedding photographer for you and your wedding. You will discover the following:

  • 8 Things to Watch Out For When Choosing A Photographer
  • The Difference Between Value & Price
  • 20 Questions To Ask Your Photographer
  • 6 Costly Misconceptions of Wedding Photography
  • How to Maximize Your Wedding Photography Coverage
  • What to Wear at Your Engagement Session
  • How Much Time For Family Portraits, Wedding Party Photos, etc.

To download your free copy, simply go to: and discover everything you need to know about choosing the right wedding photographer for you.

Offbeat & Creative Wedding Photos

February 6th, 2014

Chris Giles is one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers. With vast photographic experience covering all types of wedding venues he take an offbeat, artistic and creative approach to his work without compromising his main goal which is capturing the emotion and feelings of the day. Thanks for sharing these pretty and whimsical wedding photos with us!




















Vintage Photography Wedding

January 19th, 2014

















Thank you Kirkland Professional Studios for sharing these unique vintage inspired wedding photos. Very cool.

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