Wedding Of The Future

August 21st, 2017

Digital Trends For Your I Do Moment

Technology advances at the speed of light. For weddings, the evolution of technology has progressed from film to digital…and beyond. Everyone is armed with a camera phone for share-worthy selfies, and now couples share images and video online filed under a personalized wedding hashtag.

Years ago, if the photographer blinked and missed a moment…it was gone for good. Today, memories are snapped instantly, without hesitation. And the photographer doesn’t even have to push a button. Moments are documented precisely and perfectly…for better or worse.

Couples now have so many options in how they preserve their wedding day. And hi-tech platforms make capturing those special moments an adventure. Snappy selfies, Wedding websites and even live streaming have become the norm and are almost…so last decade. For tomorrow’s wedding couples, think beyond the digital cameras—or even the Go-Pro lodged in the bouquet—because the weddings of 2017 are upping the e-factor to the extreme!

Prepare to get wired, because these are the technology trends that are about to take “I do” to a new level of personalized perfection…with a digital twist, of course!

Image Mapping

Want to swap vows in the Amazon rainforest? Or maybe under the sea? You don’t have to book a flight or take scuba lessons, because image mapping takes your dream destination to your…wedding site! According to the Knot, image mapping—a type of technology that projects moving pictures or images onto walls, ceilings or any surface—Is one of the hottest trends in weddings for 2017. While this technology can get expensive, the Knot suggests using the technology on the wedding cake…for just a pop of graphic splendor.

A Drone Photographer

Oh those crazy flighty drones! They’ve been sneaking into weddings slowly, but many couples are implementing their stealthy photo capabilities to capture awesome aerial shots of the ceremony or reception. Drones also can sneakily capture some wonderful candid shots, as well. Be advised, however, that operating drones requires that pilots abide by the guidelines as outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drones are small aircraft and must be operated responsibly.

Instagram Video Edits

Want a share-worthy wedding video? According to Bridal Guide, videographers are now offering an Instagram video edit that features a 60 to 90 second video that views like a movie trailer and is completely…insta-worthy! Go ahead and share away!

LED Wedding Furniture

Light up the night—and the reception—with LED wedding furniture. Yes, this is a new trend…at least it is in Ireland. While perhaps this trend hasn’t caught on in the states quite yet, it’s only a matter of time! Really, though, I would love to see an LED wedding dress like the ball gown Zac Posen designed for Claire Danes at the 2016 Met Gala.

Engraved Wood Invitations

While not necessarily technology at the wedding, engraved wood invites (or acrylic…if that’s your groove) are laser engraved. And the possibilities for what couples can design and create are pretty amazing!

3D Printed Party Favors

Popsugar reports that whimsical and unique customized party favors are all the rage for 2017. How to create these masterpiece tokens? With a 3D printer of course! Dream up a tangible design that incorporates both your personalities and style and then create the ultimate memorable party favor. Maybe it’s a funny holiday ornament or a bottle opener that is created in your image. Get crazy, get crafty and…print!

Weddings are more wired than ever, but technology takes the traditional ceremony to a level custom-designed for the couple. Today’s snapshots, selfies, drone images, videos and 3D printed masterpieces will be treasured memories that will one day be a part of your family’s history. Of course, if you have kids, they will likely think those swoon worthy shots captured by drone are completely prehistoric…just remind them that back in your day, those drones were the top of the technology food chain!

Techy and Lovey Dovey

April 28th, 2012

Anyone who has ever listened to the radio, watched a movie, been to school, or had parents knows how much love stories permeate everything around us. Poems, songs, stories, and so much more have been written based solely on the throes of love, unrequited love, and all the cultural influences surrounding love. But what is it about all these stories and situations that keep us going back for more? Even with the most painful and heart wrenching stories, there is an atmosphere of the unconquerability of love and the ancient ability it has to create the most exquisite and most painful feelings that remind everyone of age-old stories and stories yet to be told. However, love’s ancient origins and innumerable retellings does not distract from today and all the possibilities that technology has provided for the growth and cultivation of love. Now, instead of waiting weeks or even months for letters to snail their way across countries and oceans, couples and families can express their love through emails, calls, texts, and even web chats. After all, no one ever said you couldn’t stare gooey-eyed into each other’s eyes simply because you weren’t in the same room or neighborhood or country.


As it happens, technology has also done wonders for planning weddings in every aspect. Where mom’s and grandma’s wedding plans may have centered around carefully preserving patterns for china, comparing 37 different types of stationary for invitations, and debating over whether there could ever be too much tulle at a wedding, couples today can do all of that with the touch of a button. Though, of course, it hasn’t quite gotten to the point where couples can download a Wedding app and have it pop up like magic, that may not be too far in the future. For now, couples are looking into different ways of having their special day be technologically savvy. From using digital cameras as centerpieces for guests to capture their own memories (who knew that your roommate’s boyfriend’s second cousin was also a roadie for the Bee Gees?) to digital guest books and touch screen montages of the engagement and bridal pictures, the possibilities are endless. Not only does technology have to be present only at the wedding and the reception. In fact, couples can now make all their information accessible in one place without having to send a single invitation through the mail. They can give directions, direct guests to registries, and let people privately and safely RSVP to their wedding through creating a one-stop site at places like Though the tradition of love lives on in the most wonderful and mysterious ways, memories can be captured more quickly and kept more securely through small or large implementations of technology.


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