The Wedding Ideas That Gurantee To Give Your Day The Edge

August 2nd, 2016

I think every bride strives to have a unique day. They want their guests to attend and think, wow! This is where some of the ideas can get a little out of control, and costly. But, having said that, if you think long and hard, and do some research, you can think of some great ideas that guarantee to give your day the edge. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of those ideas that I think will make your day. I hope they offer you some inspiration.


Wedding stationery that sets the tone for your day

The wedding stationery you use for the big day can be something a lot of brides overlook. This is because they can often over think it, or just forget. But, the stationery you use, from the invites right down to place settings, can set the tone for your day. Your invite is a guest’s first indication of your day. It may give them a clue to your theme or colour scheme. It offers them an insight. Which is why it shouldn’t be something you overlook. Spend some time on this and see how your guests react. You are kick starting your wedding in the right way.


A flower wall

Let’s think back to the lavish wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While many of us do not have their budget, some of the ideas of the lavish ceremony can be replicated. One of those is the flower wall. This could be simply made using an MDF board and getting crafty with a glue gun and flowers. However, it is becoming a popular trend so you may find services offering something like this for hire. You could choose it as a backdrop for pictures. Or simply behind you on the top table. But it is a unique decoration idea and one you can replicate into your wedding.


A candlelit venue

If you happen to be getting married in the winter, then candlelight is something you should take full advantage of. As the sun sets earlier, you will find you have a darker room sooner. This is where candle light can make an amazing ambience to the room and atmosphere. It’s a cheap way of decorating a room but provides so much mood and light that all your guests will want to replicate the look.


A sparkly dance floor

Who doesn’t want their dance floor lighting up, and not just with your amazing moves? A sparkly dance floor is becoming popular amongst bling weddings. It is worth considering to give your nighttime party that extra bit of sass.


Unique entertainment

Finally, different entertainment ideas can be the way you give your wedding a unique feel. This might mean a big band playing in the evening, or getting surprise singing waiters during your meal. It might even mean a full brass band playing you into your ceremony. There are some great ideas, so you don’t need to stick to the norm. Go crazy!

I hope this offers you some inspiration for your big day.

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May 22nd, 2014

Weddings should be one of the most fun days of your life and your guests should have a really great time too, if you’re looking for something slightly different to set your wedding apart from the rest, why not try a few of the ideas below to really make your day memorable? You can also Click here for more details.


Musical Ideas

1. Wedding Play list Favours

This is a lovely idea to give your guests as favours to remember the day, a playlist of some of the most memorable songs that you played at your wedding. Why not include your first dance; the song you walked down the aisle to (if it isn’t the wedding march!) and some of the most popular songs that you know will get everyone dancing!

2. Guest Song Requests

Another fun musical idea is to have a request section at the bottom of your RSVP cards, so when your guests confirm their attendance they can request a song that they want played at your wedding.


Fun Ideas

3. Personalized Converse

Create a pair of personalized Converse for your bride or groom to be to put on for the after party, they’ll need some comfy dancing shoes and they’ll keep them forever as a memento.

4. Pre-Wedding Team Building

Your groomsmen and bridesmaids probably won’t all know each other unless you live in a very tight community! Why not try a team-building day out to let everyone get to know each other, then by the time you wedding day rolls around, they’ll all be acquainted. This will also make your seating plans easier!

5. Personalized Groomsmen Favours

Try having your Groomsmen’s initials embroidered onto the edge of their skinny tie or wedding cravat or even on a handkerchief. This is a really nice touch and a great way to say thank you.



Tasty Ideas

6. Midnight Snacks

We all know that we get a little hungry when the wine’s been flowing for a few hours so why not hire a takeaway van if you’re having a lunch reception that will last into a late party? This is guaranteed to go down an absolute storm, especially with hungry male guests!

7. Pick ‘n’ Mix

This is a great alternative to wedding favours, if you don’t know what to give people for favours try a pick and mix table where guests can choose their favourite sweets to take home with them! Kind of like a grown up party bag, but not too grown up!

8. Bring Your Own Pudding

Why not ask your guests to bring their own puddings to add into a huge buffet for everyone? They can do this instead of buying gifts if you don’t want a wedding table full of unwanted blenders and place mat sets.

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