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You need to register in order to post an ad. It is FREE to register! This “How to” Guide will give you some helpful pointers if you’re just starting out. Remember, it’s FREE to join, list and sell your items, so no payment of any kind is required here to sell all your board items.


You can start placing ads, or arrange to buy items as soon as you have registered and logged in!


Please scroll down the page for detailed instructions on the following topics:




The first step to using YesBride is to register. While you can browse YesBride without being registered, you will need to be logged in to place an ad. No registration is required to contact a seller. To join, click on the “Register” button located in the middle right-hand portion of the YesBride site.


Once you have submitted your username and e-mail address, an e-mail will be sent to you with your new password. You can update this password once you are logged in (Please refer to: How to update your ads and User Profile” below).


Please ensure you are familiar with the YesBride Terms and Privacy Policy if you wish to use this website to buy and sell board gear.





To place an ad, simply log in, and click on the “Post an ad” button located on the top right of every page. This will open up a form to enable you to complete your listing information as well as insert any relevant images/photos. Be sure to complete all fields marked with a “*” including the relevant category for your item.


Your listing will still allow an interested buyer to contact you via the “Contact Ad Owner” link, while keeping your e-mail address private.


Interested buyers will contact you through our secure e-mail system. (Your personal and contact information will never appear anywhere on YesBride.)


Please ensure that your e-mail address is one you actively use, as this is the primary method for buyers to contact you.


The maximum image size is 1MB, if your photo(s) are larger than this, they will not upload correctly.


You will need to manually enter in the answer to the simple math sum on the bottom of the page before you click “Post it” (This is a security feature to ensure the YesBride site is not inundated with fake listings).


You will see a confirmation message stating “Your Ad has been Submitted Successfully” when the new listing is done. The item will appear in both the relevant category you selected, as well as the “Latest Listings” main page.


If for any reason you need to edit/update your listing – you can access your ad(s) within the “board” screen (see How to update your Ads and User Profile). For any other help, please contact us here





If you are interested in a particular item listed on YesBride, there are a couple ways which you can get in contact with the seller;


Within the ad information screen, the seller may have listed a contact phone number which you can use.


You can send a secure e-mail to the seller located in the “Contact Ad Owner” box located in the right-hand side column. This standard form will be securely e-mailed to the seller. Please note, you do not need to be logged in to be able to do this.


All arrangements to purchase the item(s) are made between the buyer and the seller directly. Please refer to the YesBride Terms of Use for further details.


Unless stated as otherwise by the seller, the items listed on YesBride should be assumed to be used.




When you are a registered user, you can access the “Board” pages which are found via links next to your username. Here you can access the following features:


My Profile – is where you can update your password and other information for other members to see.


To update your password, from within the “My Profile” link, scroll down your profile page until you get to the “New Password” and “Password Again” fields. Complete these and then click the “Update Profile” button.


“Board” – shows a list of all of your YesBride ads where you can edit, or pause/restart your ads.


If you have sold an item listed, please change the header of the ad to say *SOLD* instead of pausing the ad. Thank you.


When another member clicks on your username within any of the ads you have listed, they can see your profile photo (if any), and a list of your other ads.




If you wish to report any ad you see here on YesBride, please note the relevant item from the ad list and contact us with the appropriate ad title. This will notify the YesBride admin to review the complaint. Any inappropriate or offensive listings will be deleted upon further investigation.


Should you have any issues with another member in relation to a negative trade experience, please contact us. Complaints will be taken seriously and members will be banned if found to be detrimental to this community.




YesBride assumes no liability for scams or fraud associated with our site. General rules to follow:


Never wire funds via any money transfer service. Fake checks, cashiers checks and money orders are common. Never give out any financial information such as a bank account or social security number. Deals involving shipping services are also suspicious. For a list of suspicious emails please visit:

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