Skier – Snowboarder Wedding

January 31st, 2012

Skiers and snowboarders are getting married and nobody can do anything about it. This incredible wedding takes place at Mammoth Mountain, CA. I think you will agree that these photos are nothing short of awesome. Big thanks goes out to Minaret Photography for these wonderful photos.



Non-traditional wedding shoes for this bride and groom.



Intimate New Year’s Eve wedding ceremony on Mammoth Mountain.



Pretty bouquet contrasting nicely with the white wedding dress.



Snowboarders and skiers can find true love.



Tender moment caught between our bride and groom.



This photo is just awesome.



Check out our awesome bride and groom.



This definitely is a mixed marriage of sorts. Are you a skier or a snowboarder?



Downhill boarding in your wedding dress is cool.



Wedding dress taking a break after all that snowboarding.



Too cute.



Colorful snowboard contrasts nicely with the white wedding dress.



Mammoth Mountain is a very picturesque area. It definitely makes for a unique wedding venue.



What are you looking at?



Designer ski boots and snowboard shoes. Why not? It’s their big day.



True love. For more awesome wedding photos that will simply take your breath away please visit Minaret Photography.

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