Minimilist Bridal Gowns

June 25th, 2017

Minimalism is a trend we love and keep seeing more and more of… from the engagement ring, wedding day décor to the bride’s gown. Sometimes less is more!

Check out the below selection of minimalist gowns from designers Tara Lauren, Alexandra Grecco and Rime Arodaky.



Socially Responsible Couture

January 31st, 2017

Who says socially responsible couture can’t be chic? As an avid supporter of animal rights and environmental issues, Rime Arodaky does not use any animal skins or products (including, but not limited to, wool, feathers, fur, silk or leather) in the making of her creations. Taking it one step further, the brand will only work with suppliers and partners who share their same vision of a cruelty-free business model. Enjoy this amazing collection.

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