Your Wedding Vendors And You

August 10th, 2017

The wedding vendors you choose to help you with your big day are going to make a huge difference to the success of the day overall. While they don’t have to be the most expensive vendor in your area for you to have an incredible time, you do need to make sure that they are trustworthy, punctual, and good at what they do. You also need to make sure that you get along well with them! Taking your time over finding these experts could potentially make or break your day.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do to find your ideal vendors:

What’s Going To Make Your Unique Wedding Day Most Special?

You and your partner need to figure out which aspects of the wedding will be most important to you, and then decide how much you can spend on each vendor from there. What would you enjoy the most; beautiful flowers? Exceptional music? A stunning venue?

Make sure you discuss this and think about it carefully. Write down things that call out to you while you research and then compare lists with your partner. This should give you a good idea of what takes priority and what you should really put a focus on. You can then divide the budget in a way that you’re both happy with.

Look For A Diverse Portfolio

A diverse portfolio with a consistent level of quality should be the first thing you look for in any vendor. You certainly don’t want a one trick pony, and you want to make sure that this vendor can ‘wow’ you, whatever theme they are trying to achieve. If they can make you gasp with a theme in their portfolio that isn’t your usual style, imagine what they could do with your chosen theme! Always browse a portfolio thoroughly before making any final decisions.


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What Do You Expect From Your Wedding Vendors?

Make sure you outline what you would expect from each wedding venue you hire. Maybe you want a Vittore Buzzi Photographer who will be able to cover your engagement shoot as well as your wedding shoot, or a vendor who offers special/flexible packages for weddings. Would you like your caterer to cover dietary concerns such as veggie/veganism?


By figuring out what you want in a vendor, you can weigh up your needs against what they actually provide for you. Write down each type of vendor you’ll be hiring and then what you want to get out of each one so you can be as happy as possible with your choices.

Get Referrals From Relatives and Friends

The best way to find a vendor that suits you is extensive research. The most popular way to start this research is to get referrals from relatives and friends. Speak to your friends who have experience planning weddings, especially those who tied the knot recently. Make notes on the ones who stand out to you the most. You could even ask a social media site like Facebook or Twitter – you might not know some of the people who answer you that well, but if a vendor suggestion crops up often enough, it could be a good sign.

You can also head to wedding expos, and search for real customer feedback online to find a list of vendors that could potentially suit you. Bear in mind that there’s no one vendor perfect for everyone – if you don’t have the same taste as the person giving you advice, then it might be best to take it lightly rather than as gospel.

Whatever you do, never use the exact same vendors that a friend did. Do this, and your wedding could feel like a rerun of the exact same day, and not your own special day!


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Call Them Up

Once you have a list of vendors you like, consider making a list of your top 10, or even your top 5. Call them up and see who you like the best. Make sure you pay attention to certain things, such as how quickly they respond, and how they present themselves. Make a note of first impressions so you can look back on them later. If somebody takes 10 calls to answer the phone and has a poor communication style in general, for example, it’s probably best to move on.

Keep the rest of the vendors you wrote down, just in case you need to continue the search.

Meet Up With Your Favorites

When you’ve spoke to a few vendors on the phone, arrange to meet with your favorites. Having a clear vision of what you want for your big day is crucial at this stage, so you can be sure that they align perfectly with what you want. You must discuss crucial things upon meeting, and don’t be afraid to explain exactly what you want. There must be no crossed wires! Make sure you see if they accept special requests and adjustments. Write down a list of questions for your meetings so you are sure you won’t forget anything. Having a special notebook you can use to compare your meetings will help you to make a final decision.

Make Sure You Can Build Up A Rapport

It’s important to choose a vendor that shares your passion for the event, and somebody you can build up a rapport with. Trust your gut and choose somebody who you feel ‘gets you’ for the best results. Having chemistry is so important. You may not see them again after the event, but getting along with them will reduce stress, rather than give you an even bigger headache.

Choose somebody you can communicate well with and who you trust to take care of any unforeseen issues on the big day. Nothing should feel ‘off’ with a vendor – if it does, this could be a sign that you need to keep looking.

Get Everything Included In Writing, Right Down To The Tiniest Details

When you think you’ve chosen your vendor, ask to have everything written down for you. Every last detail! This will allow you to truly understand what you have been quoted in the price, as well as safeguard you in case of a dispute, or in case the items aren’t available at the time due to something unforeseen.

Look out for any hidden costs, and ask for clarification if you don’t understand everything. Take a look at examples of unexpected expenses online so you get an idea of what you need to keep an eye out for.

Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle

Don’t be afraid to haggle or negotiate when speaking with vendors. You may be able to get a deal you’re much happier with. Using a vendor for multiple services can help you to save a fortune, such as both the music and lighting. If you’re purchasing a photo package and it comes with two photo shoots (one for the engagement and one for the wedding day), you could potentially use one for something else if you don’t need engagement pictures. How about when you’re announcing your first child?

You won’t know if you don’t ask, and manners will get you everywhere. Make sure you’re as polite as possible, and you’re much more likely to get a better package or deal.

By taking the time to get your ‘dream team’ of vendors in place, you’ll be able to relieve almost all of the stress that a wedding day can bring, and enjoy the limelight as a newlywed with your loved ones. Thanks for reading!

Age And Accessibility At Your Wedding

April 10th, 2017

Your wedding is your “big day”, and you’ll want all your guests to have as wonderful a time as you. Music, food, and dancing, likely all feature in your plans, and this will suit your friends, family and co-workers and you’ll have a great time. But what about grandparents and older relatives? Equally, you could be an older couple tying the knot, who want a more low-key and relaxed affair. This will require a slightly different approach to make sure everyone’s needs are met and that they all have an enjoyable day.

Planning for perfection

The key is to factor these needs in as early as possible to make everything run smoothly.

  • When getting your invitations printed, make sure the font is legible and large enough to be easily read by those who may have trouble with their vision.
  • Pick a venue with accessible entrances and rooms, plenty of seating, and good restroom facilities; also investigate options for induction loops and hearing devices.
  • If you, the bridal couple, are older yourselves then why not consider assisted living or retirement complexes, which will already be well equipped for a party with a higher average age bracket.
  • Make sure it’s fairly easy to get to, and arrange transport to and from the ceremony, reception, and accommodation in advance. You could think about hiring a coach for easy transportation of guests between locations.
  • Chose practical food which is straightforward to eat – nothing too fiddly or messy, but then this goes for almost any wedding!

The big day itself

On the day, there’s a few things to remember which can really make a difference to your older guests. There can seem a lot to keep track of – and you’ll be caught up in the buzz of the day – so get your bridesmaids and groomsmen on the case ahead of time. Try pairing them up with senior members of your party to help them find their seats and let them know what order everything is happening. It can be a good idea to sit seniors near the front and at the end of rows so that they can see and hear what is going on, both for the ceremony and any speeches at the reception.

If you’ve got a more lively party planned for later, make sure there is a quiet corner or separate space with plenty of comfortable seating and refreshments for them to relax in at the end of a long day. They might not want to join in with a disco, but if your day has been a success they might not want to go home just yet!

Cute Ways To Personalize Your Big Day

January 26th, 2017


Your special day is so personal to you and your future spouse, it’s great to be able to reflect that in the events of the day itself. Keeping everything intimate and personalized to you both, you make the guests feel as though they’re being let in on a beautiful, romantic secret, and it can make for a truly unique and stunning wedding. Here are some cute ideas for creating a wedding very personal to you and your betrothed.


Involve the things you both love

If you both love football, use the colors of your team as your wedding theme. If you’re both into sailing or fishing, a naval or maritime-themed wedding would be perfect. If you love cycling or horse riding, turn on by bike or on horseback. Using things which are personal to you both can add a really romantic edge to the day, but also result in something truly unique.


Monogram everything

Anything you can put your monogrammed initials on, get them on there. It’s a really sweet way of keeping your names intertwined, and personalizing everything. Why not buy wedding napkins with your initials monogrammed on? And keep that theme running throughout everything, from the invitations, to the favors and the thank you cards.


Put a Polaroid camera on each table

You’ll want to be able to look back at the amazing day you had with fondness, but also reminisce over the fun your loved ones had on your special day. A photo booth or Polaroid cameras allow your guests to record memories throughout the evening and take candid photos of you, which makes for a really personal memento in years to come.


Serve wines from the year you met

If you’re planning on serving wine to your guests, why not choose a wine you both love from the year you both met? If you’re feeling particularly flush, wines from your birth years can also be really cute, but slightly pricier.


Get your pet involved

Who doesn’t want their favorite furry friend to get involved on the biggest day of their life? And is there anything cuter than a pup in a tux? If you trust your pet to be well behaved, they would make a great ring bearer or flower girl, and a truly unique addition to your day.


Honor your heritage

If you’re Irish, why not serve Guinness, get all the men in kilts, and learn a jig for your first dance? Or if you’re of Japanese heritage, why not carry orchids down the aisle and serve sushi to the guests? Honoring the heritage of you and your future spouse is a great way of personalizing your wedding day, but also paying homage to your history. You could even have readings in your native tongue, or a band in the traditional style. It all adds a different edge to your special day, too, which makes it really memorable and exciting for guests.


Personalizing your wedding day is all about bringing in aspects of things which are important to you and your future spouse. It’s about incorporating your heritage, the history of your relationship, and everything you love into your big day.


Fairy Tale Monterey Wedding

September 2nd, 2016


Every fairy tale has its end or at least it’s to be continued. I moved to Monterey almost four years ago on a big leap of faith and it has been a life changing experience. I’ve always followed the motto “no risk – no reward”. Events in Monterey are very different from the rest of the world. The town just like the fog that encapsulates its nights creates its own magical blanket over its special events.


From its community based fund raising galas to the grandeur of its loved filled weddings, the town transform every occasion with its name alone. Monterey is not just rich with its beyond belief scenic views and family like community, the towns roots are actually deep in America’s history. It was a place where I was able to help guide love to the altar and also design many successful social events. Monterey will always hold a special place in my heart as I found unexpected true love here.


Monterey really shifted my event aesthetic coming from the bright sunny dessert land of Phoenix, Arizona where my influences where bright pops colors nestled in its impure topaz like landscape (reddish-orange, gold, opaque, pale grey and browns), maturing with time to incorporate more earth metals and woods. I drew a lot of inspiration from the desert plant life and Native American culture


Monterey on the other hand has its own special style which quickly becomes your own. It draws mainly from its landscape which can be compared to something carved out by the Greek gods themselves. It’s a utopia where the phrase “the meeting of land and sea” takes on a different elevated meaning. The deep ocean colors that hug the peninsulas earthy greens and brown leave you with a canvas that can only be paired with spectacular glamor and sophisticated taste.


I can’t thank Hyatt Regency Monterey enough for gifting me such a life changing opportunity and allowing me to do it my way. Now the time has come to take everything the peninsula has enriched me with and use it as my journey in events continues. One of the most rewarding accomplishments I’ve been able to do is write these fun self-perspective blogs. Sharing my event stories and maybe providing some new and created ways of looking at all types of events has been gratifying. So this isn’t the end for our blogs just the passing of the baton to the next generation. If I had to leave everyone with one little nugget of wisdom it would be “Events should be fun, creative and a powerful way of self-expression. Enjoy the journey and don’t let the little bumps along the way spoil the success you are striving for.

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