Beautiful Pearl Engagement Rings

February 21st, 2017

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but you may be seeing a lot more pearls in 2017… especially at weddings across the country.


From the runways of New York Fashion Week to the necks, ears and wrists of Hollywood’s A-list celebs, pearl accessories are trending and, perhaps not so surprisingly, really starting to take shape in the bridal scene. This is particularly true for Millennial brides who don’t necessarily have any attachment to or affinity for diamonds. Why? Aside from the soaring popularity of pearls, it seems that many of today’s brides have educated themselves on the diamond market – the good, the bad, the ugly.


For years, many brides (and grooms) who are conscious of the way diamonds are sourced have done their best to avoid conflict gemstones. Now, many enlightened couples have also begun to realize that the diamond market is artificial – that most diamonds are typically very expensive simply because the powers that be control how much product heads to market. By limiting supply, you create the illusion of rarity and luxury. But Millennials are very much in tune with this and are turning to alternative gems on their wedding day, be it an engagement ring, earrings or a stunning necklace that complements the dress.


Younger generations are gravitating toward pearls. Lately, The Pearl Source has been selling pearl-centric engagement rings, which seem to be the diamond-alternative of choice for many brides. The Akoya Pearl and Diamond Solar Engagement Ring is one of the most popular. Brides say it has a classic, even retro elegance about it. Another popular choice for the “edgier” bride: the Tahitian South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bella Ring. The dark tone of the pearl contrasts the white gold and bright diamond halo, creating a real visual pop when it’s on the finger.



Whatever your style – classic, vintage, retro, sophisticated – pearls can make a great addition to any wedding day.

Perfect Pearls For Your Wedding Day

July 24th, 2015

There is nothing more elegant than a lustrous strand of pearls draped around a bride’s neck on her wedding day. The crisp white of her dress paired with the classic beauty of pearls is a vision of near perfection.

The tradition of brides wearing pearls to their wedding dates back thousands of years. The ancient Greeks believed wearing pearls on her wedding day would prevent a bride from crying and promote marital bliss. Much like a bride on her wedding day, pearls symbolize beauty, purity, and new beginnings.

So when it comes to choosing the perfect pearl strand for yours or a loved one’s wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind.


1. Pearl Overtones

White pearls are found with a variety of overtones. The most classic is the ivory overtone that has a creamy off white tint. Rose overtone pearls have a slight hint of pink, and white overtone pearls have a crisp white color. Depending on the bride’s complexion as well as the color of her dress, there may be a specific shade of white pearls that would complement her look best.

2. Pearl Size

The size of the pearls can really affect the look of the strand. Going with mid-sized pearls is usually a safe bet for brides. Any strand with pearls between 6.5mm and 8mm will look elegant and not overwhelm. Anything above or below that range may either be too small or too large and will take away from the simple beauty of the pearls.

3. Necklace Length

One last thing to keep in mind is the length of the necklace. Again, the brides dress is something to keep in mind since the two should really complement each other. The most popular necklace length for a bride would be anywhere between 16” and 20”. Longer lengths tend to get lost in the dress since they fall below the bust.


Whether you choose to wear a pearl strand, pair of earrings or simply a pearl bracelet to your wedding, one thing can be certain, you will look classy and elegant with natural gems adorning you.

- Leon Rbibo, President, The Pearl Source

The Millionaire Engagement Ring

April 1st, 2014

Thank you Hatton Jewels for sharing this graphic.

Fall & Winter Bridal Statement Necklaces

October 28th, 2013


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