Finding Your Dream Dress: What’s Your Bridal Style?

February 27th, 2015

Planning a wedding can be one of the best experiences of a woman’s life. And, of course, finding the perfect dress is perhaps the most exciting part of planning your big day. Now, you may be the type of bride who knows exactly what she wants, and, if so, good for you! But, for the rest of us, all those options can be a bit overwhelming. With all the designers, styles, colors and details, how are we supposed to choose just one? Well, thankfully, narrowing down your choices doesn’t have to be so mind-boggling. Keep reading for tips on figuring out your bridal style, and choosing the dress that will suit you perfectly.


Is Audrey Hepburn your style icon? Does your everyday wardrobe include clean lines and understated chicness? If classic beauty is your thing, your bridal style could be best described as simple and elegant. A few great classic wedding looks include pretty A-line frocks, strapless column gowns and styles with full skirts and fitted bodices. Also, tea-length gowns are great for classic brides, as they definitely give off a traditional vibe, while still managing to look fresh and modern. And when it coms to hair and accessories, a classic bride can’t go wrong with a strand of pearls and a chic updo.


Do you love romance novels, mushy movies and love songs? If so, a romantic bridal style may be perfect for you. For the best in romantic bridal style, go for flowing silhouettes, lace overlays, ruffles and other ultra-feminine details. For example, the Essense of Australia from Essence Designs collection features the intricate beadwork and stunning lace details that perfectly compliment a romance-inspired bridal style. When it comes to accessories, pair a romantic, ladylike gown with a flowered hairpiece (think flower crowns or headbands) and vintage-inspired jewelry.


If you turn to the pages of Vogue for your style inspiration, you might just be confident enough to rock a high-fashion gown. Definitely not for everyone, couture dresses have a little more flair than your average bride can handle; but, if you’re not afraid to turn heads, you should look for a dress with lots of structure and dramatic lines. And, since couture dresses can be pretty dramatic, keep hair and makeup understated; a sleek bun and simple jewelry will do the trick.


Do you play by your own fashion rules? Can your style be described as funky or eclectic? If so, you might be a nontraditional bride. And you know something? That’s okay. There’s no rule that every bride has to wear a traditional wedding gown. In fact, your wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase your uniqueness, so don’t be afraid to drape yourself in a less-than-classic dress, a pantsuit or whatever you feel like wearing. Go all out. This is your day.


If you love browsing the racks at your local thrift and consignment stores, a vintage bridal style might be your best bet. For a true vintage look, try off-white shades (cream, champagne and even pale yellow) with lace and beadwork. Top off your look with a wavy chignon, complete with jeweled hairpins and a short lace veil. Or, for a sizzling “Old Hollywood” vibe, opt for a curve-hugging satin gown and dramatic jewelry. And when it comes to hair, this look pairs perfectly with long, loose waves and a deep side part.


Now that you’ve figured out your bridal style, you’re one step closer to finding the dress of your dreams. Good luck!

Crystal Shoe Couture

February 22nd, 2015

Looking for a unique style for your shoes on your big day? Then check out Crystal Shoe Couture. These amazing shoes will enhance any bridal look as well as bridesmaids’ fashion.

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For Your Man – What’s His Metal?

June 3rd, 2014

New Metals, New Styles and New Designs of Wedding Bands:

Wearing a nice looking wedding band is important, of course, but finding a comfortable ring is what really matters. Simply put, men don’t want to be wincing every time they shake hands because their ring cuts into their fingers. Your wedding band will be with you every day and night for the rest of your life, find the one most comfortable for you.

New metals have different qualities, and for men or women who are allergic to gold, silver or other metals, there are beautifully crafted, very strong, ceramic wedding bands. Every new groom thinks his job is finished when his girl let’s him put that diamond on her finger. But, you will learn, you all learn.

Men, if you work with your hands and you get them dirty every day, it would be good to consider harder metals. Soft metals like gold and silver scratch easily and will crush your finger if you experienced a hard blow to the hand. Titanium, Tungsten and even the non-allergic ceramic wedding bands will take a strong blow.  Under extreme pressure Tungsten will break or shatter rather than bend, they won’t cut off blood supply to your finger. You can read more about modern wedding band metals strength and weight on this  “Wedding Band Comparison Guide for Your Hubby.”

Titanium is very scratch resistant and tungsten is more than twice as scratch proof as gold, platinum and silver. But of course softer metals scratch more easily where heavier metals keep their brilliant shine. You have to consider if you like the feel of a heavy ring on your finger. Some men have been known to take their rings off while sound asleep, not with the intention of angering their wives, but because they’re too tight or heavy.

Wide-bands fit more tightly on the finger than thin bands. Men with long, slim fingers prefer narrow bands, from 4mm – 6mm in thickness. The heavier, thicker bands of 7-8mm look really perfect on men with larger, shorter fingers.

Go to a jeweler and try on different styled rings, learn how you feel wearing different metals. Jot down your ring size, if you want to cruise the internet, you’ll have everything you need to know, for ordering online.

Wedding Bouquet Styles

May 2nd, 2014

This week SimplyBridal’s infographic is about different bouquet styles.

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