Cute Ways To Personalize Your Big Day

January 26th, 2017


Your special day is so personal to you and your future spouse, it’s great to be able to reflect that in the events of the day itself. Keeping everything intimate and personalized to you both, you make the guests feel as though they’re being let in on a beautiful, romantic secret, and it can make for a truly unique and stunning wedding. Here are some cute ideas for creating a wedding very personal to you and your betrothed.


Involve the things you both love

If you both love football, use the colors of your team as your wedding theme. If you’re both into sailing or fishing, a naval or maritime-themed wedding would be perfect. If you love cycling or horse riding, turn on by bike or on horseback. Using things which are personal to you both can add a really romantic edge to the day, but also result in something truly unique.


Monogram everything

Anything you can put your monogrammed initials on, get them on there. It’s a really sweet way of keeping your names intertwined, and personalizing everything. Why not buy wedding napkins with your initials monogrammed on? And keep that theme running throughout everything, from the invitations, to the favors and the thank you cards.


Put a Polaroid camera on each table

You’ll want to be able to look back at the amazing day you had with fondness, but also reminisce over the fun your loved ones had on your special day. A photo booth or Polaroid cameras allow your guests to record memories throughout the evening and take candid photos of you, which makes for a really personal memento in years to come.


Serve wines from the year you met

If you’re planning on serving wine to your guests, why not choose a wine you both love from the year you both met? If you’re feeling particularly flush, wines from your birth years can also be really cute, but slightly pricier.


Get your pet involved

Who doesn’t want their favorite furry friend to get involved on the biggest day of their life? And is there anything cuter than a pup in a tux? If you trust your pet to be well behaved, they would make a great ring bearer or flower girl, and a truly unique addition to your day.


Honor your heritage

If you’re Irish, why not serve Guinness, get all the men in kilts, and learn a jig for your first dance? Or if you’re of Japanese heritage, why not carry orchids down the aisle and serve sushi to the guests? Honoring the heritage of you and your future spouse is a great way of personalizing your wedding day, but also paying homage to your history. You could even have readings in your native tongue, or a band in the traditional style. It all adds a different edge to your special day, too, which makes it really memorable and exciting for guests.


Personalizing your wedding day is all about bringing in aspects of things which are important to you and your future spouse. It’s about incorporating your heritage, the history of your relationship, and everything you love into your big day.


Fairy Tale Monterey Wedding

September 2nd, 2016


Every fairy tale has its end or at least it’s to be continued. I moved to Monterey almost four years ago on a big leap of faith and it has been a life changing experience. I’ve always followed the motto “no risk – no reward”. Events in Monterey are very different from the rest of the world. The town just like the fog that encapsulates its nights creates its own magical blanket over its special events.


From its community based fund raising galas to the grandeur of its loved filled weddings, the town transform every occasion with its name alone. Monterey is not just rich with its beyond belief scenic views and family like community, the towns roots are actually deep in America’s history. It was a place where I was able to help guide love to the altar and also design many successful social events. Monterey will always hold a special place in my heart as I found unexpected true love here.


Monterey really shifted my event aesthetic coming from the bright sunny dessert land of Phoenix, Arizona where my influences where bright pops colors nestled in its impure topaz like landscape (reddish-orange, gold, opaque, pale grey and browns), maturing with time to incorporate more earth metals and woods. I drew a lot of inspiration from the desert plant life and Native American culture


Monterey on the other hand has its own special style which quickly becomes your own. It draws mainly from its landscape which can be compared to something carved out by the Greek gods themselves. It’s a utopia where the phrase “the meeting of land and sea” takes on a different elevated meaning. The deep ocean colors that hug the peninsulas earthy greens and brown leave you with a canvas that can only be paired with spectacular glamor and sophisticated taste.


I can’t thank Hyatt Regency Monterey enough for gifting me such a life changing opportunity and allowing me to do it my way. Now the time has come to take everything the peninsula has enriched me with and use it as my journey in events continues. One of the most rewarding accomplishments I’ve been able to do is write these fun self-perspective blogs. Sharing my event stories and maybe providing some new and created ways of looking at all types of events has been gratifying. So this isn’t the end for our blogs just the passing of the baton to the next generation. If I had to leave everyone with one little nugget of wisdom it would be “Events should be fun, creative and a powerful way of self-expression. Enjoy the journey and don’t let the little bumps along the way spoil the success you are striving for.

The Peculiarities Of The Wedding Business

September 17th, 2015

The wholesale purchase – is one of the most important and responsible stages of all the complicated process of the conduct of business. One of the most developed and permanently high-demand spheres of trade are the wedding goods, in particular the wedding dresses. The given commodity can not be related to the seasonal commodities – the wedding dresses are hot and happening throughout the year, although the number of the buyers is much higher during the particular seasons and periods. In general, the owners of the wedding boutique and of the specialized shops, who need constantly full shop windows, which swathe through with the hottest and most happening models, are the ones, who desire to buy the wedding dresses by wholesale.



They are the ones, to whom the site of the company «ElenaMorar» will be of interest, whereon the magnificent models of the wedding dresses of various models and silhouettes are presented. During the observation of collections, You may choose the most relevant models for your boutique and order them immediately on the site. There’s nothing easier – than making the proper business better, with full concentration on it.



Practically each city may make a boast of the pair of boutiques, in which the girls, who are getting prepare to become the brides may find everything necessary, in order to look like true princesses on that important day of their lives. Such a number of boutiques, which grows with each year, is easy to explain – given, that the dozens of manufacturers offer the wedding dresses by wholesale and they are engaged in their delivery practically to all the countries of Europe. The modern business has no borders!



The choice of the models also differs with it’s impressive variety as of today! No matter which dress would be imagined by the young girl in her own dreams, she may have no doubt, that she will be able to find the ready made model unambiguously, even if not in the boutique of her native city, but on the pages of one of the catalogues. Only one thing is left to do for the young beauties – to arrive to the decision concerning the style, the make-up and the tincture, and then they are simply to go on with their search. It is impermissible to grudge the time spent for the choice of the wedding dress, given that the result will be worth it! Just imagine, how wonderful the girl will look, upon choosing the very wedding dress, which will emphasize every line of her form, and the main thing – how happy her eyes will be on that most responsible and important day! And the most important here is the fact, that it was namely your boutique and it was our site, which helped the given girl to acquire her dream to look like the most charming bride.


The Savvy Bride’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist

July 18th, 2015

It’s not long before you say goodbye to the single life and become a married woman. It’s an exciting time in your life full of big changes. You might feel emotional or you might be feeling stressed about how much there is left to do. Don’t panic. We have the ultimate wedding checklist for you. This is in three sections, so you could delegate one or two of them to bridesmaids or parents to help you out:


Bridal Wear

There are few items beyond the dress that need to be ordered and collected before the big day. The dress will need to be altered if you are buying off the peg so that it is tailored perfectly for you. Find a good dressmaker, and set a note in your calendar to check it is ready before picking up.

Lingerie – This often consists of stockings, suspenders, a bodice, and the bridal garter. Not all brides wear this under the wedding dress but change into on their wedding night. Make sure you have comfy underwear that doesn’t reveal itself under the wedding dress.

Shoes – Choose sandals or stylish court shoes depending on the weather. White or ivory with crystal details is trending right now.

Tiara – The tiara holds your hair in places and ‘tops’ off the wedding outfit. You can find bridal tiaras at Lola Bee and Me to see what style suits your dress.



Flowers are used to decorate the venue and fill the bride’s bouquet. This is a lot to pick up and distribute the night before your wedding, so ask a bridesmaid to take on this task.

Bouquet – Choose a cascade style, or a tight circle of roses for your bouquet. You might want to choose the blooms yourself, or pick something from your florist’s catalogue. Your bridesmaids may also be carrying small bouquets. These are often full of coloured flowers to match your theme colour.

Buttonholes – The groom and families of the bride and groom often wear a rose or carnation on their outfits. The mother of the bride might also wear a fresh flower fascinator or hat decoration. You can sometimes order these as a package deal with your bouquets.

Decorations – Centrepieces are often designed in bowls or vases for the tables at your venue. Pick colours to match your theme, and designs that are structured and interesting.


The things we most often forget

Here are the things most commonly left to the last minute:

Car – Your wedding car needs to take you to the ceremony, and then onto the reception venue if it is held somewhere else. Don’t let the chauffeur drive off without you!

Cake – Cupcake tiers, or full fruit cake fancies. Order from your local baker, or even ask a friend to home bake for you. Top with a bride and groom figurine. Don’t forget the knife for cutting.

Music – Choose a playlist for your reception that includes your favorite First Dance track. For the ceremony, avoid religious or sacred music if you are not marrying in a church. Something like Pachelbel’s Canon is a firm favourite.


It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of wedding planning. It’s even easier to forget things too! Have a perfectly planned wedding.

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