Dealing With Wedding Reception Downtime

February 16th, 2014

Let’s face it: one of the biggest downsides to a wedding is often the time spent lolly-gagging while the bridal party takes pictures post-ceremony. We’ve all been there, and some of us have even caused that. Don’t worry, brides-to-be, mothers-of-the-bride, and party planners – there is hope!

Why such a fun name like “cocktail hour” has become less than exhilarating we’ll never get figured out, but we do have several juicy ideas to squeeze into your celebration to help your guests feel 100% involved and special!

What’s first on our list of must-do’s? A drink tasting or pairing!

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We’re head over heels for this unique and scrumptious way to get your guests involved at the reception from the get-go! We’re doubtful there’s a better way to get the good times rolling at any style of wedding. You could go artsy with a beer tasting of all your local favs, or style your wedding with class and do a wine and cheese array! Neither of those make you sing? What about matching your drink pairing to your personal favorites? If your groom is the biggest bourbon enthusiast to grace the planet, why not host a bourbon and homemade caramels selection? We think the options are endless, and will certainly cause quite the hype at the reception.

If you’re looking for a bit more of a family friendly, backyard-style shebang throw in a little bit of wedding gameday fun! Most popular in the line of wedding games include I-Spy, Ring Toss, Backyard Bags, and even typical, classic board games! What better way to clinch your guests’ interest while you’re away smiling for the clickety-click?

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Personalize your games to enhance your wedding theme by choosing games particular to your family, your favorites as a couple, or your heritage! For a wedding fiesta have your guests work on breaking open piñatas – or – tether up your nautical themed wedding with knot-tying contests. Options are endless, clearly!

Last but certainly not least on the entertainment scale, why not invite an array of specialized vendors to your reception to amuse your guests? Dream a dream with this one – think cotton candy, popcorn machines, cartoonists, professional photographers and photobooth, and local eateries.

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With any of these snatches your guests will be so 100% beguiled for the entirety of your cocktail hour… they’ll even wish for more time!

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Ideas For A Small But Perfect Wedding Day

February 15th, 2014

If you’ve chosen a small wedding celebration with your closest friends and family, this does not have to mean you should forgo perfection on your special day. Quite the contrary, in fact; with fewer guests, you’ll have more money and more time to spend ensuring your wedding day is everything you want it to be.

For some ideas about how to achieve the perfect wedding on a small scale, read on.

An intimate venue

When choosing where to get married, take a look at venues that cater especially for small weddings. These can include stately homes, manor houses and barns in beautiful countryside settings, often with attractive outdoor features like lakes or manicured gardens. These sorts of locations often also have accommodation on site, and by inviting a select number of guests, you could find your budget extends to prolonging your celebration for the entire night, or even over a weekend.

A memorable meal

When you have an exclusive guest list, you might also be able to dedicate a larger portion of your budget to the meal you’ll have at your reception. Rather than two or three courses, you could opt for a whole host of mini courses, or choose dishes you might otherwise have had to avoid if you’d decided to invite a greater number of guests. Before signing up to a specific menu, make sure you visit the venue where you’ll have your reception and sample the dishes, so you can be sure you’ll like what’s on offer. You might decide to open the menu up to a wider range of dishes, to provide some choice for your guests.

Unique centrepieces

If you only have a few tables to dress for your big day, you can make a real statement on each, either going for a single theme or changing the theme per table, depending on who will be sitting where. You might have one table especially for friends, and another for family members, and you could make some really unique centrepieces for each using photographs of each guest and assembling them on an innovative photo tree in the middle of the table. Alternatively, for a new take on the traditional floral centrepiece, why not fill a tall glass tubular vase with water and flower heads, and sit a lit, scented tea light at the top?

Bespoke favours

Little bags of chocolates or pots of sugared almonds are the traditional choice of many couples arranging their big day, but something a little more personal can really help make the day perfect for everyone concerned. Small wedding ideas include making your own favours to show each guest how much you appreciate them being a part of your special day; all sorts of things from pots of homemade jam or freshly-baked cookies to scented hanging decorations that could be used to fragrance a wardrobe or hung from the tree at Christmas could go down a storm with your guests.

Personal elements

Having a small wedding will give you the opportunity to involve everyone you invite and, to make them feel a real part of the celebration, you could assign each person a role for the day. You might want some family or friends to read at your wedding, while others will give speeches. Perhaps someone can be persuaded to announce the toasts, musical friends could perform on the big day or artistic relatives could help you design invitations and dress the venue. Getting everyone involved will help ensure the day is a perfect celebration of your love for your partner and the bond you share with those present.

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