How Can You Thank People For Coming To Your Wedding?

July 9th, 2013

Your wedding is meant to be the most special moment of your life, though the process of organizing one – not to mention the pressure of the day itself – can often be anything but blissful. Come the big day, however, you’ll be grateful it has arrived and I think it’s important to show your gratitude to all those who have helped with the planning and make the effort to come.

Indeed, with the average UK wedding thought to cost some £20,000, you’ll probably be glad when the day of your nuptials has arrived as the stress will almost be over! Hopefully, your own wedding will run seamlessly and it will be an occasion that you can look back on fondly for many years to come.

Regardless of the size or scale of the ceremony you are planning, it’s probably safe to say that you and your partner will want to be surrounded by your family and friends as you unite as husband and wife.

Even though the main focus of any wedding is, of course, on the bride and groom, it is still important that you make the effort to thank the people who have come to watch you get married. Doing this can be easier said than done – especially as there are so many things you will have to do over the course of the day. This may particularly be the case if you have organized a lavish ceremony attended by hundreds of relatives and loved ones, followed by an exciting reception bash in the evening.

Of course, you should still try to make the effort to speak to everyone who has come to your wedding day to let them know exactly how much you value them coming. Achieving this, however, may not always be possible, no matter how hard you try.

Even if you aren’t able to thank each of your guests face-to-face, there are many other ways you can show your appreciation.

Thank you cards – Thank you cards have long been a popular way to express gratitude to guests and can be given out during the reception or just after you’ve come back from your honeymoon. To give these items a personal touch and, in the process, ensure recipients are more inclined to keep hold of them, you should include a handwritten a unique message in each card.

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, however, you should consider sending out e-cards to your guests after the ceremony. Many brides-to-be these days often set up a blog charting their trials and tribulations in planning their wedding, so uploading a post after the big day could be used to leave a permanent expression of thanks.

Personalized gifts – Even though most people attending a wedding will buy a gift for the couple, that isn’t to stay that the bride and groom can’t give out presents of their own to guests. In fact, doing so is a great way to showcase your appreciation and recipients should be reminded of your special day each time they come to use the product.

You probably remember the mugs featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton that many companies choose to release in the build-up to the pair’s 2011 wedding. Distributing similar personalized mugs to guests at your wedding could be a great way to follow in their footsteps! There are, however, many other items that make for fantastic personalized gifts, including packets of sweets and boxes of chocolates.

If you’re looking to give gifts to wedding guests, you can read more about some of the products that may prove suitable by clicking here.

These are just some of the areas you may want to consider when thanking people for coming to your wedding, but if there’s anything that you think we’ve missed please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Handmade Sweet Wedding Delight

December 23rd, 2012

Looking for incredible hand painted wedding cakes, cookies and cupcakes that can make your celebration totally unique? Then look no further than Nevie-Pie-Cakes.

Cake artist Natasha Collins takes cake making to another level with her fantastic and creative wedding cake designs and offers dozens of truly unique and inspirational baked treats.

Unique Wedding Ideas

July 29th, 2012

For the brides who don’t liked anything status quo, coming up with a unique wedding theme is often at the top of the list from the day they first get engaged. There are so many themes to choose from, but that can easily be narrowed down if brides and grooms look in the right place. Wedding resources like American Bridal offer a wide variety of wedding favors online to fit any unique wedding theme.



What about the option for a “foodie” themed wedding? There are many upscale restaurants and cooking schools that offer group cooking classes. This would be a fun, engaging idea for small wedding parties where the guests make their own dinner. Elegant group cooking classes range from $75 to $150 per person, depending on how many courses one wishes to include. Many cooking schools can accommodate a wide variety of wedding party sizes.

The wedding could consist of a sophisticated ceremony in the open garden of a historic Italian restaurant. Fabulous hors d’oeuvres and wine could be served prior to the ceremony. Guests could then retreat to their stations to be instructed by a well-respected chef, and cake could be provided in usual grand fashion on site after the class is over. There could even be a kids table where the little ones learn how to make pizza.

I found some adorable heart whisk wedding favors that could easily be attached to a place card for guests to know which table they were assigned to. Brides could also offer “Love Beyond Measure” spoons for guests to use for the duration of the class. Guests would not only leave with stunning wedding favors, but the ability to whip up a decent risotto!

A beach wedding theme is also a unique idea that is often appealing to today’s bride and groom. Couples who choose this theme sometimes opt to have their nuptials with nothing but a gorgeous ocean backdrop. Renting a beach house for the reception is sure to please the crowd. Even if there’s no shoreline in sight, brides can infuse sand, seashells, or an overall nautical theme into any reception hall.

Sand and shell tea light holders could be stellar centerpieces at any reception location or could be given to guests as favors. A beach theme is always a unique winner that is sure to capture the love and romance of any wedding ceremony.

Fabulous Details For Your Wedding

July 15th, 2012


Gracious Bridal offers all of the fabulous details to make your wedding or event spectacular. From embossed guest towels to custom wedding cake toppers, we carry a vast selection of personalized wedding decorations, favors and gifts. We specialize in many styles of the hotel welcome bag, perfect for destinations weddings and corporate events.


Our selection of favor packaging is ideal for the DIY Bride. Mint tins, favor boxes and custom printed bags are all perfect for filling with home-baked goodies, jordan almonds, chocolates or trail mix. Couples foregoing the traditional wedding cake for individual cupcakes have fallen in love with our large selection of Cupcake Wrappers.


Our popular edible favors include monogram chocolate covered oreos, delectable caramel popcorn, personalized candy bars, custom monogram cookies and brownie pops. From drink mixes to honey jars, most of our favors feature personalization for that extra-special touch.


Personalized tote bags, engraved jewelery and embroidered spa items are a popular choice for brides to present to the Wedding Party as a gracious way of thanking them for sharing their day in such a memorable manner. Groomsmen enjoy our personalized flasks, coolers and koozies.


Gracious Bridal is a fabulous resource for savvy brides and event planners. We provide only the best selection of event decorations, favors and gifts and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, contact us… we specialize in working with our clients to design that perfect favor or gift.

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