Northern California Premier Wedding Photography

Price: $Low $2000s


If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer that has it all at an affordable price, you found the right place! We are the best around for not one, but many reasons:


Some Wedding Photographers don’t have experience, we have over 5 years shooting wedding professionally.


Some Wedding Photographers don’t have the right equipment, we have 2 Canon 5D professional DSLRs with multiple professional Lenses, flashes, external lighting, wireless lighting, you name, we got it!


Some Wedding Photographers don’t know how to shoot any environment, we can shoot in any environment you throw at us! With our experience and quality of equipment, we can handle it all.


Some Wedding Photographers are great and have what you need but charge a small fortune. Although we could be charging a lot more for our quality of work, we are still keeping our prices more affordable. While others of our caliber start their pricing around $5K+, ours starts just at half of that.


Some Wedding Photographers under-charge to get your business. We understand everyone is on a budget, but in the Photography world, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Its fine to pay small prices for a low caliber photographer for holiday portraits, but not on the most important day of your life. Consider the added cost, Insurance, that you won’t have to worry about being disappointed later.


Some Wedding Photographers tell you what you can and can’t have. We offer a la carte pricing so you get exactly what you do want, and nothing that you don’t want!


Some Wedding Photographers don’t edit their images. We are not just Photographers, we are Artists. Every final image you receive in your package will be fully processed and edited for everything from white balance, to correct exposure, to clarity, to color, to contrast, textures, effects, etc…


Some Wedding Photographers do not offer albums and printing. We offer full printing options! From paper prints, to canvases, to Italian, Leather Bound Albums. Our paper prints come in any size and multiple textures. We offer framing for these prints as well.


Some Wedding Photographers have only one Photographer. We shoot every wedding with 2 Photographers capturing the entire day from 2 point of views.


Some Wedding Photographers shoot only portraits, or only events. We offer a wider variety of shooting styles than any other Photographer. We have years of experience as Photojournalists, shooting magazine covers. When we shoot your wedding we tell a story of the entire day. From beautifully composed, candid shots of the Bride & Groom getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception and all the events, we get it all.


We are also known for our Portraits. Along with getting all of the family and bridal party portraits, we like to spend time getting the most beautiful, romantic, bold portraits of the Bride and Groom on the grounds of their wedding site. These shots look incredibly romantic as large prints to hang in your new home together and are the main reason our clients hire us.


We make sure that we shoot all of the details as well! You spent countless hours planning your wedding down to the last detail. We want to make sure to capture that in a beautiful and artistic way using correct lighting and macro lenses to really bring attention to these small details.


Along with our Photojournalistic approach and our skill in romantic portraiture, we also offer services that no other Wedding Photographers offer. We shoot HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos of the venue and events and portraits of the bride and groom. These are multiple exposed shots that make every inch of the photograph perfectly exposed with vibrant colors.


We also offer panoramic images of the venue and events. Panoramics of the ceremony and reception really show the full scale of your grand event!


Lastly, we are happy to newly offer a “Live Photo Booth”. While the Bride and Groom are out taking pictures between the ceremony & reception. a 2nd photographer will have a backdrop set up at the Cocktail Hour and take photos of guests who write greetings on a white board and have a great time acting goofy for the camera. These pictures are great for scrapbooks and albums!







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